Best Countries for MBA

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Best Countries for MBA

The value of a degree like an MBA has increased exponentially with the growing network of multinational corporations. MBA has gained a lot of prestige and importance through the years and in today’s world it’s not just about getting a degree, you need to make sure that the degree is awarded from a well-reputed institute to create a bright future for yourself. In order to create an international career, you need a degree that reflects your ambition and what goals you have set for yourself. This blog will explore the best countries for MBA, focusing on various aspects of this degree and how these countries excel in this field. 

What are the Best Countries for MBA?


Canada is one of the most sought after countries when it comes to MBA because of its top-ranked universities and its cost-effective education. Canada has a growing economy and flexible visa policies which will help you get a job right after you finish your degree. Here are the top colleges for MBA in Canada:

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With a prestigious pedagogy and home to the best business schools in the world, the US is still one of the top countries when comes to a field like MBA. The US has a strong economy and still offers the most number of jobs when it comes to the management sector. You need to have a bachelor’s degree and need to clear the GMAT/GRE in order to get an admission in a college in the US.  Here are the top colleges for MBA in the US:


Australia is one of the budding countries with a growing economy and flexible visa policy, one can work right after finishing their degree which gives them an opportunity to build an international career. The curriculum here is industry oriented, hence making a degree like MBA even more prestigious. Here are the top colleges for MBA in Australia:

United Kingdom 

One of the most prestigious countries when it comes to curriculum, the top institutions of UK are still among the most popular options among students from across the globe. All the MBA programs in the UK come with internship and work experience, increasing the value of the degree.  Here are the top colleges for MBA in UK :


One of the best countries for MBA in Asia, Singapore has an economy dominated by the global market, hence giving the country an upper hand in growing their economy in the Asia Pacific. Singapore is one of the best options for Indian students. The flexible visa policies and work permit will also allow you to gain experience while getting a degree. Here are some top colleges for MBA in Singapore:


If you are planning to land a well-paying job, Switzerland is one of the best countries to pursue an MBA. It is the seventh richest country in the world and home to many multinational corporations and industries. Here are the top colleges for pursuing an MBA in Switzerland:

  • University of St. Gallen
  • Business School Lausanne
  • University of Geneva

 New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the budding countries in the world in terms of quality education. With its amicable environment and a globally updated curriculum, New Zealand attracts a large number of international students every year for its MBA programs. Offering theoretical knowledge embedded in an industry-oriented curriculum is the core aim of every MBA course offered by the universities in New Zealand. Here are the top colleges for MBA  in New Zealand

  • Otago Business School
  • Auckland Institute of Technology
  • University of Canterbury

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