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English Quiz

English is an inevitable part of our lives, whether you are a school student, a college student or a working professional, you must come across the language multiple times on a daily basis. Ranging from competitive exams like GRE, RBI Grade-B, CAT, GMAT, NEET, SSC, etc. to English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL, it is compulsory to have a good hand over the language to attain a high score. Considering the importance of this particular language, have you ever taken an English Quiz to check your calibre? If not, take the ultimate English quiz given below!

English Quiz Begins!

Q1. What is the synonym of ‘envisage’?

A. Witch B. Imagine 
C. Guilt D. Sacrifice

Q2. What is the antonym of a squire?

A. Abandon B. Reserve
C. Assault D.Feign 

Q3. Make sure to do your______________________?

A. Is B. Is’
C. i’s D. ‘is’

Q4. What do you make of the word ‘unabashed’?

A. Allowed to have B. Not embarrassed 
C. Widely popular  D. Unproductive of success

Q5. What is the synonym of paltry? 

A. Poem  B. Insignificant
C. Forecast D. Deputy

Q6. What do you make of the sentence “To wrangle over an ass’s shadow”?

A. To quarrel over trifles  B.  To trust others
C.  Passing critical remarks D.  To become partners

Q7. How you can pronounce the word ‘asterisk’?

A. As-trisk B. As-tuh-risk
C.As-tuh-rik D. As-teh-riek

Q8. What according to you is the antonym of the word ‘beguile’?

A. Repel B. Confuse
C. Impress D. Beg

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Q9. Find the below-given sentence as grammatically incorrect. 

A. Justin and Maria went out for lunch to celebrate Michel’s first day on the job B. Justin and Maria went out for lunch to celebrate his first day on the job
C. To celebrate Michel’s first day of job, Justin and Maria went out. D. It was Michel’s first day on job, Justin and Maria went to celebrate the day

Q10. Find the figures of speech in the below-given sentence- Her hair was like gravy, running brown off her head and clumping up on her shoulder and select the correct option for this English quiz question?

A. Onomatopoeia B. Metaphor
C.Personification D.Simile

Q11. What you decipher the synonym of the word ‘fagaceous’?

A. Allure B.Elusive
C. Recurring D. Permanent

Q12. What you understand of the word stifle?

A. Provide amusement for  B. persistently annoy
C. Refuse to budge D. prevent something from happening  

Q13. Change the sentence “Do you imitate others?”, into passive voice and select one of the correct English quiz option mentioned below.

A.  Are you imitated by others? B. Are others imitated by you?
C. Were others imitated by you? D. Have others have been imitating by you?  

Q14. Find the antonym of the word ‘reprobate’?

A. Patient  B. Decent  
C. Develop  D. Shallow

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Q15. Choose an appropriate answer of direct-indirect sentence ‘I told him that he was not working hard’?

A. I told to him, “You have not been working hard.” B. I said to him, “He is being not working hard.”
C. I said, “You are not working hard.” D. I said to him, “You are not working hard.

Q16. What is the correct preposition of the missing sentence ‘ He was learning __________________ a lamp post?

A. Against B. By
C. For D.Before

Q16. Fill the sentence with an appropriate word. ‘I wasn’t feeling well, so I was _____________ to go to the party.’

A. reliant B. relinquished
C. reluctant D. annoyed

Q17. Zubair and Sumit are coming, but ____________________ are running late?

A. there  B. they’re 
C. their D. they 

Q18. How you define the word dulcet? 

A. Pleasing to ear B. Lacking worth
C. Precisely accurate D. Easily understandable 

Q19. Another English quiz question, What do you get the synonym of the word ‘ensconce’?

A. Bear  B. Drift
C. Stab D. Settle

Q20. True or false. Most interjections end in an exclamation point

A. To spend B. To use
C. To take D.  To borrow 

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Now that you are familiar with most of the English quiz questions and their options, let’s take a quick look at the correct answers:

Q1.  B. Imagine 
Q2.  A. Abandon
Q3.  C. i’s
Q4.  B. Not embarrassed
Q5.  B. Insignificant
Q6.  A. To quarrel over trifles 
Q7.  B. As-tuh-risk
Q8.  A. Repel
Q9. B. Justin and Maria went out for lunch to celebrate his first day on the job
Q10. D.Simile
Q11. B.Elusive
Q12. D. prevent something from happening 
Q13. B. Are others imitated by you?
Q14. B. Decent  
Q15. D. I said to him, “You are not working hard.”
Q16. C. reluctant
Q17. B. they’re 
Q18. A. Pleasing to the ear
Q19. D. Settle
Q20. B. To use

Hope this English quiz gave you a chance to evaluate your language skills. If you are preparing for any language proficiency exams, let Leverage Edu be at your service. Enrol for our exclusive online classes to reach your highest potential!

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