Best Universities In Adelaide, Australia: Overview of the Universities, Top Courses and Rankings

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Attracting students from all corners of the world, the city of Adelaide is home to some of the leading institutions which offer a conducive and friendly atmosphere and presents more than 500 different pathways for career-making. In addition to that, Adelaide’s pleasant work-life balance and the overall reasonable cost of studying in Australia makes pursuing higher education in the country an enriching experience. With three institutions counted amongst the top 2% across the globe, universities in Adelaide have long exemplified the highly revered Australian education system

Why Study in Adelaide?

  • Adelaide is listed in the world’s top 10 most livable cities, offering natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere.
  • There are various options to explore while studying in Adelaide like local food markets, famous arts festivals, sporting events and much more.
  • The layout and transportation system of the city ensures that you spend the least amount of time in commuting.
  • The cost of living in Adelaide is much cheaper than in other Australian cities.
  • There are more than 40,000 students from 130 countries who are currently living, studying and working in Adelaide.

List of Top Universities in Adelaide, Australia

Before getting into a discussion on the top universities in Adelaide, it is necessary to shed some light on the various institutions. Apart from the three state universities, there are close to 12 different institutions like Carnegie Mellon University-Adelaide campus along with several training schools focusing on Business, Hotel Management or other fields. 

Here are some top universities situated in Adelaide.

The University of Adelaide

Considered as the oldest university in South Australia, The University of Adelaide is a public educational institution founded in the year 1874 and it currently houses over 30,000 students enrolled in 400 degree programs spread over diverse disciplines. 

Top Courses OfferedClinical Medicine, Computer Science, economics and business, Engineering
QS World Ranking 2024 89
Address Adelaide SA 5005, Australia 

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University of South Australia

The University of South Australia has established itself as a name amongst the top universities in Adelaide. It has over 2,500 company partnerships through which students are offered a range of internships, projects and much more. Currently, it is home to 33,813 students out of which more than 10% hail from other countries who want to study in Australia.

Top Courses OfferedBCom, Bachelor of Business, MBA, International MBA and Master of Environmental Science
QS World Ranking 2024 326

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Flinders University

Focusing on providing research-oriented education, 90% of Flinders University’s research output is certified as above the set standard in an assessment carried out by Excellence in Research Australia (ERA). In only 50 years of establishment, the university boasts of a state-of-the-art campus with modern facilities, for instance, the newly-built $63 million Student Hub and Plaza is within proximity of business centers. Study areas offered include business, creative arts, law, public health, medicine, science and a host of other fields.

Top Courses OfferedMaster of Social Work (Graduate Entry), Bachelor of Nursing,Bachelor of Clinical Sciences / Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Information Technology and Master of Accounting
QS World Ranking 2024 380
Address Sturt Rd, Bedford ParkSouth Australia 5042

Torrens University

Counted amongst the top young universities in Adelaide, Torrens University is a comparatively new educational institute that is in existence for only 20 years. It is a part of the prestigious 70-member Laureate International Universities Network. Its Adelaide campus is accompanied by several campuses in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc. Disciplines covered include Business, Design, Health, Hospitality, Technology, etc. 

Top Courses OfferedBachelors and Masters in Hotel Management 
QS World Ranking 2024 751-800
Address 88 Wakefield St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia 

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Australian Catholic University

The Australian Catholic Universitys Adelaide campus is the newest one alongside locations of Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and even Rome. It is considered in the top 2% of universities across the globe and excels in research areas of clinical sciences, nutrition, psychology, cognitive sciences, nursing etc.

Top Courses OfferedBachelors of Commerce, Bachelors of Accounting, Bachelor of Nursing, Diploma, Masters of Social Work
QS World Ranking 2024 800-1000
Address 88 Wakefield St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia 

Admission Procedure

The process of gaining admission into top universities in Adelaide is similar to the international procedure implemented by universities across the globe. Students must possess a prior qualification in a discipline related to the prospective degree. Further, the application package includes submission of IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT scores, wherever applicable, Statement of Purpose (SOP), university transcripts, and Letters of Recommendation (LOR), amongst others.


Q1. How many universities are there in Adelaide, and what are their names?

Ans: Adelaide is home to three major universities:
   – University of Adelaide
   – University of South Australia (UniSA)
   – Flinders University

Q2. What programs and courses are most popular among international students in Adelaide universities?

Ans: Adelaide universities offer a wide range of programs, but some of the most popular ones among international students include courses in Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Computer Science, and Environmental Studies. The universities are known for their strong emphasis on research and innovation.

Q3.  Are there scholarships available for international students studying in Adelaide universities?

Ans: Yes, Adelaide universities provide various scholarships for international students. These scholarships may be based on academic excellence, research achievements, or specific criteria related to the field of study. Prospective students are encouraged to check the official websites of the respective universities for detailed information on available scholarships, eligibility criteria, and application procedures.

If you aspire to study abroad at any of the above-mentioned universities in Adelaide or at other top Australian educational institutions, it is important to apply with a carefully planned approach. More often than not, this is more than a little daunting for first-time applicants. Consult the experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu who will not only assist you with the admission related formalities but will also help with the vis interviews.

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