UK Scholarships for Filipino Students

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List of UK Scholarships for Filipino Students You Can't-Miss

Scholarships are crucial for Filipino Students who wish to study abroad. The UK is a combination of advanced education, leading research and thriving student culture. Infact, UK universities offer numerous scholarships for Filipino students from all backgrounds.

Cost of Study in the UK

The average cost of study in the UK will be more for an international student from the Philippines than it would be for a student from the UK or EU. This makes it must more necessary to have a good financial plan that includes scholarships. The average costs of various programmes in the UK for international students are as follows –

Level of DegreeAverage Tuition Fee Range
Bachelor’s DegreeGBP 10,000 – 15,000 (PHP 664,700 – 1,00,000)
UG Medical DegreesGBP 30,000 – 35,000 (PHP 1,994,000 – 2,326,500)
Master’s DegreeGBP 11,000 – 32,000 (PHP 731,100 – 2,127,000)
Note: Please refer to your course details for the actual tuition fee.

Cost of Living in the UK

Your cost of living in the UK will vary according to the city in which you are studying as well as your lifestyle. The following table shows the average cost of living data for the UK.

CityAverage Monthly Expenses
LondonGBP 1,100 – 1,300 (PHP 73,100 – 86,400)
EdinburghGBP 700 – 950 (PHP 46,500 – 63,150)
ManchesterGBP 800 – 900 (PHP 53,200 – 59,200)

Check out the Leverage Edu Cost of Living Calculator to find out your living expenses with ease.

Types of UK Scholarships for Filipino Students

Before we dive deep into what UK Scholarships you can apply for, let’s know what types of study abroad scholarships are offered by universities in the UK. 

  • Merit-based: Scholarships that are offered based on academics are known as merit-based scholarships. If you are a high-performing student, the university you are applying to might automatically nominate you for the scholarship. 
  • Means-based: If you belong to a low socioeconomic household or can’t afford the cost of education in the UK, you can apply for the means-based scholarships. UK Scholarships for Filipino students can be offered to students who have been victims of trauma, mental or physical illnesses as well. 
  • Talent-based: If you are an athlete, dancer or singer or have a talent that sets you apart, you can apply for the talent-based scholarships in UK Universities. 
  • Private: UK Scholarships for Filipino Students that are funded by private organisations are called private scholarships. 
  • Public: Scholarships that are offered by the British government are known as public scholarships. 
  • University-specific: Universities in the UK also offer scholarships specifically to Filipino students and even bursaries on specific courses. 

Government/Privately Funded Scholarships 

The British Government and private funds offer numerous scholarships to international students to make the UK an international hotspot for education. Here are some of the popular scholarships that you can apply for if you wish to study in the UK from the Philippines:

Name of ScholarshipEligibilityGrant
British Council Scholarships for women in STEM Postgraduate taught and research coursesFully-funded
Chevening Scholarships1-year master’s program in the UKFully-funded

University-Specific UK Scholarships for Filipino Students

Universities in the UK set aside large funds to aid international students with lesser financial means through their various scholarships. Here are the UK Scholarships for Filipino students offered by the top universities in the UK:

Name of UniversityScholarships Offered for Filipino StudentsGrant
University of OxfordReach Oxford ScholarshipOver £12,000 (₱797,568) for living expenses and airfare
Cambridge UniversityCambridge International Scholarship (PG)Tuition fee, annual stipend & health surcharges
Cambridge UniversityCambridge Trust Scholarship (UG)Tuition fee, annual stipend & health surcharges
Imperial College LondonWorld Scientific Scholarship (UG)£5000 (₱332,320) for maintenance costs
University College LondonOman Embassy Fee Partnership10% of the tuition fee & stipend
University College LondonGraduate Research Scholarships10% of the tuition fee & stipend
University of EdinburghEdinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship£5000 (₱332,320) per year
University of EdinburghEdinburgh Doctoral College ScholarshipTuition fee + £15,000 (₱996,960) per year
King’s College LondonBosco Tso & Emily Ng Scholarship£22,500 or (₱1,495,440) for tuition fee
London School of EconomicsUggla Family Scholarship£27,526 (₱1,829,488) for fees and living costs
London School of EconomicsCV Starr Scholarship£5000 (₱332,320)
University of WarwickAlbukhary Undergraduate Scholarship
University of BristolThink Big Undergraduate Scholarship £5000 (₱332,320) or £10,000 (₱664,640) per year for fees
University of BristolFuture Leaders Scholarship£5000 (₱332,320) or £10,000 (₱664,640) for fees for 1 year
University of BathDean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship£5000 (₱332,320) in engineering, science and humanities
Brunel UniversityBrunel Medical School International Scholarship (UG)£6000  (₱398,784) fee waiver each year
City, University of LondonBayes Business School International Scholarship25% of tuition fee
Anglia Ruskin UniversityInternational Excellence Scholarship£4000 (₱265,856)
Middlesex UniversityInternational Merit Award£2000 (₱132,928) for tuition fee
University of StirlingInternational Undergraduate Scholarship£2000 (₱132,928) per year for tuition fee
University of StirlingPostgraduate International Excellence Scholarship£4000 (₱265,856) for the first year
St Mary’s Twickenham LondonSt Mary’s International UG Scholarship£3000 (₱199,392) for the first year
St Mary’s Twickenham LondonSt Mary’s International PG Taught Scholarship£1500 – £2000 (₱99696 – ₱132,928) for the first year

How to Apply for UK Scholarships?

UK Scholarships for Filipino Students are easy to apply to once you have been accepted by one of the universities in the UK. Here’s the step-by-step guide to applying for UK scholarships:-

  • Get an offer letter for a full-time course from one of the universities in the UK.
  • Check which scholarships are suitable for you — university-specific or funded by the government.
  • If your university has UK scholarships for Filipino students, chances are that you will get funded without much competition. 
  • Go to the scholarship website to know the details- awards, application deadlines, eligibility, etc.
  • Write a personal statement of 500 words stating why you are a perfect candidate for this scholarship.
  • Submit your scholarship application along with all the important documents before the deadline.
  • You must apply for the scholarship before you start your UK Tier-4 visa application. 

Note that UK Scholarships for Filipino students on merit are nominated directly by the admissions committee of the particular university.

Scholarships can make your study in UK memorable and make your future glorious. UK Scholarships for Filipino students are great opportunities for the Philippines’ international relations. Therefore, avoid all kinds of mistakes while applying for scholarships or just connect with Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000 and we help you choose the right-fit scholarship.

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