MBA in International Business Management: Scope, Salary, Syllabus, Colleges

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MBA in International Business Management

Organizations have been growing their operations in overseas marketplaces for many years. With the world shrinking and new firms springing up in every corner of the globe, the demand for students knowledgeable in International Business Management has never been greater. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of undergraduates are interested in pursuing an MBA in International Business. The programme, which is multidisciplinary in nature, provides education in business fundamentals as well as intercultural viewpoints. This assists students in developing the abilities required to pursue a profession in the global marketplace. Without further ado, let’s look at what an MBA in International Business Management can do for you and which universities have the top programmes.

CourseMBA in International Business Management
Duration of the CourseBetween 1 and 2 years (based on top 3 universities)
Entrance ExamsGMAT, IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL 
Tuition FeesBetween INR 14.07 Lakh and INR 23.12 Lakh (based on top 3 universities)
Jobs Real Estate Development Manager, Supply Chain Management Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), etc.
Between INR 14.07 Lakh and INR 23.12 Lakh (based on the top 3 universities)INR 10 – 20 LPA

MBA in International Business Management: Course Overview

We all know that MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. When you specialise in International Business, you prepare yourself to deal with global business models and organisational systems. It is a higher education programme designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of international trade, global supply chains, and the skills necessary to prosper in a multinational setting.

Most universities provide a two-year degree that focuses on global business difficulties, international markets, global economics, international connections, and trade agreements, as well as the leadership and communication skills required to prosper in the global business environment.

The course is available in two forms: as a specialist degree leading to an MBA in International Business Management or as an elective in a more regular MBA programme.

Why Study MBA in IB?

Some of the reasons why an individual should pursue an MBA in International Business Management are as follows:

  • Those with a minimum of 2-5 years of professional experience may pursue an MBA in International Business Management programme. It is suitable for students who want to advance their careers in International Business and those who want to establish themselves as business experts in a global setting.
  • People should pursue the MBA International Business programme when they are prepared to play a valuable role for enterprises involved in overseas trade, including physical commodities and services, as well as inbound and outbound flows of foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • An MBA International Business course broadens one’s cultural understanding.
  • People who want to broaden their horizons and develop their emotional intelligence and cultural understanding should pursue an MBA in International Business. International sales tactics, for example, frequently explore how different portions of the world react to things like tipping, bulk purchases, and so on.
  • Those who want to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams should pursue an MBA in International Business because it deals with the operations of global corporations, as well as their strategy, management relationships, and governance.
  • Professionals who earn an MBA in International Business Management can expect to earn higher pay. An international marketing manager can expect to earn roughly USD 95k per year, while an international finance manager can expect to earn around USD 97k.

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Types of MBA in International Business Management Courses

There are various types and forms of MBA International Business courses accessible, each tailored to a certain group of students or working professionals. The following are the numerous types of MBA International Business courses:

Required Skillset

Aside from Business Knowledge, Strategic Thinking, and Planning Skills, individuals interested in pursuing an MBA in International Business Management must have the following vital skills:

Top Universities

The following are the top Colleges Abroad along with their QS University Rankings 2023 for an MBA in International Business Management:

University QS World Rankings 2023
Harvard Business School2
London Business School5
Stanford Graduate School of Business1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology6
Bocconi University 
University of Pennsylvania3
University of Cambridge 12
The University of Oxford 16
HEC Paris School of Management 4

MBA Subjects

1st Year2nd Year
Economics & Management DecisionsDomain Specific Courses
Quantitative TechniquesSummer Internships
Financial AccountingDomain Tailored Courses
Marketing ManagementIndustry Visits
Human Resource ManagementCross-Cultural Management
Financial ManagementIndian Policies & Trade Policies
IT for ManagersInternational Business Negotiation
Research MethodologyE-business & E-commerce
Application StatisticsMerges & Corporate Regulation
Dissertation 1
Dissertation 2

The MBA in International Business elective subjects are listed below for all four semesters:

Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
International Supply Chain Management
International Contract Management
Financing of International Trade
International Human Resource Management
Managing Global Compliance in Exports
International Supply Chain Management and Logistics
International Advertising and Brand Management
Foreign Language for Business

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Eligibility Criteria

Part-time or one-year MBA applicants must have more job experience than full-time MBA applicants. These are some examples of common eligibility requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree (three to four years) from a recognised university
  • A minimum score of 50% or higher is required.
  • A strong performance in MBA entrance exams such as the CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ CMAT for Indian B-schools, and the GMAT/ GRE for international applicants.
  • IELTS/TOEFL is accepted as proof of English language proficiency. A minimum IELTS score of 6 or a TOEFL iBT score of 100 is required. Several top business schools seek even better grades.
  • After completing a bachelor’s degree, you must have at least two years of full-time work experience. As previously stated, depending on the nature of the programme and the country, this need may be increased.

