MA in Education Syllabus & Structure

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MA in Education

If you are curious to learn about the different aspects of education, preparation of curriculum, child pedagogy, higher education system, etc and want to contribute in making them better, an MA in Education may be a good choice for you. The course expansively discusses the motives and aim of a particular education procedure, the psychology behind the methods applied and effects on the learner. In this article, you will get to know about the salient features of an MA in Education and how you can make a career in it.

Course Duration

An MA in Education is offered for a duration of one to two years. Longer courses are suited for those who don’t have prior experience and want to enter the field of Education. It is a comprehensive study of Education, its goals, techniques and socio-historical and philosophical background. On the other hand, one-year courses are offered in specialized sub-fields like Child Development, Adult Education, Education Policy etc. These are suited for those who have some years of experience in the Education industry. In some countries, master’s degrees are scheduled for a 1-year duration, so you should research well about the course before deciding on a university.

Course Structure

The core structure is based on developing a holistic understanding of the basics of teaching and learning processes. During the first year, professors emphasize on teaching the nature and purposes of the existing education process. Moreover, its social, historical and philosophical aspects are also elaborated upon. This builds a strong foundation for students and opens avenues for further research. Advanced topics include but are not limited to curriculum planning, learning dynamics, assessment of learning and education policy making. More often than not, an MA in education includes research projects and a thesis/dissertation. Industry experience is also encouraged.

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Course Syllabus

During the duration of the course, students are taught various fundamental concepts and theories as well as specialized topics of utmost importance. The combination of both is important to let students build a strong foundation as well as encourage individual research interests. Some of the core and specialized subjects offered in an MA in Education have been mentioned below:

Core Components

  • Overview of Education
  • Socio-political Background
  • Knowledge: Concept and Nature
  • Curriculum: meaning, design and development
  • Learning: Processes and Scope
  • Education and Society
  • Knowledge and Education

Specialized Areas

  • Trends in Education
  • Alternative models of Education
  • Policy-Making and Implementation
  • Educational technology
  • Adult Education
  • Counselling
  • Institutional Management
  • Research Project & Dissertation

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Job Prospects after MA in Education

There is wide scope for graduates who either want to enter teaching or use their skills in an organisation. Besides, many research institutions and not-for-profit organisations also hire Education graduates for various job roles. Here are some career options you can choose from after an MA in Education:

  • Teacher or Lecturer
  • Counsellor
  • Researcher
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Program Manager
  • Associate
  • Policymaker
  • Teacher Educator

A career in the field of Education can be highly rewarding. If you are confused about the university or if this course is the right fit for you, don’t panic. With the help of the experts at Leverage Edu, you can create a career map for yourself as well as help you shortlist universities.

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