Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

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Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Deciding to study abroad is one of the toughest decisions you can ever take in your life. A huge amount of money is at stake when you are looking forward to pursuing your dreams in universities abroad. Generally, foreign education is the only way where you can get international exposure and the real-world experiences which you otherwise would not get from domestic education. Therefore, when you start prepping yourself up for a lucrative career internationally, you ought to gear up for admission in one of the top colleges in the world. Studying abroad can be a tedious process and it can be only made smooth when you get yourself associated with the best Study Abroad Consultants. Through this article, let’s talk about some of the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi that you should definitely consider!

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Why Do We Need Study Abroad Consultants?

The process of application and getting all the prerequisites sorted is that one tedious and complex process which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is where the need for Study Abroad Consultant occurs. Having answers to some of the most convoluted problems, they help you get through the application process smoothly. If you put up in Delhi and looking for the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi, let us first discuss why do we need them?                         

1. Expert Career Counselling

The expert mentors associated with the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi help you take the very first step towards your professional journey and they help you take the rightest decisions for a lucrative and fruitful career ahead. 

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2. Assistance in Visa and Travel Formalities

Getting a visa all by yourself is that one frustrating process of abroad studies. The educational consultants help the aspirants with all the visa documentation processes and ensure that the procedure goes smoothly. Of course, you would always prefer the assistance of someone who has the entire knowledge regarding visa work.

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3. Explore Different Educational Opportunities and Institutions

The moment you associate yourself with the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi, the counsellors and mentors make you aware of all the educational institutions and opportunities entailing it. You get to know all about the various universities and the courses they offer. Mentors make sure that the students are well aware of the opportunities and the kinds of job after they complete their study.

4. Use of Modernised Technologies to Discover New Ideas

Like Leverage Edu, many Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi use contemporary and the most updated technologies to know the psyche of the students and prepare a counselling session exclusively customized according to it. They use various psychometric tests to know the exact interests of the students and advise them accordingly. 

5. Financial Assistance

The consultants help you prepare a rough financial estimation to give you a complete idea about the approximate amount to be spent in education, accommodation and other living costs as needed by you.

Why Choose Leverage Edu?

In the era where Globalization is at the zenith, students from all over the world can now study across the world wherever they want. Giving wings to their dreams, we at Leverage Edu are dedicated to help students build an awesome career. Being one of the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi, Leverage Edu aims to simplify the process of abroad studies for the students in the best way possible. Through our unique AI-based tool, we connect you to the mentors who are the alumni of your dream universities and have taken a similar career path as you. Thriving on our ‘Students first’ strategy, we help in the holistic development of the school students by catering to the needs of each one of them through a personalized approach. Let us now tell you why should you choose us?

Industry Mentors: Through our AI tool, we connect you to the mentors who have had the same industry exposure as you. This is the way the students can get first-hand information from the industry experts and they can choose the rightest careers of themselves.

Personalized Approach: We understand that every student is different. Relying heavily on our personalized approach, we and our mentors assist you in every way possible, planned and tailored exclusively according to your needs and wishes.

Technology First: Using our ultra-modern AI-algorithms, we provide you with a list of the best universities and career choices depending upon your profile and customizations.

One-stop Shop: We at Leverage Edu, one of the best Study Consultants in Delhi, assist you right from helping you choose the best career and the best university for you to support you with loans, forex, visas and so on.

If you are looking for the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi, Leverage Edu is the one for you. Book your free 30 minutes career counselling session with our expert mentors and make your dreams come true.

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