What is Portfolio Management?

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What is Portfolio Management_

Portfolio management is the process of choosing and managing a collection of investments to suit the long-term financial goals and risk tolerance of a client, a business, or an organisation. A research team helps trained portfolio managers and stock market experts at Portfolio Management Service (PMS), a professional financial service, manage your equity portfolio. It might be difficult to manage the equity portfolios that many investors have in their demat accounts.

Why Pursue Portfolio Management?

These are some benefits of pursuing a Portfolio management course:

  • Improved project selection process
  • Better view of the big picture
  • Focus on objective business goals
  • Collaboration over competition
  • More efficient use of resources
  • More accurate project performance data
  • Increased timely project deliveries
  • Decreased organizational risk

Who Is a Portfolio Manager?

A portfolio manager is a person or group of persons who are in charge of managing day-to-day trading, implementing the investment plan, and investing the assets of mutual, exchange-traded, or closed-end funds. One of the most crucial people to speak with when wanting to invest in funds is a portfolio manager.

Qualities Of Portfolio Manager 

These are the main qualities of a Portfolio manager 

  • Effective Diversification
  • Active Management 
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Public Thinking 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Analytical skills

Colleges Offering Portfolio Management Courses

Undergraduate Courses

  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi

Postgraduate Courses

  • Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
  • Planman Centre for Higher Education, Delhi NCR
  • St. Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad
  • Anupama College of Management Studies and Science, Bangalore

Top Listed College of Portfolio Management 

College  Location  Average Fee
IIM Indore  INR 3,00,000
MICA  Ahemadabad INR 21,00,000
Bharathair University  Coimbatore  INR 26,600
IIM  Kozekode  INR 20,70,000
IIM  Bangalore  INR 95,625
ISB  Hyderabad  INR 39,63,000

Role and Responsibilities Of Portfolio Manager 

The majority of a portfolio manager’s day is spent examining market trends and current events. Regular meetings between portfolio managers and analysts are held to go over market development outcomes and current affairs.

  • Consult with clients to establish investing goals.
  • Provide advice and help regarding investment options to customers
  • Make investment performance and activity reports.
  • Inform clients about their accounts, the market, and broader economic developments.
  • To maximise investment returns, manage your equity and bond portfolios.
  • correspondingly allowed risk levels based on the client’s instructions

Types Of Portfolio Manager

  • Stock  Portfolio manager

These managers assist clients in allocating funds among a variety of varied securities and are professionals in the stock market. The decision is made depending on the client’s tolerance for risk.

  • Growth Portfolio manager

These professionals actively invest money in assets with high growth rates. However, they work for clients who are more willing to take on risks and seek to make a quick profit.

  • Income Portfolio manager

Many consumers want to be safe and, over time, generate a consistent income from their assets. These customers use an income portfolio manager’s services.

Skills Required For Portfolio Manager 

  • Strong understanding of investment techniques and risk management Proven work experience as a portfolio manager or in a position equivalent to it
  • powerful analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Preferably, you have a master’s degree in business, finance, investments, or a similar sector.

Scope of Portfolio Management Courses

  • It is a multifaceted industry with several components, including the hiring of professional fund managers, research, trading, settlement, marketing, internal auditing, and the creation of custom reports.
  • The most demanding and difficult financial fund managers are the biggest.


  • The starting salary of a portfolio Manger is can range from 3lpa -6lpa, depending upon their academic background, a recruiting company, etc.
  • The highest salary offered to a Portfolio Manager is INR 31,71,000 per annum in India.
Jobs Profile  Company  Average Salary 
Portfolio Manager Square Yards INR 5,50,000
Portfolio Manager Investors Clinic INR 4,47,228
Portfolio Manager HDFC Bank INR 8,05,000
Portfolio Manager Axis Bank INR 8,05,000
Portfolio Manager JP Morgan  INR 8,50,000

Top Recruiters

Some of the top companies that recruit Portfolio Managers have been listed below:

  • HDFC Mutual Fund
  • Reliance Mutual Fund
  • Franklin Templeton
  • State Bank of India
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan


Q1. What makes a good Portfolio Manager?

Ans. Analysis abilities are necessary for a qualified portfolio manager to examine intricate economic information. In order to communicate complex information to their clients, they also need great communication skills.

Q2. How do I start Portfolio Management Courses?

Ans. Another good way to approach Portfolio Management Courses is to take a look at some online courses. Many websites offer online courses free of cost and it is very helpful for beginners.

Q3. Which course is best for portfolio management?

Ans. In summary, here are the 10 most popular portfolio management courses
Investment and Portfolio Management: Rice University.
Introduction to Portfolio Construction and Analysis with Python: EDHEC Business School.
Investment Management: University of Geneva.
Financial Management: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Portfolio Management has a wide scope and provides you with several favourable circumstances. If you’re planning to pursue courses in portfolio management, our experts at Leverage edu can help you explore the various programs in portfolio Management offered around the world and assist you to find a suitable one as per your interests. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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