Which is Better: BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma

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BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma

Completing 12th with BiPC subjects, MBBS, BDS, Nursing Courses, etc. are considered to be prominent options to pursue a career in medicine right from becoming a Doctor to Medical Assistant. But if you are looking for courses after 12th Science other than MBBS, there are various sought-after courses like BSc Agriculture or B Pharmacy. But students are often confused between these two programs in terms of course structure and career opportunities. Read this blog to know all about which is better BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma.

BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma: Key Differences

Before we go on and understand the vital features of both courses, let us first take a quick glance at the course features and highlights of BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma:

Category BSc AgricultureB Pharma 
DegreeBachelor of Science Bachelor of Pharmacy
Duration3 Years 3-4 Years
Basic Eligibility 10+2 with BiPC Subjects 10+2 with BiPC Subjects
Entrance Exams Abroad SAT or ACT ExamSAT or ACT Exam
Entrance Exams India ICAR-AIEEA/ GSAT/ OUATMHT- CET, Goa CET, etc 
Popular Universities University of Alberta 
McGill University
The University of Melbourne
Humboldt University
University of Waterloo 
The University of British Columbia 
The University of Sydney
University of Manchester
Popular Career Options Agriculture Specialist, Farming Counsellor,  Agriculture Research Scientist, Farm Manager, etc  Analytical Chemist, Drug Technician, Medical Transcriptionist, Drug Inspectors, etc 
Average Salary 2.5 Lakhs- 4 Lakhs p.a.INR 3 Lakhs -4 Lakhs p.a.

Course Analysis 

Both the courses differ in terms of their approach to Biology. The distinction between the course structure can be termed one of the most significant differences between the two programs. BSc Agriculture is a 3-year course and encompasses the foundational and comprehensive study of Agricultural science involving subjects like plant breeding, soil science, plant pathology, etc. The course emphasizes the use of modern machinery, techniques and scientific instruments in animal and plant-based farming, land surveying, poultry management, etc to enhance the overall production of agriculture. 

On the contrary, B Pharma is all about studying the in and out of medicinal drugs. You will study how pharmaceutical drugs are curated, their chemical and physical structure along their effects on the human body. B Pharmacy is a 3-4 year undergraduate program and meticulously incorporates theoretical as well as hands-on learning experiences in laboratories through which students will get to know about drug dosage, action and reaction. Predominantly, the course will focus on human anatomy, hence, students will be polished to counsel about medications and the usage of drugs.

Thus, the key difference between the course structure of BSc Agriculture vs B Pharmacy is mainly their integral field of study, i.e. Agricultural Science for the former and Pharmacy for the latter. If you are inclined towards studying Pharmaceutical Science rather than opting for the rigorous study of medicine and surgery, then B Pharmacy is a good choice for you. On the other, if you are interested in exploring Agricultural Sciences and practices in contemporary times, you should go for BSc in Agriculture.

Curriculum and Subjects 

In our discussion of BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma, the next parameter will focus on the curriculum that is followed by both programs. The course structure of BSc Agriculture will emphasize sustainable development, how to enhance the production of crops, eco-friendly techniques used as well as the management of crops, thus, the curriculum is designed in a holistic manner. Whereas, the syllabus of B Pharma will focus on theoretical as well as practical analysis of medicinal drugs or as recommended by the Pharmaceutical Councils of the country. The Pharmaceutical Council of India (PCI) regulates the syllabus of pharmacy courses in India. Here is a subject comparison of B Agriculture vs B Pharmacy:

BSc Agriculture SubjectsB Pharmacy Subjects 
Principles of Food Science and NutritionHuman Anatomy and Physiology
Principles of AgribusinessBiochemistry
Farming System and Sustainable AgricultureIndustrial Pharmacy
Livestock and Poultry ManagementPhysical Pharmaceuticals
Principles of Agriculture, Horticulture, Microbiology, Plant Pathology and Life SciencesPharmacology
Advantages of Organic ProductionMedicinal Chemistry
Importance of Manure and Fertilizers and Soil FertilityPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
Farm Machinery and PowerBiopharmaceutics
Introduction to Soil and Water ConservationPathophysiology Theory and Practical

Eligibility Criteria 

The concluding point in our debate on BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma will be the requisites that you need to enter these programs. Unlike the above-mentioned parameters, the background and eligibility criteria for the two courses do not differ a lot when it comes to studying the courses abroad. Mentioned below are some points that must be kept in mind while applying for any of these courses abroad:

  • Formal education of 10 + 2 from a recognised academic institution with compulsory BiPC subjects with minimum marks required 
  • A good score in IELTS, TOEFL or any other language proficiency exam along with LOR and SOP
  • Required score in SAT/ACT Examination

Tabulated below are the requisites needed to pursue these courses in India-

BSc Agriculture B Pharma 
1. 10+2 education with BiPC Subjects 
2. Minimum 50% aggregate in class 12th
3. A good score in ICAR -AIEEA/ GSAT/ OUAT
4. Must qualify for the university-level examination, if any 
1. 10+2 education with BiPC Subjects 
2. Minimum 50% aggregate in class 12th
3. A good score in MHT- CET, Goa CET, etc
4. Must qualify for the university-level examination, if any 

