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Google Digital Marketing Course

Digitalization has changed the face of businesses throughout the world. Not only is it bringing tremendous growth to the Education sector, but it has also spread its wings across Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Defense, Aerospace industry, etc. Furthermore, a paradigm shift has also been observed in the evergreen marketing industry. And with this, Digital Marketing has now emerged as one of the most advanced fields to pursue a career in. Thus, if you wish to carve your career in digital marketing, it is necessary to be well-versed with intricacies of the domain. Once you obtain quality education in this field, you can take the leap towards your career aspirations! Apart from the traditional classroom degree and diploma programs, there are scores of online courses available to study. Out of which, Google Digital Marketing courses have become a popular choice amongst learners. To gain an insight, here is a blog that will highlight the key details related to a list of such courses!

Top 10 Google DIgital Marketing Courses

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing – Google Digital Unlocked Course.
  2. AdWords Fundamentals Course
  3. Search Advertising Course
  4. Display Advertising Course
  5. Mobile Advertising Course
  6. Video Advertising Course
  7. Shopping Advertising Course
  8. Analytics Course
  9. Google My Business Course 
  10. Best Tools And Practices by Google

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

If you are looking for one of the best Google Digital Marketing courses with certification, then, this short course will solve your purpose to the best! Through interactive online sessions, you can ace the basics of the field. There will 26 modules in the course designed by the experts of this domain. The total duration of this beginner level program would be 40 hours. 

Get a Business Online 

This course will help you gain the knowledge required to kick start a business online as well as how to successfully run it. Being one of the free Google Digital Marketing courses, this program will help you get well versed with the use of eCommerce Marketing, how to keep keep your business safe from hackers and techniques to create a sound impression on the local market. The total duration of the course is 3 hours. 

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Prepare for the G Suite Certification Exam 

During the journey of the G Suite Certification course, you will understand how to use cloud-based tools through online training. This will help you create and share spreadsheets, documents, files and presentations with ease. If you want to stay abreast of the modernized work environment, out of all Google Digital Marketing courses, this one will cater to your niche the best. It includes a total of 11 modules which will be completed in 9.5 hours duration.

Promote a Business with Online Advertising 

We have observed that the businesses have flourished through online sources more in comparison to the traditional trading methods. If you also want to accelerate your business online, then, out of all the Google Digital Marketing courses, this program on the online advertisement will be the best choice for you. In this, through 5 modules, you will learn about how to create trending advertising strategies, how to carry out email marketing, marketing strategies, along with which, foundational knowledge of video and display ads will also be developed. This, in turn, will help you reach the right customers!

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How to Enhance and Protect your Online Campaign 

Through this free online course, students will various tips and strategies to carry out a productive online campaign. How to keep the vital information safe as well as how to maintain a worthy online presence of the company using various tools and methodologies will also be taught during the journey of the program Through the 12 modules of the course, you will develop an eye to identify the target audience and find ways to reach out to them using various online platforms.

Understand Customers Needs and Online Behaviours

Understand Customer Needs and Online Behaviours is one of the most opted Google Digital Marketing courses. Through this, you can get a hold of data analytics skills that are required to understand the needs and requirements of online customers. This program will help you gain insights regarding web analytics skills, measuring SEM, understanding the audience cycle and how to diversify the business using digital marketing. In this short course of 1 hour, you will be familiarised with various facets of analytics through 3 modules.

Apart from these courses, here are some more Digital Marketing courses offered by Google:

  • Promote a Business with Content 
  • Connect with Customers Over Mobile 
  • Make your Customers Find you Online 

Thus, we hope that this blog on Google Digital Marketing courses has provided you with ample knowledge related to some trending online courses. If you want to carve your career in the emerging field of Digital Marketing but are unsure about which course to pursue then, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who will help you choose the best course as well as a university to kickstart your career in this domain! 

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