Colleges in Australia

Colleges in Australia

The land of the Sydney Opera House and the Bondi beach, Australia is a popular study abroad destination among students across the globe. Studying in Australia is a lucrative option for Indian students wanting to explore the immense opportunities that the country has to offer. The extensive exposure, career opportunities and new fields of research have been a point of attraction for numerous students who want to pursue their higher studies from abroad. Australian universities are considered among the best and consistently ranked among the top universities of the world. Here is all the information that you will need on colleges in Australia.

Top Colleges in Australia and Courses Offered

Australian National University

The Australian National University is among the most well-known and well-respected institutions in the world. The university is located in the capital city of Canberra and is one of the leading research colleges in Australia. There are numerous courses offered across disciplines and the university is majorly known for courses in Management and Engineering. Here are some of the fields that might interest you if you consider the Australian National University:

  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Law and Legal Studies
  • Health and Medical Studies
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology

University of Melbourne

This is the second oldest university in Australia and one of the most reputed universities in the country. The university is also associated with nine Nobel Laureates and has brilliant academic and research eminence across the globe. With a rich legacy of 160 years, the institution is favored by international students aspiring to pursue higher studies in the country. Here are a few courses that are offered at the University of Melbourne:

  • Veterinary Science
  • Mining Engineering
  • Performing Arts
  • Dentistry
  • Finance and Accounting
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University of Sydney

Founded in 1850, this public research university is Australia’s first university and is ranked as one of the most beautiful universities in the world in terms of aesthetics. This university has a globally recognized curriculum consisting of brilliant course structures that combine theoretical and practical learning. The university takes pride in its research in various fields of Arts, Humanities and Science. Here are a few courses offered by the University of Sydney

University of Queensland

University of Queensland is one of the leading universities and colleges in Australia and is located in the city of Brisbane. UQ is internationally known for its courses in Mining and Sports Sciences. The university has three campuses and is home to a large number of international students pursuing higher studies and aspiring to create a future in Australia. The university is also known for having a comprehensive curriculum for every course, here are some courses that the University of Queensland is renowned for:

  • Business Administration
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Bioengineering 
  • Life Sciences

University of New South Wales

Currently partnered with 200 universities worldwide, this university attracts the highest number of international students coming to study in Australia. With its progressive curriculum, the university is a source of inspiration for other colleges in Australia for designing and defining course structures and curriculum. Following are a few courses offered by the University of New South Wales:

Other Major Australian Colleges

Here is a list of other renowned colleges in Australia:

We hope that this blog on colleges in Australia provided you with the major details regarding the various universities in the country. It is important to understand that each university has specific criteria for different courses for admittance. The Leverage Edu experts can help you build applications that meet those specific criteria so that nothing can come between you and your dream college.

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