Facts About TU Berlin and Popular STEM Courses in Germany

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The Technical University of Berlin is one of the prestigious research institutions in Berlin, Germany. The university is part of the German Institutes of Technology, TU9 and also has two other campuses in Berlin. The Technical University of Berlin is known across the globe for its engineering programmers in the field of computer science, economics and management, mathematics, human sciences, process sciences and mechanical engineering too and is a popular college choice in Germany for STEM Courses too. The University offers varied courses including 40 Bachelor’s programmers and 60 Master’s programmers for the students to choose from. The university also promotes and gives importance to entrepreneurship and start-ups in science and other subjects of importance. The university welcomes into the most scientific and modern library in Germany with around 3 million media available to students and scientists. Get a chance to study at TU of Berlin with Leverage Edu.

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