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Aston University Admissions Process for International Students

It’s always said that a degree from any of the UK universities is highly regarded across the world. Not only that, but students also have a wide range of courses or programmes to choose from. A degree from a prestigious university, such as Aston University, has the potential to skyrocket your professional CV and serve as a powerful selling point in the future. If you are an aspirant and planning to kickstart your study in the UK journey in 2023 at Aston, then here’s a blog curated for you that will help you explore everything pertaining to Aston University admissions, eligibility requirements, cost of studying and more!

About Aston University 

Before letting you know about the Aston University admissions and other requirements, let’s spend some time getting to know this prestigious UK university. Ashton University is a public research university that began as the Birmingham Municipal Technical School in 1895 and evolved into the UK’s first College of Advanced Technology in 1956. Guardian 2022 ranks the university at #25, Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022 ranks it at #43 and the Complete University Guide 2022 ranks it at #43 in the UK National Rankings. QS World University Ranking 2022 places the university at #485 and THE World University Rankings 2022 places it between #401-500. The university offers 270+ undergraduate and postgraduate graduate courses to its applicants. Students from over 120 countries study at this amazing university.

The university aims to provide high-quality teaching and student support, produce collaborative research with high translation and impact, promote skill-building and industry development, and foster community engagement and development. Schools under Ashton University are as follows:

  1. Aston Business School
  2. Aston Graduate School
  3. Aston Law School
  4. Aston Medical School
  5. Aston Pharmacy School
  6. School of Biosciences
  7. School of Engineering and Technology
  8. School of Informatics and Digital Engineering
  9. School of Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering
  10. School of Optometry
  11. School of Psychology
  12. School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Due to Aston University’s stunning acceptance rate, many international and national students prefer studying here. Having said that, the university is also ranked in the top 10 Universities in the UK by the Telegraph Newspaper. Here are the most sought-after courses for international students seeking admission at Aston University: 

Note: These are just a few of the Business and Management courses that Aston University offers. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from in different fields of study. Get in touch with an expert today at 1800572000 to know more about the courses being offered at Aston University.

Aston University Admissions Deadline and Intakes

Aston University offers programmes majorly during the September and January intake. There are also additional Intakes in April/May but only for select courses.

September-October February-May

The upcoming and important Aston University admissions deadlines are given below:

UGNo specified date
PGNo specified date

NOTE: The Admissions for UG and PG Courses at Aston University for the year 2023 are closing soon!

Aston University Admissions Process 

The step-by-step Aston University admissions process for international students is as follows. You can easily get in touch with an expert at Leverage Edu at 1800572000 to make your application process faster and easier:

Step 1: Choosing a Course

The first step is to choose your course. The University offers a variety of undergraduate, and postgraduate courses, research study programs, degree preparation courses and English language programmes. You can visit the University’s official website and simply find a course that suits you. You can also use our trusted AI-Course Finder to let AI decide the most suitable course for you. 

Step 2: Applying for the Course

The next step is to apply for the chosen course. Start the application process for full-time undergraduate courses by logging into UCAS with the Apply Now button to access the application and create an account. Applications can also be made through the university’s official website.

Step 3: Gather Test Scores of Proficiency Exams

GMAT, GRE, IELTS, PTE or TOEFL are mandatory parts of the documents required for the application process. Register for Leverage Live and commence with your preparations today. A few courses may ask for an online portfolio or assignment that takes place on Skype.

Step 4: Gather all the Required Documents

LOR, SOP, bank statements, essays, updated resumes and official transcripts of previous academic degrees are also part of the supporting documents. Start collecting all the necessary documents to get ahead with your application process. 

Step 5: Submit your Application 

Once you are qualified, collected all the documents and fulfilled the language requirements you are ready, to begin with, the application form. To secure your admission at Aston University make sure you enter all your personal and professional credentials thoroughly. Later on, check the deadlines, and submit your saved application form at the right time to the university. 

Step 6: Receiving your Offer

After processing your application the University communicates the response through a letter. The response would be either of the following: 

  • Conditional Offer – This means that the admission would be confirmed if and when the students meet a certain admission requirement, such as the completion of the undergraduate degree with a specific grade and submitting outstanding documents. Until you meet the entry criteria, your place is reserved.
  • Unconditional Offer – This indicates the student’s acceptance of a particular course
  • Alternative course – This means that you don’t qualify for the course you applied for but you are eligible for another course. You can choose to pursue that course if you are interested.
  • Contextualised admissions– The university commits to social mobility, so applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds may be made a lower conditional offer.
  • Rejection Letter – This indicates that the student has not been accepted to the University. 

You have to formally accept the offer by following the instructions provided in the letter. In case of a conditional offer, you would have to meet all conditional requirements and provide additional documents, if required. Your offer will be withdrawn if you don’t accept it.

If you are facing issues while applying, get in touch with Leverage Edu experts at 1800 57 2000 to ease your application process, visa process and other important factors and get entry into your dream university in no time. 

