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Go8 Universities

The alliance of eight leading universities of Australia is formally called ‘The Group of Eight”. The Vice Chancellors and Presidents of long-established prestigious Australian universities took this initiative in the late ’90s to bring these esteemed schools/universities together for better networking among the top universities of Australia. The primary aim of this coalition was the coordination among all universities for gaining better results in research and professional education. In 1999, they announced their collaborations and the Group of Eight Universities emerged as a formal group. Additionally, all eight universities are located at the six largest Australian cities. To express mutual recognition of high standard learning and research, and at the same time to improve the knowledge and value addition of prior education for students, the Go8 Universities members have formally agreed to facilitate the transfer of credits earned at their respective universities. It intends to provide the best possible opportunities to the students, irrespective of their background, to outshine in their respective fields with the help of world-class higher education.

Go8 Universities are among the most prestigious and top-ranked universities in the world:

1. One of the Go8 universities, Australian National University was established in 1946 and is situated in Canberra. ANU’s popularity accounts for its strengths in courses related to politics, linguistics, geography, earth and marine sciences, environmental sciences, philosophy, and modern languages.

2. Monash University was established in 1958 and is situated in Melbourne. It is renowned internationally for its programs in engineering, technology, clinical and pre-clinical, arts and humanities.

3. The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 and is situated in Adelaide. The University of Adelaide is well known for its programs in health sciences, physical sciences, environmental sciences, wine and food, biological sciences, social sciences, information technology, and telecommunications.

4. One of the Go8 universities, The University of Melbourne was established in 1853 and is situated in Melbourne, Victoria. Business law, law, and medicine at Melbourne University are among the best programs in the world.

5. The University of New South Wales was established in 1949 and is situated in Sydney. Accounting and Finance, Law and Engineering Technology are among its best programs. It has won the highest funding for its intensive research work from the Australian Research Council.

6. The University of Queensland (UQ) was established in 1909 and is situated in Brisbane. This is among the oldest and most selective universities in Australia. UQ is internationally recognized for science, medical and technology courses.

7. One of the Go8 universities, The University of Sydney was established in 1850 and is situated in Sydney. The University of Sydney features outstanding programs in life sciences, medicine, arts and humanities, social science and management.

8. The University of Western Australia was established in 1911 and is situated in Perth. The university is well regarded for its courses in clinical medicine and pharmacy and life and agricultural sciences.

The members of this group are highly dedicated to research-based learning, which accounts for almost two third of all the research activities and training at Australian Universities. Alumni of Go8 Universities are active members of the group and are placed at various industries in Australia and other countries. Every year the Go8 Universities spend approximately $6 Billion on research and almost one-third of that amount is spent on Medical and Health Services Research. They have alliances with universities and organizations in Brazil, France, China, and Germany. They educate over 3, 60,000 students every year which include approximately 1, 00,000 international students from 200 countries. Go8 Universities account for more than 50% of Australia’s Science Graduates, Engineering Graduates, Dentists, Vets, and Doctors. Students consider Go8 Universities as a launch pad to a brighter future.

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