Top Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Courses

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top bachelor of science in elementary education Courses

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is a distinguished course that helps students to prepare for success in the field of education, and earn respectable job titles such as preschool and elementary teacher. Being as noble as the path of teaching is, taking it upon yourself to follow this journey isn’t always easy. One needs ample and comprehensive education and training in the field. In turn, a course like a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education teaches students not only to learn the basics of elementary education but to also excel in it. We provide you with a basic idea and further details about the top BSc Elementary Education courses below! Stay reading! 

Name of the CourseBachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSc Elementary Education)
Course Level Undergraduate 
Program TypeFull-time
Program Length 4 years 

About BSc Elementary Education

What does a degree in BSc Elementary Education entail? As a student of this degree, you would learn and undergo extensive field study in the elementary education environment, along with getting familiarised with methodical coursework. What will you learn? It shall enable you to integrate theoretical understanding with practical experience, helping develop entry-level skills. Further, you will be equipped with direct knowledge that shall allow you to make informed decisions and plan and implement instructional strategies in elementary classrooms. 

What’s more? Additionally, this course program instructs teachers and other professionals to improve their conduct and enhance their skills revolving around teaching and learning, along with leadership techniques. The course also counters the current changes and challenges related to the world of education, preparing students and teachers alike. 

Top BSc Elementary Education Courses & Tuition Fees 

Now that we have a basic understanding of BSc Elementary Education, let’s get into learning the top BSc Elementary education courses, along with their tuition fees. 

B.S. Elementary Education – ESOL/Reading

Taught at Nova Southeastern University, this program allows students to become a part of 65,000 alumni. Through this course, the students are able to gain real-world experience through in-classroom internships. Elementary education is integrated into the environment of students learning this degree. This degree course can also be learnt online if need be, otherwise on-campus is the default option. 

Name of the CourseB.S. Elementary Education – ESOL/Reading
Name of the University Nova Southeastern University, USA
Application Deadline 15 Jun 2023
Tuition Fees USD 33,510 (INR 27 lakh)

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

As a part of Southwest Baptist University in the USA, this course primarily focuses on method classes and extensive field experiences. The course curriculum is also taught by expert professors who come from diverse backgrounds and have work excellence in academics as well as in professional life. The students are taught this course with the addition of one-on-one sessions with teachers who help them curate their resumes and pursue teaching certifications.

Name of the CourseBachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Name of the University Southwest Baptist University, USA
Application Deadline 
Tuition Fees USD 25,990 / year (INR 21.2 lakh)

BS in Elementary Education | Middle Tennessee State University

How does one grasp the knowledge that they need in order to excel in Elementary Education and pursue a career in it? Well, in this program, students are taught and trained in content knowledge, with additional basic and prominent training on classroom management, conduct, and instructional strategies, including other relevant practices. The curriculum is designed to be extremely engaging and interactive. 

Name of the CourseBS in Elementary Education
Name of the University Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Application Deadline 
Tuition Fees USD 1,178 / credit (INR 96k)

Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education | George Mason University

With a robust and strong course curriculum ingrained in the essence of this course, substantial partnerships with local elementary schools are managed. With this specific content-teaching and method of instruction, graduates are able to recognise a student’s needs, thereby adapting to the same and providing relevant and appropriate strategies. Innovative and research-based practices are activated to better understand the classroom settings. 

Name of the CourseBachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education
Name of the University George Mason University
Application Deadline February 2023
Tuition Fees USD 4,897 / semester (INR 4 lakh)

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education | Arizona Christian University

This particular course degree sure proves to be beneficial as the bachelor of science in elementary education here can lead to obtaining an Educator Certification in Arizona. What’s interesting is that the classrooms teaching this course is intentionally kept small so that students are able to establish and maintain strong mentoring relationships with their instructors. The extensive experience of ACU faculty is another add-on that helps students flourish. 

Name of the CourseBachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Name of the University Arizona Christian University
Course Start Date September 2023
Tuition Fees USD 28,874 / year (INR 23.5 lakh)

Admission Requirements

The general admission requirements to take admission to an elementary education course are mentioned below. 

Eligibility Criteria 

These are the basic eligibility criteria:

  1. Students should have passed the 10 + 2 examination from a recognised board. 
  2. The minimum percentage of marks that they score should have been 50%
  3. Moreover, the age limit is between 16 and 18 years of age. 

Documents Required 

These are the documents required for your application to study abroad:

Jobs and Salary 

The related jobs to BSc Elementary Education are mentioned below, along with their salaries. 

Job Profile Average Salary
Elementary School TeacherINR 2.5 lakh
Content WriterINR 2.5 lakh
Associate Education DeveloperINR 6 lakh
Tutor INR 3 lakh 

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Top Recruiting Areas

The main areas in the education industry that hire graduates of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education are as follows.

  1. Academic Institutions 
  2. Day Care Centres 
  3. Coaching Centres 
  4. Education Departments 
  5. Primary Schools 


What is a bachelor’s degree in elementary education?

A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is a full-time undergraduate degree that is four years long.

What is a better degree BA or BS?

No specific comparison can be made between the two, as each career path according to the student’s needs should be preferred. 

What is the benefit of a BSc degree?

A BSc Elementary Education degree opens the gate to many opportunities that might have otherwise been inaccessible for students after graduation.

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