Architecture Courses in the UK

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Architecture Courses in UK

The United Kingdom provides an option to experience rich architecture and history alongside their studies. Having the top universities in the world and one of the most extensive transportation systems, studying in the UK, will help you gain much more than just education. Among the various courses in UK, one of the courses that are very sought after is architecture. This makes the country rank among the world’s best places for aspirants to study Architecture. This blog provides you with all the information you will need if you are considering taking this course! 

Why Study Architecture from the UK?

  • Cultivates Teamwork– In our daily lives, a partnership is given a lot of importance. The architecture courses in the UK provide you with the chance to work with a number of culturally diverse people and understand their perspectives of things. Construction and design of buildings require inputs from a number of people and this is exactly why choosing a degree in architecture helps. A large number of group projects gives you the learnings that you need.
  • Chance to Practice– Nobody has ever been able to achieve great results in their initial moments of learning. Only after multiple attempts and constant practice does perfection come along. Architecture courses in the UK will provide you with the opportunity to practice in abundance alongside people who are like-minded about things.
  • Inspiration Everywhere– As we are aware, the UK is a culturally diverse land with buildings and architecture which is able to showcase the same. This allows you to just walk around the streets and find the bits of inspiration that you might be missing. Whether directly or indirectly, there is always that chance to stumble upon the kind of push you need to create your next masterpiece.
  • Helps you find your Passion– Nobody is born with the knowledge of their passion; it can only be found by trying a number of different things. Architecture in the UK is exactly that step you need to take to get closer to your passion. There are a number of different options which can be chosen amongst and so you don’t have to be stuck learning things you do not enjoy.

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Architecture Courses in the UK

There are a number of different courses which you could choose, in order to study architecture in the UK. Some of them are listed below-

  • Architecture BSc– Undergraduate program which provides students with a wide range of choices and immense artistic freedom. This is a full-time 3–4-year program.
  • Architecture MSc– This program allows the development of architectural design skills. Alongside this, it provides an understanding of the complex social and technical environments while buildings are produced.
  • Architecture and Digital Theory- This course allows exploration of cultures, history and digital theory along with many related fields.
  • Landscape Architecture– This Master’s Degree uses imaginative design, strategic thinking and technical knowledge to consider interventions in the landscape.
  • Naval Architecture– This course provides students with the knowledge of naval architecture theory, analysis and design procedures for naval and merchant ships.

Best Universities for Studying Architecture in the UK

UniversityAverage Fee (per year)Location
University College London 10,000-15,000 GBP (INR 10,31,608- 15,47,412)London
University of Cambridge 15,000-20,000 GBP (INR 15,47,412- 20,63,011)Cambridge
Manchester School of Architecture 10,000-15,000 GBP (INR 10,31,608- 15,47,412)Manchester
University of Sheffield 15,000-20,000 GBP (INR 15,47,412- 20,63,011)Sheffield
Cardiff University 15,000-20,000 GBP (INR 15,47,412- 20,63,011)Cardiff
Loughborough University 15,000-20,000 GBP (INR 15,47,412- 20,63,011)Loughborough

Eligibility Criteria

  • For PG courses, a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with minimum of 60% aggregate marks.
  • For UG courses, students require 10+2 with a minimum of 60%.
  • Grade 5 in GCSE including Maths and English.
  • Typical A-levels requirements; AAB, with a balance of art, sciences and writing ability.
  • English Language Proficiency test scores like IELTS  (score 6.5) or TOEFL.
  • A competitive GRE score if asked by the university.
  • A design Portfolio

Documents Required

  • Transcripts of all previous education
  • Letters of Recommendation (wherever applicable)
  • Coloured passport size photograph
  • A valid passport
  • The Confirmations of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number 

Know about all the Documents Required for Applying to UK Universities

Average Salary

The starting salary of an architect who has just graduated college in the UK is 40,000 GBP and of course, it goes higher with experience. Architects have been well-paid and in the UK, this is a very sought after course because of the kind of exposure that students gain. There are a number of fields you could get into and the salary for those fields also varies. However, you must not rely on the salary, rather the pathways that interest you.

Note: According to the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services’ May 2018 survey, 48.7% of architecture students are employed as technicians in the UK.


Are architects in demand in the UK?

Architecture has held very great demand in the UK for a very long time. If you graduate with a degree in architecture in the UK, then there is some great news for you! If your University does not provide placement opportunities, then due to the high demand, you can find a job within 2 weeks! If you are an experienced individual who has pursued their master’s, then the time period is shorter for you.

Is there an age range within which one can study architecture in the UK?

No, there is no age range within which one has to complete their education in the UK. However, if you are on a study permit, then the duration within which you should complete your studies is limited by the time duration mentioned on the same.

How long does it take for one to become an architect in the UK?

It takes seven years to study to become an architect in the UK. Three to four years studying for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a postgraduate degree and you’ll also need 12 months of work experience.

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