BHMS Course

BHMS Course

Bachelor’s of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is an undergraduate degree course for those who are aspiring for a career in healthcare. It is one of the most popular medical courses and offers a wide range of career opportunities in several fields. BHMS course is a 5.5-year course which includes 4.5 years of study and 1 year of internship. Homeopathy is a branch of ancient medicine that combines holistic practices and approaches to cure different diseases. It is an evolving field with new medical innovations and developments taking place in different parts of the world. Homeopathy is emerging as one of the fastest-growing professions offering global career opportunities. Here is all the information that you will need about the different aspects of a BHMS course, along with the eligibility criteria and top colleges in the world offering the BHMS course:

Overview of BHMS Course 

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery is a 5.5 year full-time medical program. It comprises of the various aspects of homeopathic knowledge, its ability to manage and preventing health problems that affect the functioning of human wellness. It is an intensive combination of ancient medical practices and modern science with an emphasis on long-term treatments such as allergies, body syndromes, and minor injuries. BHMS course provides students with techniques and skills consisting of humor balance and heroic medicine which are ancient therapeutic methods used for the rigorous treatment of human bodies. This is useful for the treatment of patients with body disorders and syndromes. BHMS course offers specialization in various fields such as:

  • Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is the scientific study of the human body and its structure. It’s the study of observing injuries in the human body with the help of several scientific methods and technologies. Homeopathy requires the knowledge of human anatomy in order to read body postures and angles for the identification of different diseases and illnesses. Human anatomy in itself is a wide subject which provides detailed knowledge regarding each organ and its functions. BHMS course provides students with a basic understanding of human anatomy to observe body dysfunction and disorders in order to provide treatment. 

  • Immunology

Immunology is the study of the immune system of both- human beings and other organisms. Immunology includes all physical, chemical and biological reactions of the organisms against any foreign substances. BHMS course comprises of two types of immunity namely, innate and adaptive which students get to learn about in greater detail during the duration of this course.

  • Principles of Homeopathy 

BHMS course consists of the principles of Homeopathy which provides students with a basic knowledge of homeopathic principles. The principles such as the Law of Similars help in predicting a particular disease which can be cured by medicine. 

  • Pathology 

Pathology is one of the most important aspects of the BHMS course that deals with medical knowledge to study the cause of a disease. It comprises of diagnosis and management to study diseases that affect the structure and functioning of the human body. It involves various laboratory-based analysis of bodily fluids such as urine, tissue enhancement, organ functioning and the blood flow in the body. The course comprises of Clinical Microbiology to understand microorganisms better. BHMS course provides students with various aspects of Microscopic Pathology that could help them practice on body structures better. 

Eligibility for BHMS Course

Candidates who are willing to pursue a BHMS course are required to meet the following general eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates are required to pass class 10+2 from a recognized board of education.
  • Candidates are required to score 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Candidates are required to qualify the NEET Entrance Exam for getting admission into top colleges.

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Top Colleges for BHMS

Here are the top colleges to consider for pursuing a BHMS course:

We hope that this article on the BHMS course helped you in understanding the different aspects of this course. If you’re searching for the right course and university to study Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, then Leverage Edu experts can help you shortlist a suitable course as well as an ideal university to begin a great career in this field.

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