Study in New Zealand (Complete Guide for Indian Students)


Planning to study in New Zealand? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. New Zealand is an island country located south of Australia and Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean. Comparatively a smaller economy, however, it is a developed nation. With the second rank in Global Peace Index 2018, New Zealand is one of the few safest countries to study in. Globally recognized institutions and an interactive education system, it makes the right combination of culture, nature, and opportunities for a student. Being an island country and moreover one of the last inhabitant nations, New Zealand offers a perfect blend of unspoiled nature, adventure, and serenity.

Study_in_New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand?

Quality Education: New Zealand has a diverse education system which supports a wide range of programs and courses to choose from. Over the years it has developed many new opportunities and a perfect approach to the progressive education system. The right blend of nature, education system and opportunities have attracted several students over the last few years. With great scope for research and adequate work benefits, New Zealand is the hot spot for you to be.

Cost of living: The education fee for an International student varies depending on the field they pick to study in New Zealand. However, it is estimated that a student is expected to pay NZ $10500 for undergraduate studies in art and social sciences, NZ $20,000 for science and engineering and around NZ$ 75,000 for dentistry and medical studies. If one is planning to stay for less than a year then they need to have $1250 for each month of study to contribute towards living costs. However, if one is planning to for more than a year than they need to show $15,000 to support themselves initially. Living costs vary depending on the city and the lifestyle one chooses. There is a popular student card that gives students access to several offers and discounts across food, clothes, travel, entertainment, and airfares also.

Language: New Zealand is mainly an English speaking nation along with other languages- Maori and New Zealand sign language. It makes New Zealand a great option for all the Indian students to study abroad. Wherein, other languages spoken in New Zealand are Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Samoan.

Career Prospects: As an advanced market economy, New Zealand is a high-income economy with a nominal gross domestic product per capita of US$ 36,254. New Zealand was ranked third in Index of Economic Freedom, 2018 and sixteenth in Human Development Index, 2018. Thus, over the past few years, New Zealand has encouraged international students as it experienced brain drain a few decades back, hitting the economy hard so it has aggressively supported brain gain from comparatively less developed countries. Today, New Zealand’s economy benefits from a high level of innovation thus a perfect place for research and innovation which generates job in an economy across all horizons.

Safety: Moving thousands of miles away from home to study in New Zealand can give cold feet to anyone initially. However, New Zealand is a completely safe and secure nation for International students. A large number of students have moved there over the last few years. New Zealand provides for a safe and secure environment for students. International students are given special attention there so that no problem is faced by them.

Immersive Culture: New Zealand’s cultural influences are predominantly Maori and European. Immigrants generally blend in with the European traditions whereas many of them follow traditional customs. However, with a lot of immigration over the years there has been a wave of several different cultures being inculcated into the society such as the Chinese Lantern Festival, Lunar New Year and Diwali.

Generous Scholarships and other benefits: The New Zealand government and institutions offer several scholarships for international students to study in New Zealand. Gaining scholarship can be very beneficial for students since it would give them more time to concentrate on their studies and simultaneously eradicates the need for part-time work.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

The cost of studying in New Zealand includes both tuition fee for the course along with the living expense for the program duration. Tuition fee varies from course to course and university to university as per the choice one makes. However, the cost of living remains the same for every international student. 

Average Tuition Fee

The following table shows the average tuition fee for the courses available at colleges in New Zealand: 

Degree Program Average Tuition Fee (Annually) in NZ$
Diploma and Short Term Courses 12000-18500 
Bachelor’s Degree 22000-32000 
Master’s Degree26000-37000 

Cost of Living 

An international student studying in New Zealand is likely to spend around 13000 to 16000 NZ$ per year to study in the country. This cost is likely to remain the same throughout courses. Given below is the list of areas expenditure for an international candidate: 

EntertainmentPhone & Internet

Scholarships in New Zealand 

Scholarships are an essential part of every study abroad student’s life. Getting financial aid can help them to concentrate on their studies and avoid part-time jobs. Scholarships also make the responsible, competitive and smart as only a handful meritorious candidates actually get its benefits. To maintain the benefits one gets from these grants, it is important to secure a good GPA in the academic year which makes students smarter. International candidates can apply for aids provided by the New Zealand government as well as for the scholarships provided by the universities for a specific program. Enlisted below is a mix of both: 

  • International Development (MIntDev) at Massey University
  • UC International First-Year Scholarships 
  • Climate Change Science and Policy (MCCSP) at Victoria University Wellington
  • ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland
  • Public Health (MPH) at the University of Auckland
  • University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships
  • Victoria Masters Scholarships
  • International Rural Development (MRD) at Lincoln University
  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships 
  • Disaster Risk and Resilience (MDRR) at the University of Canterbury

How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

• Check for eligibility
It is necessary for applicants to meet the required criteria so that they are eligible for the scholarship.
• Apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously
If an individual is interested and eligible for more than one scholarship then they should look into applying simultaneously for them and complete separate applications for them.
• Start the application early
Gaining scholarship is highly competitive, one must start the application work early such that they have ample time to work on them such that they are perfect and increase the chances for the bagging scholarship.
• Assemble all the required information and documents
One should definitely assemble the information on future plans, aims and recommendation letters among other documents needed such that they have everything in hand as and when required.
• Proofread the application
Do consult a person or an organization that will help you to give your best ahead. At leverage Edu, we will help you such that it increases your chances of bagging scholarship several folds.

