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courses after bcom abroad

In current times, numerous students with Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degrees opt to study abroad to expand their horizons. This is on account of the fact that international universities offer state-of-the-art education and infinite prospects to international students. A wide range of illustrious academic courses after BCom abroad are MCom, MFin, MBA, MSBA, and MA in Economics. BCom degree holders can also opt for professional courses and job-oriented programs that enable them to gain employment in various fields. Keep reading the blog to learn about abroad studies after BCom abroad. 


List of Courses After BCom Abroad

Read about the most sought-after courses after a Bachelor of Commerce abroad and widen your growth opportunities.

Master of Commerce

Students opting for MCom from abroad can use their skills to gain employment as Accountants, Corporate Analysts, Marketing Managers, Investment Bankers, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Sales Managers, and Chartered Accountants. Students can pursue this 2-year/24-month program overseas after completing a three-year BCom from any recognized university. This is one of the go-to courses after BCom in Abroad and is the study of the following subjects:

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Masters in Finance

Students opting for MFin can specialise in Asset Management, Financial Markets, International Finance, Financial Engineering, and Financial Management. This 1 to 2-year course empowers students to excel as Stockbrokers, Financial Analysts, Corporate Investment Bankers, Investment Consultants, Personal Financial Advisors, Actuaries, and Financial Services Sales Agents. To land jobs as any of these professionals, students need to master the following subjects of MFin:

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Masters in Business Analytics

In recent years, Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA/MBAn) has become one of the most popular courses after BCom in Abroad. With the surging digitization of the business world, the requirement for Risk Analysts, Data Analysts, Quantitative Analysts, and Business Analysts has increased considerably. To land jobs as any of these professionals, overseas BCom degree holders can enroll in MSBA abroad, which is the study of the below-mentioned domains:

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Masters in Economics

A Master’s in Economics from abroad is an ideal choice for BCom graduates. Students of this course acquire professional skills to understand and resolve the economic challenges of the contemporary world. After completing this course, graduates will be able to land jobs as Market Analysts, Financial Analysts, Budget Analysts, and Operations Analysts. Students learn about the below-listed domains of study to excel in the financial and banking sectors:

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Master of Business Administration

An MBA degree opens infinite possibilities for BCom graduates. Being one of the top courses after BCom abroad, this course is available at eminent universities in Australia, the United States of America (USA), Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and Ireland. International students can opt for Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, Dual MBA, and Executive MBA from the top universities of the world. Here are the most lucrative MBA specialisations available in abroad universities:

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Universities Offering Courses After BCom Abroad

The universities listed below offer different courses after BCom abroad for overseas students:

UniversitiesQS World University Rankings 2023
La Trobe University, Australia242
Central Queensland University, Australia590
University of Sydney, Australia19
Kaplan Business School, AustraliaNA
University of Adelaide, Australia89
University College Cork, Ireland292
Clark University, USA801 – 850
Purdue University, USA99
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand407
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong65
University of Gloucestershire, UK161
University of Birmingham, UK84
London School of Economics and Political Science, UK45
University of Oxford, UK3
Yale University, USA16
New York University, USA38
Johns Hopkins University, USA28
Harvard University, USA4
Stanford University, USA5
University of Toronto, Canada21
University of British Columbia, Canada34
University of Montreal, Canada141
York University, Canada353
RWTH Aachen University, Germany106
Ludwig Maximilian, Germany54
Technical University of Berlin, Germany154
University of Munich, Germany37
Heidelberg University, Germany87

Professional Courses After BCom Abroad

Here are some of the professional courses abroad ideal for BCom graduates:

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Other Courses After BCom Abroad

Some of the job-oriented courses after BCom abroad are as follows:


Q1. What is the best course after BCom abroad?

Ans. Some of the top courses after a Bachelor of Commerce abroad are MBA, MA in Economics, MFin, Master in Business Analyst, and MCom.

Q2. Is Indian BCom valid in Canada?

Ans. Yes. This three-year degree from India is recognised in the universities of Canada. After acquiring BCom degrees from certified universities in India, graduates can seek admission to Commerce courses at McGill University, University of Toronto, Toronto School of Management, and Queen’s University. 

Q3. Which Commerce course is best for abroad jobs?

Ans. Master’s degrees in Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Management Sciences, and Business Administration are the most viable options for commerce students abroad. 

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