Admission Process

Admissions to B.Sc Agriculture vs. B.Pharmacy involve several steps. To begin, candidates seeking admission to either course must follow a specific procedure, which includes group discussions, written entrance exams, and so on. Although admission procedures differ from one college to the next, the following general guidelines apply:

BSc Agriculture Admission Process

  1. This process begins with completing the admission form for the entrance exam, either online or offline.
  2. The cut-off marks will be announced after the results are released.
  3. Aspirants who have passed the cut-off will participate in online counselling in the second round.
  4. During online counselling, applicants must select the college to which they wish to apply.
  5. Selected students will receive an allotment letter.
  6. Those who are qualified will be admitted.

B Pharma Admission Process

  1. For registering for the course, both online and offline methods are available.
  2. Students must check the eligibility criteria for admission to the B.Pharmacy programme at the colleges of their choice.
  3. Before the deadline, application forms and other required documents must be submitted.
  4. Students should also ensure that they have completed the required entrance exams as well as their 10+2.
  5. Following a group discussion, the selected candidates can choose a course during the admissions and counselling process.

BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma Top Indian Colleges

Listed below are the top institutions for these courses in India-

Top BPharma Colleges

  • Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Bombay College of Pharmacy
  • JSS College of Pharmacy
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Jamia Hamdard
  • Panjab University
  • BITS Pilani – Birla Institute of Technology and Science
  • ICT Mumbai – Institute of Chemical Technology

Top BSc Agriculture Colleges

  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • Dr Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
  • Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering
  • SGT University, Gurgaon
  • K.R. Mangalam University
  • Sharda University
  • Noida International University
  • IIMT University

BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma Jobs

The most common question for this showdown is “Which has better jobs and salary: BSc Agriculture or B Pharma?” As B Pharma is closely related to the medical field and involves the intricate study of medicinal drugs, hence, it is mandatory for one to seek a licence that allows them to practice as a Pharmacist. You can work independently as a Pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Firms or as an entrepreneur in your own pharmaceutical company.

Jobs after B Pharma

You can also work as a Drug Inspector or Pharmaceutical Scientist after earning advanced degrees like M Pharm or D Pharmacy. Here are the most sought-after B Pharmacy jobs:

  • Analytical Chemist 
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Drug Inspector
  • Pharmacist 
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator 
  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Executive 
  • Pharmacologist 
  • Drug Therapist 

Jobs after BSc Agriculture

Now let’s explore the major jobs after BSc in Agriculture. As agriculture is one of the prominent sectors of the economy, there is a wide range of job profiles that are available to it. Entry-level jobs in prestigious public sector firms await if you have secured a BSc in Agriculture degree. Here are the top BSc Agriculture jobs:

  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Agriculture Development Officer
  • Assistant Plantation Manager
  • Agriculturists
  • Agriculture Technician 
  • Agriculture Plantation Manager 

BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma

Courtesy: Dr Arpit Bankhede – Educational Buddy

BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma: Which one is better?

There are numerous unconventional and intriguing options for students to pursue in the field of science. B.Sc Agriculture and B. Pharmacy are ideal courses for students with a strong interest in agriculture and chemistry, making them an excellent choice for such career paths. Students can anticipate fantastic career opportunities, particularly with the added scope of higher education.

Socially rewarding: B.Sc Agriculture is a field that aids in the understanding of agrarian science, which benefits the farming population of the country and aids in the improvement of crop health across the country. This helps the economy, which is heavily reliant on agriculture. Similarly, pharmacy students assist in the production or distribution of medicines to people, which aids in their health. Both jobs are socially rewarding and offer numerous advantages.

Scope of Research: Both fields have a wide range of research opportunities for students who want to learn more about their niches and pursue a career in research writing. This field is ideal for inquisitive minds and curious individuals.

The decision between B.Sc Agriculture and B. Pharmacy may be perplexing for students as they prepare for their careers. They must be assured, however, that whichever option they choose, both careers are equally important and lucrative, and they can excel in their field based on their interests and qualifications.


Which is better paramedical or BSC agriculture?

Both agricultural and paramedical courses are good for the future because they will have a broad scope in the near future. Both will provide you with good placement opportunities, but agricultural courses will provide you with a better future. The scope of agricultural courses is greater than the scope of paramedical courses.

Which course is better than B Pharmacy?

D. PharmD is a three-year doctorate programme that is one of the best options after B. Pharmacy. It consists of two years of academics and one year of internship.

Is B Pharma equivalent to BSc?

B Pharm and BSC chemistry are two distinct departments. Bpharm is a four-year pharmacy degree programme. And BSC chemistry is a three-year course that focuses primarily on the science stream. If you study chemistry for a BSC, you can work for the government, MSc, PhD, research, or as a chemist in a company.

Thus, we hope that after reading this detailed blog on BSc Agriculture vs B Pharma, you are now clear regarding which course to opt for. Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you if you are still confused between these two and we will also assist you in picking the right university as well as sorting out the admission process!

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