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Aston University Admissions Requirements

Candidates must note that the admission requirements may vary from course to course and depend upon the level of study that they must have opted for. Having said that, mentioned below are some of the entry-level standard requirements that international students must meet for Aston University admissions:

Aston University Admissions Requirements for UG

  • Minimum 75% in 10th and 12th or equivalent level of studies
  • Background in subjects specified by the university depending upon the course
  • English Language Proficiency Test scores

Aston University Admissions Requirements for PG

  • A 2:1/2:2 Bachelor’s degree with honours or equivalent with a minimum of 60% in relevant subjects as per the course demands
  • English Language Proficiency Test scores 
  • GMAT/GRE scores, if applicable
  • Minimum  3 years of managerial work experience for MBA courses

English Language Requirements

The following are the minimum English language scores required for Aston University admission:

Undergraduate Courses

School/ProgrammeIELTS TOEFLPearsonDuolingo
Aston Medical School7.0101
Aston Business School6.59367110 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score
Engineering and Physical Sciences6.07864100 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score
Health and Life Sciences (except Aston Medical School)6.59367110 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score 
Health and Life Sciences (Optometry)7.0101
School of Social Sciences and Humanities6.07864100 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score 

Postgraduate Taught (Masters Programmes)

School/ProgrammeIELTS TOEFLPearsonDuolingo
Aston Business School6.59367110 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score 
Aston Business School- MBA6.567110 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score
Engineering and Physical Sciences6.07864100 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score
Engineering and Physical Sciences – Engineering Systems and Management Programmes6.59367110 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score 
Health and Life Sciences6.59367110 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score 
Health and Life Sciences (OSPAP)7.010176
School of Social Sciences and Humanities6.59367100 with a minimum of 85 in each sub-score 

For Postgraduate Research Programmes

School/ProgrammeIELTS TOEFLPearson
Aston Business School6.59367
Engineering and Physical Sciences6.59367
Health and Life Sciences6.59367
School of Social Sciences and Humanities6.59367

Note: Students may be exempt from taking a SELT such as IELTS, TOEFL etc. if they score typically 75-85% and above in English in Class 12 for UG and PG courses.

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Documents Required

After knowing Aston University’s admissions process and requirements, candidates will then be asked to submit the following supporting documents to be admitted to the university: 

Here’s a list of all the essential Documents Required for Applying to the UK

Cost of Studying at Aston University

Although the cost of studying or the annual tuition fees will vary from one course to another, given below is the average annual tuition fee for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at Aston University:

Student Accommodation 

For accommodation, Aston University offers 2 options to its new students James Watt and William Murdock. The rent varies from £141 to £147 (INR 14,093 – INR 14,692) per week, depending upon your choice of accommodation and the bedroom capacity of the flat.

Level of Study Annual Tuition fee
Undergraduate courses£13900 – £19950 (INR 13,89,320 – INR 19,94,025)
Postgraduate Courses£16690 – £25330 (INR 16,68,184 – INR 25,31,762)


The following scholarships are provided at the time of admission at Aston University for the year 2023-2024:

Vice-Chancellor’s International ScholarshipRound 1: 28th February 
Round 2: 31st March
Round 3: 30th April 
Round 4: 31st May
Round 5: 30th June
Final Round: 31st July 
Global Ambassador ScholarshipRound 1: 28th February 
Round 2: 31st March
Round 3: 30th April 
Round 4: 31st May
Round 5: 30th June
Final Round: 31st July 
GREAT Scholarships 202312 June 2023
MBA Dean’s Award ScholarshipTBD
MBA Future Leaders Award ScholarshipTBD
MBA Aston Edge Scholarship TBD
Ferguson Scholarship

Student Visa for the UK

To study in London, UK, you have to apply for a General Student Visa [Tier 4]. You will become eligible for a study visa once you are enrolled in a full-time study course. The requirements include:

  • Bank statement demonstrating financial support 
  • CAS 
  • Tuberculosis test 
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Credibility Interview. The applicant must pass this test.
  • English language qualification scores. 
  • To be eligible for a UK student visa, students’ applications must receive a minimum of 40 points (30 points from CAS and 10 points for maintenance requirements). 

Know more about the UK Visa Application Process, Fees & Requirements

Post-Study Visa

  • After you’ve completed your master’s, you would be allowed to stay in London if you hold a job offer with an annual salary of GBP 20800 (INR 20,78,983).
  • You need to switch to a Tier 2 general visa which lasts for 5 years post-completion of studies.
  • You can qualify for permanent residence provided your income is at least £35000 (INR 34,98,289).


Q1. Is it hard to get into Aston University?

Ans. With all of its national and international candidates, Aston gives pupils a reasonable chance of getting into their preferred college with an acceptance rate of 82.5%. When it comes to admitting students to its Business School, the university favours students who have relevant professional experience as well as a high GMAT/GRE score.

Q2. Is IELTS compulsory for Aston University?

Ans. They attempt to make the application process as simple as possible; however, they reserve the right to request an English language certification and/or interview in all situations. They accept a variety of English language credentials, including IELTS Academic and TOEFL.

Q3. Is Aston University easy to get into?

Ans. With an acceptance rate of over 80%, Aston University is one of the simplest UK universities to get into.

Aren’t you all pumped up and excited to kickstart your study abroad journey at Aston University after knowing everything about Aston University admissions? Since January intake is onset, you can get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000 to seek their help and mentorship that will make you land in the UK in 2023. 

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