Best Law Universities in Australia

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Best Law Universities In Australia

Do you ever wonder why you should study in Australia? Australia has emerged as one of the top destinations for educational tourism in the past few years by surpassing some historically popular study abroad destinations like the United Kingdom and the United States. It is due to the welcoming nature of Australia that millions of international students want to study in Australia and apply every year to the country for higher education. A huge chunk of this number applies to Law! In this blog, we will look at the best law universities in Australia, the types of courses, and why you should study law in Australia.   

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Universities offering Law courses in Australia  22 
Top Ranking Australian University for Law  The Australian National University (#31 by QS World Rankings);
The University of Melbourne (#1 by THE – Australian Law Colleges Ranking 2023)
Types of Law Courses Offered  6-7 
Levels of Law Courses  Diploma, UG, PG, Practical Training, Research 
Courses Offered  Juris Doctor, LLB, LLM, Graduate Diploma in Law, etc 
Lowest Ranking Law University  Deakin University & Western Sydney Australia University  
Total specialisations offered  12+ 

Why Choose Australia For Law?

Before we look at the best law universities in Australia, let us go into the details of why you should choose to study law in Australia. Australian Law Schools and their degrees are internationally acknowledged and held in high- esteem. Here are the reasons why you should consider studying in Australia:

  • The Law Universities design their curriculum in such a way that it provides a comprehensive exposure to international law to their students. 
  • An Australian law degree is also accepted in several countries that allow overseas students to practice in their native countries.
  • Law is one of the oldest and highest paying professions globally, yet it is also extremely competitive. Getting admission into the top law schools in Australia is very tough as it is prestigious. 
  • According to the QS World Ranking for Law 2021, out of the 50 Top Ranking Law Schools, 6 were Australian Law Schools.
  • There are different types of law degrees you can pursue. For instance, you can opt for a Bachelor of law (undergraduate degree), Juris Doctor (post-graduate degree), Dual Degree in Law, Diploma courses and PhD.
  • You can get a post-study work visa which is valid for 2 to 4 years and allow you to live, work and study after completing graduation. 
  • Australia is a desirable hotspot for international students because of its cosmopolitan culture, easy access to student visas, lack of language barriers, high-quality education and future work opportunities.

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Top Universities For Law In Australia 2023

There are roughly 38 law universities spread across the Australian continent. Most law schools offer a combined law degree which means that a student can specialise in more than one subject. Apart from that, there are various specializations within the law; therefore, there are many types of lawyers, for instance, Criminal, Corporate, Tax and more. Let’s look at some of the best law universities in Australia:

Law Schools Location QS World Rankings 2022
The Australian National University Canberra =31
The University of Sydney Sydney 40
The University of Melbourne Melbourne 41
The University of New South Wales Sydney 44
The University of Queensland Brisbane 46
Monash University Melbourne 55
The University of Western Australia Perth 92
University of Technology Sydney  Ultimo =133
University of Wollongong Wollongong 196
The University of Newcastle, Australia Callaghan =197

Top Law Schools in Australia Ranking 2023

Australian Universities Ranking THE – Australian Law Colleges Ranking 2023
The University of Melbourne #1
UNSW Sydney #2
Australian National University #3
University of Sydney #4
University of Queensland #5
Monash University #6
University of Technology Sydney #7
University of Wollongong #8
University of Tasmania #9
University of Adelaide #10

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The University Of Melbourne

Among the oldest, most prestigious law schools in Australia is located in Melbourne, Victoria. The college offers full-time, part-time and distance learning Master’s in law programmes for national and international students.

It was ranked 10th by the QS World Rankings by Subject for Law in 2020. It is among the leading public research universities with top-notch facilities, faculty members and notable alumni members like Julia Gillard and Peter Singer. The University of Melbourne is one of the best law universities in Australia.  Here is a list of law courses offered by the University of Melbourne available to international students:

  • Melbourne Juris Doctor: It is a 3-year full-time graduate law degree for international and national students.
  • Masters of Law: It is a one-year full-time graduate law course offered in 15 specialisations like Commercial Law, Banking and Finance Law, Construction Law, Corporate Law etc.
  • Graduate Diploma: It is a 6- month law course with specializations in various areas like Human Rights Law, International Tax, Government Law etc
  • Master of Philosophy- Law (MPhil): It is a 2-year full-time research programme
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Law (PhD): It is a full-time 4-year research programme.

The University Of Sydney

Next on our list of best law universities in Australia is the University of Sydney. It is Australia’s first public university. Its Sydney Law School is one of the finest law universities in the world. The school is located in one of the country’s most beautiful cities and has a stellar reputation of churning out high-ranking solicitors, barristers, and judges. Ranked 13 by QS World Rankings for Law 2020; it offers a variety of law programmes to its national and international students:   

  • Bachelor of Law: It is a 5 year full- time law dual degree offered along with subjects like Arts, Commerce, Science, Economics and Engineering
  • Juris Doctor: A professional 3-year law programme for graduates
  • Masters of Law: It is a one-year full-time graduate law course for students interested in specialisations like Environmental Law, Labour Laws and Relations, Administrative Law and Policy etc
  • Masters of Law(Research): It is a research-oriented master’s programme for 1 year.
  • Graduate Diploma: It is a 6- month diploma course for students seeking in-depth knowledge in specific areas like Taxation, Criminology, Jurisprudence etc
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Law (PhD): It is a 3 to 4-year full-time research-oriented programme. 

