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Dentistry is a specific sub-branch of medical sciences that deals with the study as well as treatment of oral diseases. It includes problems related to teeth, jaw and other soft tissues in the shape of teeth misalignment, cavities and plaque and a host of complex oral procedures. The Doctor of Dental Surgery program prepares students to practice general dentistry. The D.D.S. is a professional degree awarded by the College of Dentistry in the USA. If you are looking to pursue DDS in USA after BDS, here are some tips that would come in handy.

Tips and Suggestions

DDS is a 4-year highly post-degree program in the USA accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) Commission on Dental Accreditation. After completing your BDS in India, one can only work under a dentist but cannot practice. If you are planning to pursue DDS in the USA after BDS in India, students must note that to practice as a dentist they can apply for the Advanced Standing Doctor of Dentistry program.

Here are the following 10 tips and suggestions shared by the subject matter experts that fresh aspirants should follow to get successfully into DDS after BDS in the USA.

DDS in USA After BDS
  1. Start Early

The right time to start to prepare for DDS in the USA is from 3rd or 4th year of the BDS program. It will give ample time to the candidate for a balance and productive preparation cycle.

  1. Maintain Good Grades

Maintaining good grades or a high GPA is a must. FOR DDS in the USA applicants should maintain a GPA of around 3.6 to 3.9 out of 4.0 to prove his/her candidature. Low GPA scores weak student application.

  1. Research Work Importance

It is also advisable for the aspirants to get into the research program while pursuing BDS. Outreach research programs not only help aspirants in gaining practical exposure but they will also give weightage to their CVs. An aspirant should look for the maximum number of outreach research programs.

  1. Be an active Volunteer

American firmly believes in the “Giving Back to the Society” concept so active volunteering work during course break or at regular intervals will immensely help the candidates while applying for DDS in the USA. Applicants should always keep a complete record of all the volunteer work or social programs initiated by them.

  1. SOP is a game changer

Statement of Purpose or SOP is a crucial part of the student’s application for DDS in the USA. It should not be compared with the CV. University officials expect an honest and balanced statement of purpose from the applicant. It is advised to the candidate’s admission motive mentioned in the SOP should match his work.

  1. 3 Different Letters of Recommendations 

To get into the DDS program in the USA, applicants need to arrange 3 letters of recommendation or LOR in advance (one from the BDS college principal, the second from the course faculty and the third one from a superior at work on dentistry professional. 

  1. Experience Certificate

All the internships or any full-length work as Dentistry professional experience letters should attach by the applicant at the time of applying for the DDS program in the American university.

  1. Personal Interview 

This is a make-or-break stage for any applicant who wants to apply for the DDS program. Applicants are advised to be candid and confident while sharing their profile and purpose during the personal interview stage. They should not be arrogant regarding their credentials because it will create a negative impact on their candidature.

  1. Role of Mentorship

Mentorship from dentistry professionals or experienced seniors/faculty can really create a big difference for the aspirants in SOP, LOR and Interview guidance.

  1. Social Media Pages

Nowadays social media pages Dentistry on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter are a big help to the aspirant to get updated about the latest pattern and processes. 

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 From the above article, it is concluded that to get admission into the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) in the USA aspirants need to work on their profile and plan every mentioned aspect related to the admission properly on time. 

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