Psychology Courses in Canada

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Psychology Courses in Canada

Counted in multicultural and developed countries, Canada has always emphasized mental health awareness and wellbeing for its citizens. Thus, the sector of Psychology in Canada is always in demand of trained psychologists and psychiatrists. The country is also home to many renowned universities offering Psychology courses in Canada at bachelor, master, diploma and doctorate levels. Planning to study Psychology in Canada? Read this blog to know all about psychology courses in Canada, top colleges, fees and more!

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming intakes in Canada!

Top Psychology Colleges in Canada

Here are the top psychology universities in Canada that you must check out:

Universities QS World University Rankings 2022 Courses Available 
University of British Columbia 46 UG – 4, PG – 1, Doctorate – 1
University of Toronto 26 UG – 6, PG – 2, Doctorate – 2
McGill University =27 UG – 2, PG – 4, Doctorate – 2
University of Montreal =111 UG – 3, PG – 2, Doctorate – 4
Simon Fraser University =298 UG- 6, PG – 4, Doctorate – 3
McMaster University 140 UG – 1, PG- 2, Doctorate – 1
University of Alberta 126 UG- 4, PG- 2, Doctorate – 2
University of Ottawa 230 UG – 5, Doctorate – 2
Concordia University  521-530 UG – 8
University of Windsor  701-750 UG – 7, PG – 2

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International students can choose from a wide range of psychology diplomas as well as bachelor’s and master’s level psychology courses in Canada. Here we have enlisted the best psychology courses in Canada after 12th, graduation and masters.

What are the Requirements to Study Psychology in Canada?

  • For bachelors, students have to complete 10+2 exams from a recognised education board.
  • For masters, students need a bachelor’s degree in psychology or equivalent programme from a recognised university to qualify for admissions at Canadian universities.
  • All students whose first language isn’t English must produce scores of English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc to prove their merit. 
  • Competitive GRE scores or of other competitive exams accepted by the university. 
  • Recommendation letters and a statement of purpose are also essential.

Psychology Courses in Canada After 12th

Mental health and its awareness and need have been increasing in Canada in recent years. Thus, the demand for psychologists and counsellors is also escalated making Bachelor’s level psychology courses popular. Here are the best Psychology courses in Canada after 12th:

College Psychology Courses
University of British Columbia Bachelor of Arts in Psychology [4 year]
University of Toronto Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) [4 years]
McGill University Bachelor of Science in Psychology [4 years]
York University Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) [4 years]
Queen’s University Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology [Major] [3 years]
University of Waterloo Bachelor of Arts in Psychology [3 and 4 years]
University of Alberta Bachelor of Science in Psychology [4 years]
Dalhousie University Bachelor of Science in Psychology [4 years]
McMaster University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology [4 years]
University of Victoria Bachelor of Science in Psychology [4 years]

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Psychology Courses in Canada After Graduation

Here are the major types of Psychology courses in Canada after graduation:

  • Masters in Psychology in Canada is both a full-time and part-time program, which is 1 to 2-years long. Some of the areas which are specialized in the master’s degree are Cognitive Science, Psychoanalysis, Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, etc.
  • MS in Psychology in Canada is of 3 types- course and research-based (MS Psychology), intensive research-based (Master of Science in Psychology) and professional course (Master of Applied Psychology).
  • MSc in psychology is a research-intensive program, which includes courses along with the research area and a final thesis submission after 2 years. It focuses on Health, Developmental, Cognition, Perception and Neuroscience Psychology.
  • MAP or Master in Applied Psychology in Canada acquires foundations in statistics, scientific methodology and related fields of Psychology that can be applied for research and evaluation. This includes studies in Social Psychology, Child Psychology & Applied Psychology.