Top Universities

Study in New Zealand

University of Auckland

Established in 1883, university constitutes eight faculties and is spread over six campuses. The University of Auckland is ranked 81st among the top 100 universities of the world. It is New Zealand’s largest university, located in the country’s largest city Auckland. They offer the opportunity to gain an internationally recognized qualification through leading research-led university. It is the highest-ranked New Zealand University for graduate employment. In addition to over 30 undergraduate programs to choose from, there are postgraduate programs across 180 subjects, including PhD’s in over 100 different subjects. There are several traditional disciplines to emerging cross-disciplinary subjects. Some of the fields broadly are- Arts, Business, Engineering, Law, Science, Medical and Health Sciences, Creative Arts and Industries and there is a special focus on research and innovation at the University.

University of Otago

The University of Otago, founded in 1869, is New Zealand’s oldest higher education institution, it is located in Dunedin, Otago. It was second in New Zealand only to the University of Auckland in the number of A-rated academic researchers. It is ranked 175 in the 2018/19 QS world university rankings. Also in the top 100 in 12 subject areas. Otago offers more than 195 undergraduate and postgraduate programs across four fields of Health Sciences, Sciences, Humanities and Business. They also offer Summer School, International School, and Distance Learning programs. The two core elements that set the University of Otago apart from others after 150 years of existence are its world-class teaching and legendary student life.

University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury (Maori: Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha) founded in 1873 is the second oldest university in New Zealand. It offers courses in Sports Coaching, Speech and Language Pathology, Science, Arts, Commerce, Physical Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Forestry, Health Sciences, Law, Music, and Social Work. It is ranked in the top 1% of world universities. 15 of its subject are ranked in world’s top 200. UC’s academic staff is enhanced by a number of outstanding international professors from Oxford, Cambridge among other top universities. University of Canterbury’s Erskine Program attracts international academic visitors each year across distinguished fields. Previous Erskine Fellows include two Nobel Prize winner: Professor Bob Grubbs and Professor Clive Granger.

Study in New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington

Established in 1897 by an act of parliament, Victoria University of Wellington is located in Wellington, New Zealand. University offers a broad range of courses but is well known for its program in humanities, scientific discipline, and law. University has been ranked 221st in world’s top 500 universities by the QS World University Rankings. University is also ranked first for its research quality. It offers over 220 postgraduate and 100 graduate programs. University offers the opportunity to its student to benefit from connections to industries, government and research organization located strategically in the capital.

University of Waikato

Established in 1964, the University of Waikato (popularly known as Wintec) is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. It is an institution offering degree programs drafted accordingly so as to produce on-job ready graduates. It is an internationally recognized tertiary institute offering around 131 programs across several fields of Economics, Sociology, Geography, Accounting, and Finance, Business and Management Studies, Hospitality, Communication, and Media studies. Believing in the fact that the theory learned in classrooms should be put into practice in the real industry environment, the university provides more than 2000 industry placement and internship opportunities each year.

Study in New Zealand

How to apply to Universities to Study in New Zealand

With programmes being taught in English only in New Zealand, the Indian students can choose from amongst various courses being taught by renowned universities to study in New Zealand. All universities require students to apply directly to the university through an online application. General steps one needs to follow are-
• Choosing the institution and programme
• Enquiring for fees and entry procedure, one would need to submit evidence for meeting English language requirements.
• Gathering the documents needed.
• Submission of an application fee.
At last, one needs to wait for results to be declared.

Here are a few general documents that students need to submit while applying at the universities to study in New Zealand:
• Properly filled application form
• Letter of Recommendation(s)
• Proof of proficiency in the English language
• Transcripts/Academic record
• Personal Statement/ Statement of Purpose
• Copy of your and your parent’s passport

Study in New Zealand


Q1: How much will it cost to study in New Zealand?

On average, an Indian student can spend about 22000-32000 USD on a bachelor’s degree and 26000 to 37000 USD on a master’s degree. The amount is likely to get higher for professional and STEm courses. 

Q2: Is New Zealand a good place to study?

Yes, New Zealand is an excellent study destination for Indian students, mainly because it is cost-friendly compared to other anglophone countries. It is also one of the safest and peaceful destinations to study abroad. 

Q4: What are the VISA requirements to study in New Zealand?

Documents required to study in New Zealand include all educational certificates including 10th, 12th, Bachelor Degree and Other certificates if any. Applicants also need a valid IELTS score of 5.5 and a PTE ranging between 43 to 50. 

Q5: Which is the best course to study in New Zealand?

Although universities in New Zealand offer excellent study plans to candidates as per their interest, there are some programs that have gathered more attention to studnets in comparison to others. Top 5 among them includes – Business, Engineering, Information technology, Hospitality Management and Tourism. 

As a study destination, New Zealand has started gaining popularity only recently. With limited information and help available, applying to universities can be tricky and it is advisable to seek professional guidance and services for the same. You can give a call at Leverage Edu  (+91-8826200293) today and book a free consultancy session to map your journey to the university of your choice.

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