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Germany is known for providing quality education across numerous fields. The country’s excellence in teaching, as well as career opportunities, have made it one of the top study abroad choices. To get your educational journey started in Germany and pursue a course in their native language, that is, German; it is mandatory for one to qualify DSH – Deutsche Sprachprüfung für nook Hochschulzugang, a university-level language proficiency test. Institute’s evaluate candidates’ understanding as well as interacting skills in German and hence, allow them to Study in Germany. Let’s dive on to the blog to get an overview of this language proficiency test.


DSH is a university-level language proficiency test and is one of the most important requirements when you are planning to seek a degree in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. Various colleges and universities in the prior-stated countries conduct this test independently. The test aims to gauge your abilities over reading, composing, listening and talking abilities. As you would be expected to study a course in the German language, your abilities and proficiency in basic skills in German will be evaluated. The Goethe Institut in India gives preliminary courses to DSH at the University of Mannheim, however, the test is conducted in Germany.

Exam Structure of DSH

DSH exam does not have a set format like other language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. and can vary from one institution to another. However, the more-or-less the pattern of the test remains the same. The test is entirely focused as per the classroom setup and the questions would hence be based on scenarios that you may face while pursuing the course. The exam consists of four parts such as Listening, Reading and Grammar, Writing as well as Speaking. Let us have a detailed look at the specific structure of the sections-

Listening Test

This test is listening comprehension and the initial part of the test as well. It takes around 80 minutes. In this part, a short “lecture” of around 10 minutes will be played twice with a gap of 5 minutes in between and afterwards, you would be expected to  answer 8 questions in 50 minutes.

Reading Test

After listening of DSH, reading comprehension is the second part of the test. It comprises two sections: Reading Comprehension and Grammar. For this segment, 90 minutes will be given. In the reading section, there are 8 questions based on the passage. In the Grammar part, you need to revise 9 sentences, without changing their significance.

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Writing Test

For the writing test, you will be given 70 minutes to compose a 250 to 300 words text. In this, you are given a picture or a graphic that you have to describe in your own words and have to state the plausible reason as for your depiction. 

Speaking Test

The oral test is conducted about seven days after the composed test. If you got at least DSH 1 in the composed test, you will be eligible for the speaking test. This part takes around 30 Minutes. Your assignment is to depict a realistic, an image or a short text. You will have 15 to 20 minutes to set up a 5 minutes “introduction”.

How to Apply for DSH?

You can enlist for DSH examination either online or face to face at the concerned University. Fill in the enrollment structure and pay the necessary expenses. After the completion of enrollment, you will get an affirmation email. The payment receipt must be shown at the passage into the examination room. The examination expense fluctuates according to the university criteria. The expense extends between € 100 to 130 [INR 8,800-11,500]  (subject to change). 

Eligibility Criteria 

Like the TestDAF, DSH likewise takes into account language capability of B2 C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference and would require an intermediate course study of the German language of around 1000 hours. The assessment is a certification and doesn’t require any proof for the prior certifications.

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Exemptions From DSH 

German can be the best option for studying as it gives you access to many international scholarships to pursue your higher education. However, if you are some who can prove their ability in German language via the below mentioned pointers, then you may not have to appear in the DSH in test- 

  • Students pursuing courses in institution matching up the German higher institution level 
  • Numerous colleges don’t request TestDAF or DSH scores from understudies who are studying there for a couple of semesters. This rule does not apply to every university. Subsequently, enquire about the particular language necessities at your prospective college. 

If you have received any of the accompanyings: 

  • Deutsche Sprachdiplom der Kultursministerkonferenz Level 2 (DSD II)
  • Zentral Oberstufenprufung ZOP from Goethe Institute
  • Kleines deutsches Sprachdiplom or Großes deutsches Sprachdiplom  from Goethe Institute
  • Students those who have taken German language classes and have passed Festellungsprufung or Abschlussprufung 

Step-by-Step Guide for Skill Development

Preparation Tips for DSH German Test

Since you have understood the criteria of passing the DSH test, preparing for the exam is the most crucial part of the process. When you are not a German speaker, the only thing that will make your way to the german test is curating a string grip over the language. Since the passing percentage for this language test is low, good preparation plays a crucial role in the selection process.If you aspire to qualify the DSH German Test with flying colours, here are some tips that will surely help you throughout your preparation time-

  • Enrol yourself in a german tuition class
  • Access the language knowledge properly
  • Set a study schedule and your unique study plan
  • Attempt as many practice tests as you can
  • Start conversing in German as much as you can

Hope this blog helped resolve your questions regarding various aspects of DSH German test. Looking to initiate your studies in Germany? Our experts at Leverage Edu can help you in choosing the best courses according to your requirement and interests in the top universities of Germany. Adding to this, the first counselling session is free of cost. Hurry up and enrol yourself for this session. Good Luck!

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