CTET Notes & Study Plan

CTET Notes & Study Plan

Central Teaching Eligibility Test (CTET) is the most common pathway to enter the esteemed profession of teaching. Organised by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), CTET is divided by into two parts- Paper 1 and  Paper 2, qualifying which the candidates will be recruited as full-time teachers under the Government of India. As the exam entitles applicants with the reputable job of teachers, it aims to test them at varied topics. Thus, it is crucial to thoroughly prepare the CTET syllabus and crack the exam with tantalizing scores. If you are appearing for the CTET exam this year, here is a blog to help you with CTET notes, study plans and some tips and tricks. 

CTET Exam Notes

While preparing for the competitive exams, it is necessary to go by a properly devised plan laying emphasis on the weaker sections of the syllabus. Once you prepare well the entire syllabus, you can pin down some handy CTET notes, through which you can revise the entire syllabus easily. Drafting notes will also help you in retaining the important points from the hoard of the syllabus. Let’s have a quick look at important section-wise pointers:

Material and Classifications 

CTET notes for this topic are: 

  • Materials can be distinguished through properties like Appearance, Hardness, Solubility, Transparency,  Floating Properties 
  • Properties of metals are Conductivity, Hardness, Ductility, Lustre, Malleability, Ductile, Physical State, Sonorous
  • The reaction of metals with oxygen: 2Cu + O2 →2CuO

Important Fuels and Their Composition 

Through the following CTET notes, you will ace this chapter

  • The substances which produce heat and light on burning are called Fuels 
  • Crystallization, Boiling, Melting, Sublimation, Vaporization are physical changes 
  • Burning of fuel, electrolysis of water, burning of a candle, photosynthesis are chemical changes
  • The flame contains three parts Innermost Part (Black), Middle Part (Yellow), Outermost Part (Blue) 

Here are some CTET notes as key pointers for your quick revision

  • Problems related to the uncertainty of objective 
  • Problems related to the instruction material
  • Various problems related to the in-service teachers training 
  • Problems related to the unavailability of trained or experienced teachers 
  • Problems related to the library 

Fundamentals Rights and Duties

Just go through these CTET notes for a revision of this topic 

  • Fundamental Rights are regarded as the Magna Carta of India
  • There are 11 Fundamental Duties for the Indian Citizens 
  • Originally the Constitution of India did not contain the Fundamental Duties, they were added later on by the Swaran Singh Committee in 1975 
  • Through the 86th Amendment Act, 11th Fundamental duty was added.

Study Plans For CTET Notes

For the desired execution of your plan of action, you need a time table through which you can bifurcate all your tasks depending upon the focus they need. The topics you have thoroughly studied must be set aside for a while and complete focus should be the topics which count as weak points. You should practice the weaker section daily to develop a better grip, on the other hand, you can just revise the concepts which you have studied earlier, for grasping a better score in the CTET Exam. Once you complete the entire syllabus, it is beneficial to revise the entire syllabus along with CTET notes at least twice, this can be your secret success mantra for cracking the exam. Leverage Edu has formulated an exclusive study plan for you:

Name of the Subject 1st Month Topics 2nd Month Topics 3rd Month Topics 
Child Development and Pedagogy -Thinking and Thought
-Child Development
-Concept of Inclusive Education 
-Special Needs 
-Concept of Learning 
-Pedagogy Issues 
-Learning Pedagogy 
-Practice Mock Test Papers 
-Complete revision of all the topics
Mathematics -Number System
-Measurement of Unit
-Data Handling 
-Pedagogy of Mathematics
-Thorough revisions of all the topics
-Practice Mock Tests 
Environmental Studies -Water and Travel 
-Food Nutrition
-Family and Friends 
-Things we make and do
-General Knowledge
-Pedagogy of Environmental Studies 
-Revise all the topics 
-Practice sample question papers 
Science -Food-Moving Things (People and Idea)
-The World of  Living 
-Natural Phenomenon 
-Natural Resources 
-Pedagogical issues related questions 
-Practice Mock Test Papers 
-Complete revision of all the topics
Language I  (English)-Reading Comprehension Poem Type 
-Reading Comprehension Essay Type 
-English Grammar based Pedagogy 
-Principles of Language teaching pedagogy 
-Language Skill
-based pedagogy 
-Revise every topic thoroughly
– Practice Mock Tests
Language II  (Hindi)-Reading Comprehension Poem Type
 -Reading Comprehension Essay Type 
-Principles of Language teaching pedagogy 
-Language Skill-based pedagogy 
-Hindi Grammar-based Pedagogy 
-Revision and Practice of Mock tests 

How to Crack CTET?

Along with the useful CTET notes mentioned above, here are some preparation tips and tricks you must know to ace the exam:

  • Go through the whole CTET syllabus carefully and identify the concepts you are good at and those you need to explore in detail.
  • Practice different quizzes to master the different topics and concepts under the syllabus.
  • Since there is no negative marking in the exam, make sure to answer all the questions.
  • There are various CTET books and study materials available online which you can refer to learn every concept and topic along with practising mock tests. Take one mock test daily to keep a track on your progress and it will also help you bifurcate how much time you need to devote to each section.

Thus, we hope that through this blog on CTET notes you are all geared up to kick start your preparation for the upcoming exam. If you want to enter and excel in the domain of teaching, you must go for courses like Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Education, MS in Education, Diploma in Elementary Education abroad. To get admission in the leading universities of abroad, Contact us at Leverage Edu and our experts here will help you in the entire process. 

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