Nursery Teacher Training Course

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Teachers carve a significant influence in the minds of children. No matter how old you are and how much experience you have gained, you would still look up to your teachers with high respect and regard because they have played a crucial role in moulding the way you see life. Elementary education is the first step of a child’s journey towards learning and that’s why to become an elementary teacher, you need to gain a specific set of skills that can help you patiently deal with toddlers and their curious strife towards learning. If you have always been good at managing young kids and want to pursue a career in Teaching, then a Nursery Teacher Training course might be the right one for you. This program imparts students with several teaching techniques and parameters so that they can make learning a fun process for toddlers. Through this blog, we will elaborate some of the major features of a Nursery Teacher Training course, the top universities you can pursue it from and the career scope you can avail. 

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In a Nursery Teacher Training course, the candidates are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to facilitate the pedagogy of children belonging to nursery or sometimes pre-primary. Several techniques focusing on the cognitive, physical and social development of a young child are incorporated into the program. Further, the academic disciplines under Nursery Teach Training include child psychology, cognitive development and classroom management.

Nursery Teacher Training Course: Subjects Covered

As there are several variants of Nursery Teacher Training Courses, the syllabus and curriculum perused might vary from one university to another. Some of the commonly taught subjects under this program include, 

  • Methods and Material of Nursery Education 
  • Teaching Methodology 
  • Nursery School Organisation, Child Health Care, Nutrition and Community
  • Nursery Child Psychology
  • History and Philosophy of Pre-Primary Education 
  • Childcare and Health

Moreover, along with the above-mentioned disciplines, you will also get to know about an array of interactive learning methods tailored for teaching young children. Many universities have also incorporated a wide range of methods into the Nursery Teaching Training courses that focus integrally on imparting students with the knowledge of using technology to make learning fun for young kids.

Top Universities Offering Programs in Nursery Teacher Training

Generally, academic institutions offer comprehensive teaching courses that focus on providing the students with the varied knowledge of different education levels, be it primary, secondary and senior secondary. However, there are numerous universities that offer specialised Nursery Teaching Training programs and their popular variants and some of these institutions have been listed in the table below. 

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Name of the University  Courses  Duration  Level
University of Derby,
Early years with Early
Years Teacher
1 year Master’s 
Edith Cowan
University, Australia  
Bachelor of Education
(Early Childhood)
4 years Bachelor’s
The University of
, UK 
and Teaching
21 months   Master’s 
University of
Aberdeen, UK
Primary Education 10 months  Master’s 
University of Idaho,
B.S.Ed. in Elementary
4 years  Bachelor’s 
The University of North
Post -Baccalaureate
Certificate in
5 months  Master’s 
University of
Sunderland, UK
Early Years Teaching  34 weeks  PG certificate 
University of
Greenwich, UK
Early Year Teacher
1 year  Master’s 
University College of
London, UK
Early Years Initial
Teacher Training  
1 year  Master’s 
University of East
London, UK
2 years  Bachelor’s 
Edge Hill University,
Working and Teaching
in the Early Years-BA
3 years Bachelor’s

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Hence, teaching is a highly responsible as well as rewarding profession that demands individuals who can inspire and encourage young minds to become the best version of themselves. By pursuing a Nursery Teacher Training course, you will get to know about the methodologies incorporated in the domain of elementary and primary education and help children soar through the first stage of their academic journey. If you are planning to study a course in Teaching and don’t know where to start, take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI tool to browse through an array of teaching programs and find the right one that suits your interests and career preferences.

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