Documents Required

  • Evidence of funds
  • At least 2-3 LORs are required.
  • SOP 
  • Your proof of English language ability (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, or equivalent scores).
  • Academic Transcripts
  • A copy of your current passport.
  • GMAT scores are required for MBA admission; however, certain universities may request GRE results instead.
  • Your master’s degree or equivalent certification.

Admission Process

Applying for an MBA in International Business abroad, like all other MBA programmes abroad, follows the same method. Here’s a brief, step-by-step, and simple breakdown of the procedure. 

  • Choose and shortlist the top international university or college that offers an MBA in International Business certification.
  • Before applying, make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements for the university and course.
  • The next step is to collect and certify all of the documents required.
  • Fill out an online application form with your academic, personal, and professional details and attach the relevant attested papers on your preferred course page for an MBA in International Business. The next step is to double-check that all of your information is correct before sending your application to the institution or college.
  • Please pay the application cost, which is non-refundable (if applicable).
  • Await the outcome of your application. Meanwhile, you can prepare for your visa interview or learn the official language of the country where you will study.

MBA International Management: Application Deadlines

Entrance ExamRegistration DateExam Dates
ATMA1st week of June 2023July 23, 2023
CATAugust 3, 2023November 26, 2023
CMATFebruary 13, 2023To be Announced
GMATTo be AnnouncedTo be Announced
NMATSeptember 2023November 2023
SNAP2nd week of August 20232nd week of December 2023
XATTo be AnnouncedTo be Announced

Cost of Studying MBA in International Business

The annual cost of studying for an MBA in International Business is between INR 12 Lacs and INR 20 Lacs. Individual living costs vary based on the country visited. For example, in the UK, the average annual living expense is around INR 8 Lacs, whereas in the US, it is around 6 Lacs.

Scholarships for MBA in International Business

The MBA in International Business is a hands-on programme that brings together the greatest business schools from the United States and Europe. This programme is intended to assist students in gaining a global perspective and advance their professions.

Some of the scholarships available to students include

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Jobs and Salaries

Following course completion, a graduate with an MBA in International Business has numerous alternatives. One can start a career as a business professional or deepen their knowledge and expertise by pursuing a PhD or a professional degree. Furthermore, graduates can opt to work overseas or return to their own nation for employment.

Job Profile Salary in INR
Risk Management Director52.50 Lakh
Corporate Auditing Director32.15 Lakh
Real Estate Development Manager44.48 Lakh
Marketing Sales Director38.00 Lakh
Government Affairs Director39.03 Lakh
Business Development Manager5.97 Lakh
Supply Chain Management Director30.94 Lakh
Business Analytics Manager24.79 Lakh
Information Security Director25.00 Lakh
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)29.48 Lakh

Top Recruiters

MBA in International Business graduates is in high demand in the job market due to the abilities they acquire. They can work in a variety of sectors such as marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Best Employers for MBA in International Business Graduates:

Is it the Right Option for You?

Are you curious about global finance, marketing, supply networks, currencies, or international relations? If you answered yes, an MBA in International Business is the option for you.

Graduating with an MBA in International Business speciality from a foreign university is a career-changing move that can significantly boost your chances of worldwide advancement. According to Business Insider, graduates at B-schools such as Booth, Olin, Warwick, Foster, Scheller, Darden, and Wharton have job placement rates of more than 95%. MBA graduates with a few years of experience can pursue upper-level management positions with high salaries.


Q.1. What is an MBA in international business management?

Ans: MBA in international management are first and foremost traditional master’s degree in business administration. Second, international management MBA offers a cluster of thematically relevant international management courses, typically 3-5 of these courses.

Q.2. Is it worth doing MBA in international business?

Ans: The field offers the greatest income for managerial responsibilities, as well as the opportunity to work in an international corporate environment. Individuals with an MBA in International Business can work abroad, gain valuable networking experience, and earn a high salary.

Q.3. What is the difference between MBA and MBA in international business?

Ans: The usual student background is the simplest approach to describe the differences between the two programmes. Most MBA schools need at least three years of work experience, whereas Master of International Business programmes accepts applicants with no prior work experience.

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