Management Information System

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Management Information System

It is because of the Information Technology that we are able to witness a desirous change in the system, be it political, social or educational system. The efficient and promising delivery of information through technological improvements have smoothened the world flow in all the sectors across the globe. In this blog, we will be learning about how a management information system, which comprises hardware and software, works as a backbone for any organization’s functioning. 

What is Management Information System? 

An organizational system and structure cannot depend on human capability all the time. It needs instant results which are beyond human tendencies. Nevertheless, with the growing competition, organizations need efficient workforce management systems that can show desired outputs. In order to supplement the human resources, information systems have played a decisive role. But what exactly is the meaning of the management information system? it is the combination of hardware and software infrastructure and trained personnel in order to facilitate planning, control, coordination as well as in decision making in any organisation. The primary idea is to collect, store as well as process information, knowledge and digital products without any hurdles. 

Components and Types of Information System

Let’s get to understand what are the various types of information systems which can be used for daily management. 

  • Computer Hardware
  • Accounting, Finance, and Inventory Control
  • Computer-based software
  • Telecommunications
  • Office Automation
  • Database and Warehouses
  • Research and Development
  • Human Resouces and Procedures

Types Include

  • Operations
  • Knowledge Work
  • Management 

Role of Management Information System 

Let’s get to know what role management information systems play in order to keep our lives updated and help organizations work effectively. 

  • Helps in improving data accuracy and security, disseminating information, enhancing data processing, and reduce duplication of data. 
  • MIS effectively ensures that accurate data is gathered from various sources for the processing which then is being sent to different departments and individuals.
  • Apart from record-keeping, it also helps in communicating information effectively within the company and outside too. 
  • It helps in goal setting, as well as in proper planning and strategy making when it comes to implementing or executing new ideas. 
  • It plays a desirable role in information management as well as identifying a problem for effective decision making. 

Top Courses 

Information Technology, undoubtedly, has changed the way businesses are working now. There are a plethora of opportunities to explore if get to read popular courses in a comprehensive manner. Glance through the popular Management Information System courses, mentioned in the tabular form below. 

Bachelor Level Programs 

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Information ManagementBachelor of Science in Economics – MISBachelor of Business Administration- Computer Information Systems
Bachelor in Business Administration – Information Systems (Honours) Co-OpBachelor of Business Administration in Business- MISBachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and International Business (Co Major)
Bachelor of Science in Applied Information Management SystemsBachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Information ManagementBachelor of Arts in Business Administration – MIS

Masters Level Degree Courses 

Master of Science in Information Systems – Business IntelligenceMaster of Science in Information Systems – Digital Health InnovationMaster of Business Administration – Information and Technology Management
Master of Science in MISMaster of Business Administration- Information Systems ManagementMaster of Business Administration in Management – MIS
Master of Science in Business Analytics and Information Systems (Without Concentration)Master of Science in Business Analytics and Information Systems
Professional Master of Arts in East Asian Studies – MIS

Doctoral Programs 

PhD in Business Administration – Management Science and Information SystemDoctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems and Operations Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Operations ManagementDoctor of Philosophy in Operations and Information ManagementDoctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – Management Science and Information System

Glance through the comprehensive list of prestigious universities with state of the art educational infrastructure that is offering quality education through a wide range of Management Information System courses:

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Top Recruiters 

Here is the list of top recruiters who can take your career into new heights and let you work on lucrative profiles.

  • Soshace
  • Reflik
  • Maventri
  • Cyfuture Bpo
  • Capital Recruiters
  • ITexpert
  • Pinnacle
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart

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