University Of New South Wales 

Moving on in our list of best law universities in Australia, we have a top-tier public university and a founding member of the research coalition: Group of Eight Universities. University of New South Wales is located in the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. The university stands out in terms of infrastructure, and academic and research excellence. It has been ranked 14 by QS Ranking for Law and has an exhaustive alumni community spread across the globe. Its law programmes and law courses are regarded as one of the best, most progressive and rigorous courses in Australia. They are mentioned below. 

  • Bachelor of Law: It is an undergraduate dual-degree programme which means that law is taught alongside a variety of subjects like engineering, fine arts, commerce, media, psychology, science, social science, social work etc. The duration of the course is 5 to 6 years
  • UNSW Juris Doctor:  A postgraduate professional degree in law for 3 years
  • Practical Legal Training: An essential programme for students who wish to practice law in Australia 
  • Masters of Law: A master’s degree in different specialisations open to students with or without a law background
  • Masters of Law by Research: It is a 2 year full- time research-oriented programme. 
  • Masters of Philosophy- Law (MPhil): It is a 2-year programme
  • Doctor of Philosophy- Law (PhD): It is a 4-year research programme

The Australian National University

The Australian National University is located in the capital city of the country: Canberra. Also, part of Australian universities’ prestigious research collaboration: ‘Group of Eight’, the university has proven its calibre by producing 6 Nobel Laureates and 40 Rhodes Scholars. ANU’s College of Law was ranked 17 by QS Rankings for Law. It is one of the best law universities in Australia. The law school offers a plethora of courses and programmes for law aspirants. They are mentioned below. 

  • Bachelors of Law(Honours): It is an undergraduate programme for 4 years
  • Graduate Certificate: It is 6 monthly long certificate programme for postgraduates
  • Graduate Diploma: One year-long diploma programme for postgraduates 
  • Juris Doctor: It is a 3-year full-time law degree for professionals
  • Masters of Law: It is a postgraduate programme offered in various specialisations for the duration of 1 to 2 years.
  • Masters of Philosophy- Law (MPhil): An academic programme for the duration of 2 years.
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Law (PhD): An academic programme available for the duration of 4 years 

Monash University

Last but not least, on our list of best law universities in Australia, we have Monash University. Founded in 1958, Monash University is the second oldest university in the state of Victoria. The University has national campuses spread across Australia and an international campus in Malaysia. It is a leading research university with research centres in countries like India, Italy and Suzhou, China. It is the first university to be named after a person: General Sir John Monash. The university’s Faculty of Law featured on QS World Rankings and was ranked 35 in 2020. It offers several types of specialisations in law:

  • Bachelors of Law(Honours): It is a bachelor’s degree in law for the duration of 4 years
  • Bachelors of Law(Dual Degree): It is a dual undergraduate degree in law along with a chosen subject of choice like arts, biomedical science, commerce, computer science, information and technology etc.
  • Graduate Certificate: It is a 6-month course for postgraduates which provides upskill knowledge in areas like Legal Studies, Legal Systems and Services, Digital Law etc 
  • Graduate Diploma: A postgraduate programme for one year in topics like Australian Law, Digital Law and Laws
  • Masters of Law: A postgraduate programme for the period of 2 years
  • Master of Philosophy- Law (MPhil): It is a 2-year research programme
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Law ( PhD): It is a 4-year research programme

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Entry Requirements

English Language Requirements Courses in Australia are prominently taught in English, which requires students to provide results of English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. However, the English language skills required may differ for the institution and student visa application.
Academic Requirements 10+2 with minimum scores in all the subjects for BA degrees in Law; An undergraduate degree in any discipline other than law for JD degrees; A master’s degree in Law or similar program for PhD and MPhil courses

Confirmation of Enrolment

Once you’ve completed your application, you will receive a “Letter of Offer” confirming the offer for enrollment. In return, you are required to sign and send an acceptance to the concerned institution. These contracts contain the following:

  • Course you have applied for
  • Enrolment conditions
  • Fees you have to pay
  • Refund payable, in case you do not complete your course with the concerned provider.

You will then receive an eCoE by mail once you have accepted your offer.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) includes cover for doctor’s visits, ambulance, limited pharmaceuticals (medicines), and hospital treatment. Besides, having health cover you also have access to private health, home, travel, and vehicle insurance in Australia.


Q. Which university is the best for law in Australia?

According to the QS Top Universities Rankings 2022, the University of Melbourne is not just the top university in Australia but also the country’s top law school. In the 2022 QS, World University Rankings by Subject, Melbourne Law School is ranked 12th overall.

Q. Is Australia a good place to study law?

Due to the wide range of course options, Australia is ranked third among the top countries to study law by QS and THE. There are 22 law schools in Australia, and according to THE rankings for 2022, four of them are among the top 50 in the world.

Q. What is the hardest University to get into in Australia?

The University of Newcastle has the highest acceptance rate among universities in Australia by having an estimated admission rate of 85%.

Q. What is the highest law degree in Australia?

Australia offers the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Master of Laws (LLM), and Juris Doctor degrees in law (JD). The top law schools in Australia offer a wonderful learning experience and a pathway to a successful practising or non-practising legal career.

We hope this blog helped you gain knowledge and information about courses and the best law universities in Australia if you are still confused about which course to pursue or which college to apply for then get in touch with Leverage Edu and clear all your doubts! Sign up for a free session today!

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