MBA Distance Education

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MBA Distance Education

To build a successful career, every individual wants to pursue higher education. However, attending regular or on-campus classes can be difficult especially for those who are either working or are not financially stable. To overcome this hurdle, universities have started offering an array of degree courses through distance learning. Not only does this medium gives students the flexibility to study but it also provides a wide range of networking opportunities. Apart from other courses, the MBA is also offered through this medium. Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the elements pertaining to the MBA distance education program, their types, and colleges offering courses in this format. 


The MBA distance education learning program is a popular mode of obtaining a business administration degree without actually attending classes. The biggest advantage of learning through virtual classes is that the teachers and students can interact easily form any part of the world thus making studies more accessible. With the increasing popularity, MBA distance education mode is slowly evolving into the most preferred choice amongst working professionals. From part-time and satellite MBA to online and executive business administration courses, almost all of them are now being offered through the distance mode. One major difference between the MBA distance education program and a full-time course is that of the program modules. Earlier, in the recruitment process, full-time MBA graduates were given preference. But now even those who have completed their postgraduate degrees through distance education are hired by top multinational companies. 

Types Of MBA Distance Education Programs

The correspondence course is one of the oldest mediums to obtain a degree in a number of programs. But with the advancement in technology, many more mediums have been introduced to study. Given below is a comprehensive list of the different types of MBA distance education learning programs.

  • Asynchronous MBA Distance Learning: This program has strict deadlines with a usually weekly time limit. An MBA pursued through this medium allows the students to learn at their own pace as the classes are not synchronized with the on-campus or full-time classes.
  • Synchronous MBA Distance Education Learning Program: The students who pursue an MBA degree through this mode receive study materials through teleconferencing.
  • Correspondence MBA Distance Learning: Considered as one of the earliest forms of distance learning, the study material is sent either through post or email. The candidates can get their doubts cleared by tutors either through email or phone.
  • Electronic MBA Distance Learning: Also known as e-learning, the course material in this type of MBA distance education program is provided to the candidates through CDs, DVD’s or by giving them access to a computer. 
  • Fixed Time Online MBA Distance Education: Considered as one of the most interactive MBA distance education programs, the course requires access to the internet as the candidates will be required to log into their profiles at a specific given time to study their respective courses. 

Colleges for MBA Distance Learning

Since the demand for MBA graduates has increased, a lot of universities now offer a multitude of specialization courses. Some of the colleges that provide MBA distance education programs are: 

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
Massey University, New Zealand  292
La Trobe University, Australia 316
University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia 651-700
Victoria University, Australia 701-750
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia 296
Curtin University, Australia –
University of Newcastle, Australia 192
Nottingham Trent University, UK 801-100
De Montfort University, UK –
Macquarie University, Australia 195

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MBA Distance Education: Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must meet the following criteria to pursue MBA distance education:

  • The candidate must fulfill the university specific criteria
  • The candidate must score the required marks in the MBA entrance test of the specific university
  • The candidate must have completed their bachelor’s degree with the minimum aggregate of 50% from a recognized university

The following are the popular specialization offered:

Skills Required

The following are the skills required to pursue MBA distance education:

Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular career options after pursuing MBA:

Job Profile Avg. Salary
Corporate Associate 4.5 Lakh
Financial Analyst 4.5 Lakh
Portfolio Manager 7.1 Lakh
Credit Risk Manager 9.3 Lakh
Senior Executive 4.2 Lakh


What are the skills required for MBA distance education?

The following are the skills required to pursue MBA distance education:
Good Communication Skills
Management Skills
Leadership Skills
Analytical Skills
Problem – Solving Skills

What are the popular MBA specializations?

The following are the popular specialization offered:
Human Resources
Sales and Marketing
International Business

What are the top universities to pursue MBA distance education

The following are the top universities for this course:
Macquarie University
La Trobe University
University of Newcastle

Hopefully, this blog has given you an insight into the MBA distance education program. If you want to pursue this degree but are not sure about which university to study in then the experts at Leverage Edu can lend you a helping hand. Not only will the mentors help you select the right university but they will also assist you in completing the admission formalities. You can schedule a 30 minutes free career counseling session with our experts. Hurry up, book your slot now!

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