Top Denmark Universities for International Students

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Denmark Universities

Globally known amongst the happiest countries, Denmark is rooted in the “hygge” belief which is referred to as a feeling of warmth and comfort that is meant to define the Danish culture. Though a small country, it has also managed to make a large impact on the world by raising the standard bar of quality education internationally. The education system of Denmark has always encouraged the students to participate in research studies, innovation and creativity, which makes it the best country to study abroad for Indian students. With the Denmark universities providing umpteen English-taught programs in diverse academic fields, choosing the best university out of them is quite a task for a lot of aspirants who want to study in Denmark. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best Denmark universities to familiarize you with the top institutions to study as well as their course offerings.

S. No Universities in Denmark Times Higher World
University Rankings 2021
1. Technical University of Denmark 187
2. University of Copenhagen 84
3. Aarhus University 106
4. University of Southern Denmark 251-300
5. Aalborg University 201-250
6. Roskilde University 601-800

Featured below are the aforementioned Denmark universities that are committed to providing the students with high-quality education and internationally recognized and regarded academic degrees. Let us have a detailed look at them.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Known for its intensive research work in technical studies, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) believes that technology can change the face of the world in the coming years. DTU promotes its researchers and students to collaborate with the government and the industries so as to bring out innovations and creative solutions through intersecting engineering and science with society. The programmes offered here are cross-disciplinary that stimulate independent and collaborative thinking within the students. DTU ranks atop among the list of top Denmark universities which offer various BSc Eng and MSc Eng degrees to the students in diverse career fields such as Bioengineering, Bio-sustainability, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Energy Conservation, Technology Entrepreneurship, Management and Economics and Nano-fabrication to name a few.

University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

Spread across four campuses, University of Copenhagen is one of the largest Denmark universities. Consisting of over 200 academic programmes in various fields pertaining to Humanities, Social Sciences, Theology, Law, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Life Science courses, amongst others. Adding a cosmopolitan flavour to the campus life, the university homes over 1700 students coming from all over the world. The bachelor’s courses at the University of Copenhagen are taught only in the Danish language, whereas a certain number of masters-level courses out of a total of 54 programs are taught in the English language as well. Talking about the PhD studies, the graduates can see themselves land in some of the best jobs in both the private and public sectors across the world. The most prominent and sought-after masters courses in UCPH are Actuarial Mathematics, Agricultural Economics, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Film and Media Studies, Geology, Neuroscience, Political Science, Urban Studies, and so on.

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Aarhus University

Aarhus University is one of those youngest non-technical Denmark universities that have successfully made their mark in the field of education. The institution lays great emphasis on research-intensive approach which includes applied research work, basic research, strategic research and so on. The university provides various bachelor’s and master’s level courses in both Danish and English languages covering diverse aspects of technology and society such as Agrobiology, Anthropology, Biotechnology, Art History, Business Administration, Chinese Studies, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Dentistry, Economics, Education, Healthcare Technology, Philosophy, Political Science, Theology and various other academic fields. Aarhus University believes in the empowerment of students by conduction different events on a timely basis thus facilitating students to take part in debates and furnish their critical and analytical abilities. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark enrolled more than 30,000 students in 2020, both domestic and international, making it one of the leading universities in Denmark and in the world. It aims to deliver world-class high-tech education based on a global perspective at all levels, be it undergraduate or graduate degrees. With over 100 academic programs both in the English and Danish languages, some of the most sought-after bachelor’s courses (English) for a majority of international students include BEng and BSc Eng courses in Global Management, Mechatronics engineering, Electronics engineering, Business Administration, etc. Whereas, some of the most popular masters-level programs in English include MSc, MSc Eng and MA courses in various fields in engineering, humanities, sciences, business, social sciences and health. The university aims at grooming the PhD graduates to such an extent that they can excel in their research careers and can easily find employment in some of the top organizations in the world.

Aalborg University (AAU)

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Aalborg University is one of those young universities in Denmark that constantly strive to raise the bar of quality education not just in Denmark, but the entire world. Since its inception in the year 1974, the university believes in educating the students with problem-based approaches in order to maintain a strong learning environment within the classrooms and the students learn to innovate and create their own solutions for different problems and situations. AAU is known for its extensive range of academic programs in various fields essential to the world such as Humanities, Natural Sciences, Health Science, Technical Sciences, Business Administration and Economics to name a few. Be it either bachelors, masters or PhD level courses, all the degree programs at Aalborg University are interdisciplinary, problem and project-based that operate in collaboration with some of the giant players in particular industries in both the public and private sectors.

Roskilde University

When it comes to providing the students with a high-quality education and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, Roskilde University is one of those public universities in Denmark that lag no behind. Since its inception in the year 1972, the university has always believed in encouraging innovation and research within the students through its strong interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Roskilde University offers various bachelor, masters and doctoral level English-taught programs in diverse fields within the domains of Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Business Studies, Natural Science, Environment, Health Care and Technology to name a few. Not just based on one academic discipline alone, the university strives to promote an interdisciplinary approach because one major or discipline is never enough to solve problems. The university facilitates the students with large campus areas, quality libraries, high-technology laboratories, sports clubs and many others to name.

Thus, we hope that this blog has familiarized with you with the necessary information regarding the best universities in Denmark. If you are planning to study in Denmark and are still confused about finding the best university for the course you are wanting to pursue, then Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in selecting a suitable university which aligns with your interests and aspirations as well as throughout the admission process to ensure that you get successfully shortlisted.

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