Do’s and Don’ts of Student Visa Interview

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Moving abroad for education and confused about the procedure and important steps to take? Student Visa is one of the most important parts when you are moving abroad for your education. There are many types of visas depending on your purpose of travelling abroad. To acquire a student visa you need to clear some important steps including a student visa interview for that purpose. However, there are some do’s and don’ts of a student visa interview that you need to follow to ace your visa interview and have a hassle-free journey to study in your dream country. 


About Student Visa

Such a common and useful term, “student visa” with different uses. This is like permission for any student who wants to move to a different country for their study purposes. Each and every country has a different type of visa and applying for the same can also be different for every country.

CountryName of Student Visa
United States of AmericaF- To study at a university for different programs
J- To study as an exchange student
M- For vocational training
United Kingdom Tier 4
AustraliaSubclass 500
Canada Study Permit
New Zealand Pathway Student Visa

Do’s and Don’ts of Student Visa Interview

The interview is one of the most important steps for your Visa acceptance. However, often many of the applications get rejected in this step due to some reasons. 

Therefore, keeping in mind some things is very important to clear this interview. Here are some dos and don’ts of a student visa interview that you should definitely keep in mind.

Do’s of a Student Visa Interview

These are some definite do’s of a student visa interview: 

  • Be Prepared: Often preparation can make you get selected for whatever you want in your life. Try to be prepared for an interview with all the key points. Consult a professional or anyone who has cleared this interview in their life. They will surely provide you with some guidance on how to do the preparation and what you should refer to.
  • Keep The Documents Properly: Documents play an important part in defining your personality, therefore keep the documents neatly in a file a day or two before. This can also avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • Do not Show Them Your Nervousness: In other words, try to be confident in what you are answering. Try to avoid them to show that you’re feeling nervous. Confidence often makes someone’s personality more attractive and promising. 
  • Dress Neatly: How you are dressing often makes your personality attractive. One of the first things anyone notices about you is how you are dressing. Wear formal to give that presentable look for your interview.
  • Stay Calm: Do not try to be hyper about your interview. This is often when you can make any mistake that may harm your chances of getting a visa. 

Don’ts of a Student Visa Interview

Like, there are some do’s, there are some don’ts of a student visa interview, like:

  • Do Not Use False Documents: Never try to mislead anyone by using fraudulent documents claiming something that you have not done This can be an immediate reason why your application is rejected.
  • Avoid Being Late for Interview: Always avoid being late for the interview. Everyone hates latecomers for the interview. This can definitely create a wholly negative impact on the authorities.
  • Avoid Stammering: Always try to avoid stammering. Speak fluently whatever you want to say. 
  • Avoid Giving Long Answers: Always try to avoid giving long and comprehensive answers. Keep your answers short and crisp. Do not make them bored with whoever is taking your interview.

Avoid common mistakes for failing the visa interview

Many talented people across the world want to move to countries like the USA and the UK to learn and better themselves. However, they are often unable to clear the VISA interview process.
But did you know that most people make very common mistakes that can be easily avoided?
Let us look at these mistakes:

  • Inability to prove non-immigrant intent
  • Lack of proof or inability to show proof of funds for education and health insurance
  • Mistrust regarding the university, degree, or academic goals
  • Weak or inadequate responses during the visa interview
  • Discrepancy in documentation
  • Misrepresenting facts on the form or providing false or inaccurate information
  • Lack of appropriate information regarding the country and course of study
  • Yes, reasons to be rejected can be as simple as anxious responses. Therefore, it is very important that you prepare well for the interview.
  • If you have any questions regarding the visa procedures, feel free to contact our experts. We will be extremely delighted to help you out.

Process of Student Visa 

The process of obtaining a student visa may depend on the country. However, there is also a common process for all the different types of student visas. Before the process of application, there are some documents that you should have that are explained above.

These are some common steps:

  • Applying Procedure: Once you have collected all the documents, you have to apply for a student visa. This can be done by two methods offline and online. 
  • Submitting Biometrics: After you have applied for a student visa, you need to collect your biometric data to submit it in the final submission.
  • Collecting Financial Documents: Financial documents such as loan approval, and your bank statements, need to have all these documents
  • Paying Tuition Fees: Another important step is the payment of your tuition fees for 1 year. This is again an important step as after this, the college will send you an acceptance letter. 
  • Having Medical Exams: Being medically fit is very important for you to travel abroad. Full body check-up reports are important for you to finally receive a visa.
  • Final Submitting: After collecting all these, you need to finally submit the documents that are required. 
  • Attending Visa Interview: To get a student visa, the authorities will conduct a final student interview. Clearing this interview is important. if it’s not cleared, your application for a student visa gets rejected.

Documents Required For Student Visa 

There are many documents required before you apply for a student visa:

Common Questions In Student Visa Questions

Some of the most common student visa questions that the authorities may ask are as follows. You need to answer these questions perfectly to clear the interview. 

Q.1 What is your purpose for going abroad?

Q.2 Do you plan to stay there for a longer period of time?

Q.3 What do your parents do?

Q.4 Have you got any scholarships or studying there?

Q.5 Who is paying your fees?

Q.6 Why have you selected this particular university?

Q.7 Any purpose for going to a specific country for your education?

Q.8 Any future plans for permanent residence?

Q.9 Do any of your family members stay there?

Q.10 What is your family background?

Q.11 Are you a scholar student or just an average student?

Q.12 What did you study in your 12th/ graduation?

Q.13 Why are you planning to study further in a completely different genre?


How to apply for a student visa?

Applying for a student visa is generally very easy. There are many companies or agencies now that can help you to apply for one. Consider Leverage Edu as a part of your journey.

How to pass a student visa interview?

Passing a student visa interview is very crucial for your study abroad experience. There are several do’s and don’ts of student visa interviews like avoiding late coming, dressing properly, being confident, avoiding any frauds, etc.

What to do after my visa gets rejected?

If your visa gets rejected due to any reason, you won’t get a refund for the visa application fees. But you can surely know the reasons and apply for the visa application again. There can be chances of acceptance after that.

What is the waiting period for a Visa after my Visa interview?

The waiting period for the visa after clearing a visa interview is generally 4-5 weeks, and it depends on the country to country and authorities to authorities.

Got rejected once in the visa interview and now need some help. Or you just don’t want to take a chance to clear your visa interview? Consider us. Leverage Edu is one of the best studies abroad platforms to cater to all your visa application needs.

For more assistance, contact Leverage Edu at https://leverageedu.com/ or call us at @1800572113 for a free online consultation with our counsellor. 

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