Sault College

Public University

Sault, Ontario Canada

Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology is a very famous government funded college for Arts and Technology located in the famous city of Ontario in Canada. The college campus is located in the Suburban areas of the city of Ontario and is spread over a large acre of land. The campus is said to b Read more

Highlights of Sault College

  1. Sault College has won several accreditations and accolades in the last 10 years in the field of arts and technical education.
  2. Sault College is funded by the Government of Canada and is built in the Ontario Vocational Center with around 4000 students studying in it currently.
  3. The Sault college has a separate cell which facilitates the admission process for international students. This cell provides support needed by international students seeking admission.
  4. The Sault College has a non-denominational affiliation. The college is known to provide affordable accommodation to the International students.

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