Leverage Edu Study in UK Success Stories

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Study in UK Success Stories

Thousands of Indian students aspire to study in UK, but only a few are capable of making this dream come true. Miscommunication, inaccurate information and above all, the absence of appropriate advice are the obstacles that are commonly witnessed by students. Leverage Edu has become a frontrunner in this field by helping thousands of students to achieve their dreams. In this blog, we have compiled some of our study in the UK success stories!

Why Study in UK?

One of the key reasons for studying in the United Kingdom is that it houses some of the world’s oldest globally ranked universities, such as Oxford University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge University, University of East Anglia, and Imperial College London, to mention a few.

Why Trust Leverage Edu?

One of the primary reasons that the UK is a popular study abroad destination for Indians students is the outstanding scholarship system it has in place. On the other hand, pursuing higher education in the UK can be costly, and that is why the UK Government and Universities offer a broad array of UK scholarships for Indian students. These financial assistance programmes are open to all qualifying students who are interested in pursuing a study programme. If you are searching for scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK, our experts from Leverage Edu will help you fulfil the dream.

We at Leverage Edu work with a #studentfirst approach. Helping students find the right set of course and university to drafting an excellent application, finding the right scholarship or loan to connecting students with a mentor, we do it all that takes you reach your ultimate career goal!

Study in UK Success Stories – Meet Leverage Edu Rockstars

Complemented with its data-driven millennial-first plan, Leverage Edu’s AI Algorithm guarantees that each ‘Leverage Edu Student Experience’ is supremely unique. We bring forth some of the success stories that students have had in their journeys with Leverage Edu and the destination being their dream universities, have a look:

Study in UK Success Stories

So proud of Manovrit for finally ending with some super cool admits from top UK universities.

Congratulations to Muskan for ticking each box and for qualifying as an admit at various prestigious universities!

Many Many Congratulations to Lakshit who very well deserved it.

Here is the success story of Aishwarya who made it to the University of Edinburgh.

Congratulations to Kabeer for securing his dream admits at 4 top schools!

Discover Saransh’s success journey to top UK universities with Leverage Edu.

Here is Ghazal’s story to LSE!

Congratulations, Aneesh, we couldn’t be happier for you

Study in UK Success Stories

This is how Divya made it to the University of Cambridge

Here is the journey of Taiba to her dream course in UK!

These study in UK success stories are specifically brought forward so that you can realize your dreams of pursuing higher education in the UK. If you further need any assistance, feel free to get in touch with Leverage Edu experts!

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