Best Universities for Agriculture Courses

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Universities for Agriculture

In today’s times, we see a considerable population deeming agriculture to be just an activity related to farming, cultivation of crops and harvesting them later on. But agriculture in every sense of the word is not just limited to farming. It is a profession, a science that effectively deals with crop production, raising various animals solely and primary for the purpose of creating food sustainability. Agriculture is a backbone of the economy for many countries, as well as, its individuals. Agriculture is, without a doubt, a diverse area of practice, and today it is a major field of study. In this blog, we are going to explore more about agriculture and universities for agriculture courses.

Top Universities for Agriculture Courses

Agriculture as a field of education is fast growing in countries which have mastered the process of food cultivation. These countries have experienced a boom in production post green revolution, and strive towards making innovations in agriculture to make the process sustainable and efficient. Let’s look at a few of the popular and top-rated agriculture universities around the world:

Universities CountryQS Ranking 2021
ETH ZürichSwitzerland06
University of CambridgeUSA07
Cornell UniversityUSA18
University of EdinburghUK20
University of Michigan, Ann ArborUSA21
University of SydneyAustralia40
University of MelbourneAustralia41
University of CopenhagenDenmark76
Purdue UniversityUSA109
University of California, DavisUSA112
Wageningen University and Research CentreNetherlands=115
Utrecht UniversityNetherlands=121
University of FloridaUSA=162
Texas A&MUSA=169

Let’s now discuss these few of the above-mentioned universities for agriculture courses in broad details:

Wageningen University and Research Center

This tops the list of universities for agriculture courses. It is a top-rated agricultural research institute situated in one of the famous parts of Netherlands which are famously known as the Food Valley of the country. Wageningen University is best known for offering a wide variety of top agriculture courses. It offers many research programs, besides providing 29 bachelors and masters courses, respectively. It has a huge international student community.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M is a top-notch agriculture university in the United States. This university conducts hundreds of research projects in the field of agriculture. Texas A&M offers more than 18 agricultural programs. It also has 12 colleges and they all have research centres. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers more than 80 different bachelors and masters degrees. It also has nine different certificate programs in agriculture for students.

University of California, Davis

One of the best universities for agriculture courses in the world you can apply for, University of California, Davis is a renowned centre for education. Established in 1905, it is famous for its cross-disciplinary research programmes. It offers 35 different agriculture courses at different study levels. The university occupies top positions in agriculture, plant and animal sciences. The college tuition fee ranges between $47,723 and $56,974. 

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is considered to be among the best institutes for learning agriculture sciences. This university is situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its School for Environment and Sustainability was established in the year 1950 which offers four graduate certificate programmes including Environmental Justice, Industrial Ecology, Spatial Analysis, and Sustainability. The university allows students to learn from diverse fields of study during their course.

Cornell University

It has a reputed institute of agriculture where a student can choose from various programmes. It was established in 1865. The college of agriculture at Cornell University offers 21 different and highly developed agricultural programmes. The tuition for a student is $50,953. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers four areas of research for its master’s programmes.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University has one of the top-rated agriculture programmes for its students. Students who are enrolled for the degree program in life sciences study at the Utrecht Science Park campus of the university. Agricultural program is offered under the school Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Its program teaches students to work as veterinarians. Bachelors program in the university is offered in Dutch and English, whereas the master’s program is only taught in Dutch.

University of Melbourne

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is one of the oldest institutes for education in the country. It is the best place to apply for a degree in veterinary courses, agriculture and food sciences. The University Faculty of Veterinary and Agriculture offers different agriculture programmes. They mainly include animal welfare and behaviour, plant pathology, meat science and social sciences.

University of Copenhagen

It was established as a research institution in 1479. The University of Copenhagen has an international reputation as one of the best institutes for agriculture. The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences provides master’s programs and various bachelor programmes. Its research is focused primarily on areas such as plant and soil science, crops, transport biology, ecology, and biotechnology.

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