Here are the top universities in Canada for psychology courses after graduation:

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. University of Toronto
  3. McGill University
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. Queen’s University
  6. McMaster University
  7. York University
  8. Dalhousie University
  9. University of Alberta

Psychology Courses in Canada After Masters

There are many PhD programs offered by universities in Canada that are also available that can be for 3 to 6 years. Here is the complete list of Psychology courses in Canada after Masters:

Universities Programs Available
University of British Columbia Ph.D. Psychology
University of Toronto Ph.D. Psychology
Ph.D. in School & Clinical Child Psychology
McGill University Ph.D. Counselling Psychology
Ph.D. in Child Psychology
University of Montreal Ph.D. Psychology
Ph.D. Research & Intervention in Clinical Psychology
Simon Fraser University Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology
Ph.D. Organizational Behavior
McMaster University Ph.D. Cognitive Science of Language
University of Alberta Ph.D. Psychiatry
Ph.D. Counselling Psychology

How Much Does it Cost to Study Psychology in Canada?

The average fees of Psychology courses in Canada range from 17,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD which is around INR 9.9 lakhs – INR 35.04 lakhs. Here are the fees for various types of psychology courses:

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology 20,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD [INR 11.6 lakhs – INR 30.04 lakhs]
Master’s Degree in Psychology 18,000 CAD to 48,000 CAD [INR 9.5 lakhs – INR 28.3 lakhs]
PhD in Psychology 17,000 CAD to 57,000 CAD [INR 9.9 lakhs – INR 33.2 lakhs]

Apart from the cost of studying, here is a breakdown of the different expenses which are important to consider while calculating the cost of living in Canada for an Indian student. 

Living Cost in Canada Cost
Flight Expense INR 1,00,000- 2,00,000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees $150 (INR 11,123)
Work Permit Fees $155 (INR 11,493) 
IELTS test Fees INR 14,700
Accommodation CAD 5,000 – CAD 10,000(INR 2,67,000-INR 5,39,000) per annum
Travel Costs CAD 80 – CAD 110 (INR 4,300-INR 6,000) per month
Health Insurance CAD 300-CAD 800 (INR 17,000-INR 44,000)
Food CAD 300- CAD 400 [17,508 INR-23,344] (monthly)
Entertainment CAD 750 [43,770 INR] (monthly)

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Cheapest Psychology Courses in Canada 

Here are some of the most affordable psychology courses which aspirants can pursue in Canada:

University  QS World University Rankings 2022 Average Estimated 1 Year Program Fee in INR 
University of Guelph 11.5 lakhs 
University of Saskatchewan 581-590 12.7 lakhs 
Memorial University of Newfoundland 751-800 13.4 lakhs 
Dalhousie University =272 13.6 lakhs
Concordia University 521-530 14.3 lakhs 
Mount Saint Vincent University 15.1 lakhs 
University of New Brunswick 651-700 17.2 lakhs 
University of Lethbridge 18.6 lakhs 
University of Windsor 701-750 18.8 lakhs 
Nipissing University 20.5 lakhs 


Is psychology in demand in Canada?

Psychologists are not only in great demand, but they are also among the highest-paying careers in Canada in 2020. As a certified and experienced clinical psychologist, your annual salary in Canada may range between $97,451 and $130,932.

How long is a psychology degree in Canada?

The CPA publishes a Graduate Guide that identifies and discusses graduate psychology programmes in Canada. An honours bachelor’s degree in psychology generally takes four years to finish, a master’s degree takes two years, and a doctorate degree can take up to four years to complete.

Is a Canadian psychology degree valid in India?

Yes, degrees from Canadian institutions are accepted worldwide and known for their quality of education.

Is psychology a good career?

Because of the increased emphasis on mental health and well-being, psychology is a crucial profession nowadays. If you wish to pursue psychology as a profession, learn about the numerous specialisations available, as well as the employment possibilities and breadth in this subject. Needless to say, the possibilities for a career in psychology are vast.

Is psychology a good career option in Canada?

Many students study psychology as a stepping stone to a professional career. A psychology degree provides great preparation for a wide range of professional degrees, including law, medicine, management, social work, speech pathology, audiology, counselling, and teaching.

Hence, we hope that this blog has familiarized you with all the information you must know about Psychology courses in Canada. Our Leverage Edu mentors are here to help you find the best Psychology course and university as per your interests and aspirations with the help of our revolutionary and game-changing AI Course Finder! Sign up for a free session with us today!

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