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Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, United States

Private -1876


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Public Health, Mathematics and Statistics, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Arts and Humanities

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Johns Hopkins University was America’s first research institution that revolutionized the landscape of higher education in the US when it was founded in 1876 with the intention of combining research and education. In the inaugural address of the University, the first president Daniel Coit Gilman said that the University was founded with the sole purpose of producing “scholars, strong, bright, useful and true.” The institution's founding philosophy was that knowledge can be enhanced via continual research and innovation, and it has led the university to become the top 5 worldwide for Sciences and top 10 globally for practically all of the programs that it offers. Johns Hopkins University has also been a leader in disseminating data-based ongoing research and studies across the world. It is affiliated with the Association of American Universities (AAU), Universities Research Association (URA), National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), Consortium of Financing Higher Education (COFHE), Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) and the Space-grant colleges in the US. The University ranks #25 in the QS World University Rankings, #13 in Times Higher Education WUR and #9 in US News and World Report Best Global Universities for the year 2022. 

Infrastructure, Campuses, and Courses

Johns Hopkins University is based in Baltimore with 10 divisions situated across 10 campuses in 3 continents. In addition to the 4 Baltimore campuses, the University has campuses in Washington DC, Montgomery County, and Maryland, as well as international campuses in China and Italy. The Homewood campus is a historic site with red-brick buildings and tree-lined pathways in addition to an iconic clock tower and expansive green quads. There is also a popular spot called “The Beach” on the campus, where students can spread out a blanket to hang out with friends, read or relax. Johns Hopkins has 9 Academic departments that deliver 400+ courses at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Students can choose from 260+ majors in Science, Engineering, Business, Arts, Music, Philosophy, Education, and Health Studies. The University provides a number of certificate programs and diploma courses in a variety of fields in addition to full-time degrees.

Accomplishments and Alumni

Johns Hopkins University is a forerunner in innovation, discovery and impactful research. It was at Johns Hopkins that the field of Genetic Engineering was introduced and the process of Water Purification too, was innovated here. The university is #1 in countless discoveries and presenting theories on a global stage, while also encouraging students and faculty members to innovate through the establishment of innovation hubs, the development and implementation of incubation and accelerator programs, and the establishment of entrepreneurial boot camps. New cancer therapies, mobile health platforms, and the development of a gadget to diagnose and prevent diabetes are among the most recent research subjects. It has also created programs such as Technology Ventures, Fast Forward, Social Innovation Labs, and Technology Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Hundreds of CEOs, Founders, Visionaries, Biologists, Ecologists, Scientists, Novelists, Conservationists, Movie Directors/Producers, and scores of Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and Pulitzer prize winners have studied at Johns Hopkins University. In fact, one of the previous US Presidents, Mr. Woodrow Wilson, was a graduate of this institution. 29 Nobel Prize winners are attributed to the University, including faculty members. Other notable alumni of JHU include the likes of Mike Bloomberg (American Businessman and Former Mayor of NYC), John Dewey (American Philosopher and Psychologist), John Archibald Wheeler (American Theoretical Physicist) and Rachel Carson (American Marine Biologist) among others. 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

Johns Hopkins is a global University that welcomes intelligent students from worldwide who represent 61 countries on the campus. Age, gender, impairments, regional origin, sexual orientation, and marital status are not barriers to admission to this distinguished university since JHU encourages diverse perspectives and an inclusive atmosphere. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion on the JHU campus annually organizes cultural events to foster a sense of belonging on the campus. Further, as a student at Johns Hopkins, you will be part of enduring traditions within the campus community. There are 400+ student-run clubs and organizations, where you can engage yourself in sports, kayaking and music, build robots or discuss international relations and so much more. BCG, KPMG, Pfizer, Deloitte, and others are among the major employers that recruit students from the institution. 

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