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Organisational Behaviour

In this era where everybody competes against each other to thrive in a particular position, an organization needs some strong and motivated leaders who can survive this ever-increasing competition and take the business to newer heights. However, in a business where thousands of employees work, there comes a time when they engage in certain disputes or some problem on both the professional and personal front. This is where the role of Organisational Behaviour comes into the picture. Professionals of this field, strive to resolve all the issues or conflicts that employees in the organisation face, understand the human side of the business and teach them about behavioural skills. In this blog, let us discuss everything you need to know about a career in organisational behaviour and its career outlook.


Organisational Behaviour refers to the behaviour or performance demonstrated by an individual in an organization, just like the field of Industrial Psychology. Being an amalgamation of the fields of Psychology, Business, Sociology and Economics, this is such a field that not only helps in uplifting the productivity of the organization, but also improve the overall efficiency of the individual at a personal level. In other words, Organisational Behaviour is the study of an individual or a group of individuals which examines the human behaviour in a work environment only to determine their performance, job structure and motivational needs.  

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Courses in Organisational Behaviour

To focus on the understanding of the dynamics that persist inside an organization, many students prefer to study courses in Organisational Behaviour. The courses in this field are made up of the amalgamation of aspects in Business Studies and Human Psychology, that can enable the professionals to maintain coordination within the organization and the workers. Given below are some of the most popular and sought-after courses in organisational Behaviour that most of the international candidates prefer pursuing.

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
BSc Organizational Leadership
BA Psychology and Management
BS Organizational Sciences: Non-profit and Community Organizations
BA Business Management with Organisational Behaviour
Graduate Certificate Organization Design and Development
PhD in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource
MA Psychology in Organisational Behaviour and Evaluation
MA in Organization, Information and Learning Sciences
Masters in Human Resource Management

Enlisted below are some fields under the domain of Organisational behaviour that the students might want to consider.

  • Business Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Behaviour Analysis and Therapy
  • Personnel Development
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Organisational and Business Psychology
  • Behavioural and Economic Science
  • Organisational Communication

Career Prospects after Organisational Behaviour

The corporate world is on the constant rise as more and more businesses are setting up every now and then. A degree in Organisational Behaviour helps the candidates gain all the valuable knowledge related to management and human behaviour at the same time. Given below are the career prospects one can opt for after graduating with a degree in Organisational Behaviour.

  • Human Resource Manager: HR Managers is the first and foremost position when someone thinks of a prospective career in Organisational Behaviour. They are the ones who are responsible for screening, reviewing, recruiting and manage the affairs of the employees in an organization. 
  • Organisational Development Consultant:  Another tremendously popular job profile in Organisational Behaviour is Organisational Development Consultant. These personal ensure systematic operations and efficiency of the organisation. They analyse business procedures and processes to make recommendations on the policy structure of the business.
  • Employee Relations Manager: Employee Relations Managers are often confused with HR Managers, however, that is not at all the case. They solely focus on solving any such disputes between either individual employees or between two departments/teams. They aim to motivate the employees, investigate the cause of dispute, initiate employee benefit programs and maintain records related to HR relations.
  • Training and Development Specialist: These professionals identify certain aspects and then plan and implement various initiatives to uplift the productivity of the employees and keep them more informed and trained. Training and Development Managers keep the organization on the competitive spirit and strive to make its mark in the industry.

Below are some other popular job profiles related to the field of Organisational Behaviour.

  • Human Resource Analyst
  • Technology Consultant
  • Negotiator
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Recruitment Officer
  • Human Resource Business Partner
  • Management Analysts

Top Universities Offering Courses in Organisational Behaviour

Courses in Organisational Behaviour are offered across the globe by leading universities to equip candidates with adequate skills. Keeping that in mind, Leverage Edu has curated an exclusive list of best universities for you:

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This was all about a career in Organisational Behaviour. If you are looking forward to pursuing this field and study abroad, then just reach out to us at Leverage Edu. Our expert mentors are here to ease out your admission process and help you land in your dream university. Also, book your 30 minutes of free career counselling session and get the answers to all your questions.

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