What are the Requirements to Study at Lambton College?


Lambton College is one of the best colleges in Canada for diploma and certificate courses. Having campuses in the three central cities of Canada Toronto, Sarnia and Mississauga, Lambton College is at the pivot of modern education. There are certain requirements to study at Lambton College for international students which need to be fulfilled to apply for their courses. 

About Lambton College 

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Lambton College is a public college with campuses in Toronto, Sarnia and Mississauga. The college offers more than 90 programs in post-secondary, training, postgraduate, and academic upgrading fields to students from all over the world. These programs help you in developing your field-specific skills through advanced and new technological learning opportunities. Lambton offers both on-campus and off-campus education in the following areas of study:

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Before you know about the requirements to study at Lambton College, it is essential that you know the important intakes and deadlines for courses at Lambton College.  

Intakes  Application submission period
Fall  1st November to 30th April
Winter  1st March to 31st August 
Summer  1st July to 31st December 

The application submission is closed as soon as the application limit is full so make sure you apply on time. 

Upcoming Intakes in Canada for 2022-2023

English Proficiency Requirements for International Students 

As Canada is an English-speaking country, Indian students have to submit their proof of English proficiency score to be eligible for admission at Lambton College. For international students, TOEFL and IELTS, both exams are accepted but Indian students specifically have to submit the IELTS score only. Here is the minimum score in English tests which is a requirement to study at Lambton College:

IELTS  6.5 6.0+ EAP (English for Academic Purposes) for the first term of study
TOEFL 79 70+ EAP (English for Academic Purposes) for the first term of study

IELTS is accepted by 90% of universities abroad. If you want to get that perfect score for your admission at Lambton College, apply to our IELTS course now!

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Requirements to Study at Lambton College for an Undergraduate Program 

Lambton College offers undergraduate diplomas and certificate courses to international students in the fields of business, science, management, technology, tourism and hospitality and healthcare. You should fulfil the following requirements to study at Lambton College for an undergraduate program:

Apart from these basic requirements to study at Lambton College, there are certain course-specific requirements as well which you can find on their website. 

Requirements to Study at Lambton College for a Graduate Program 

You can pursue apprenticeships, advanced diplomas and graduate certificate courses at Lambton College after your graduation. To be eligible for the graduate programs, you have to fulfil the following requirements to study at Lambton College:

Remember that fulfilling the requirements to study at Lambton College will not guarantee you admission. 

How to Apply for Lambton College?

Here’s the step-by-step guide for your admission assistance after you complete the requirements to study at Lambton College. 

Please note that Lambton College does not accept students who are already in Ontario on a Canadian student permit and want to transfer colleges. 

Cost of Studying at Lambton College 

The cost of studying at Lambton College depends upon the campus you choose to study in. The Toronto campus will be more expensive than the other two in Sarnia and Mississauga. Here’s the average cost of studying a Lambton College per year:

Type of Cost  Average Expenses (INR)
Tuition fee  9.58 lakhs per year
Accommodation  3.05 lakhs per year
Food  1.35 lakhs per year
Travel  5910 per month 
Other  17,160 per month 

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It is important to fulfil the requirements to study at Lambton College so that your application process goes smoothly and you have higher chances of getting accepted. Want to study at Lambton College without going through the study abroad nerves all alone? Call Leverage Edu at 1800-572-000 to get end-to-end guidance with your college applications.

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