Primary Teaching Courses

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Primary Teaching Courses

Teachers shoulder a great responsibility of moulding the society and influencing young minds to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. Teaching is considered to be the noblest profession in the Indian society. Be it a doctor, lawyer or an artist, it is the teacher who lays the initial foundation that encourages intellectual development. However, to deal with students at the primary level might seem easy, but these students are at a crucial stage of their lives where they need utmost care and attention. Thus, it needs a highly trained educationist who can give their lives a proper direction. For those who love Pedagogy and want to teach primary school students, then Primary Teaching courses is all you need besides a formal degree. 


Teaching students in primary classes is not an easy job. If a teacher is not able to understand such young students, the process of learning and mutual interaction comes to a halt. Good Primary Teaching courses act as a formal training that covers the aspects of using effective teaching techniques for primary students, understanding child psychology and at the same time, incorporating tools and props to make the process of learning more engaging for students. Research suggests that activity-based teaching has better results than lecture-based training when it comes to teaching young children. Developing a bond with students is an essential part of the teaching process. Such teaching courses ideally span over a duration of 2-year and by the end of which you are awarded the Primary Teaching Certificate (PTC). The core elements of the course include theories, computer and its application, practicals and art & craft. 

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Eligibility Criteria to Pursue Primary Teaching Courses

In order to gain the Primary Teaching Certificate, you have to undertake the Primary Teaching course for a minimum of 2 years. Individuals are required to complete a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for the course admission. Moreover, due to increasing competition and a constant need for skilled teachers at the primary level, a master’s degree can give you an edge over other candidates. A PTC or a B.Ed degree is preferred to apply for teaching jobs.

List of Primary Teaching Courses

Primary Teaching courses can be pursued both as a degree as well as a certificate program. Let’s have a look at some of the courses for teaching.

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BEd or Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education is a 2-year degree program that trains individuals professionally to understand the key aspects of teaching. Giving you the hands-on training on how to hand the students at the primary level. It also covers a variety of methods in teaching to encourage cognitive development in the students.

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Diploma in Teaching

Diploma in Teaching is a certificate course that gives you the required education on teaching in a short duration of time. This comprehensive program gives you a complete overview of teaching and develops the required knowledge on making classrooms interactive to help teachers foster creativity in the students.

Some of the diploma courses in teaching include:

  • BTC (Basic Training Certificate)
  • PTC (Primary Teachers Certificate)
  • ETE (Elementary Teacher Education)
  • NTT (Nursery Teacher Training)
  • DEd (Diploma in Education)
  • TTC (Teachers Training Certificate)
  • JBT (Junior Basic Training)

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Career Prospects

Primary Teaching courses train you to become a better educator. The education sector has gone through a tremendous change with schools adopting comprehensive ways of imparting education. The technology has changed the face of education with old classrooms being replaced by smart classes, blackboards with digital projectors, and normal diagrams with motion graphics. The job of a teacher has become more explorative and demanding. Using your creative talent, you can incorporate new teaching methods to improve the process of stimulating creativity in students. Due to this increasing demand for professionally trained teachers, a large proportion of students are opting for teaching courses to work under the following profiles:

  • Primary Teachers in Public Schools 
  • Nursery Teachers in Public Schools
  • Computer Teacher
  • Art & Craft Teacher
  • Working with NGO’s

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The act of Pedagogy in modern times is not lecturing your students. It has come to become more of an interactive process where co-learning, healthy debate, co-curricular activities are part of the learning process. By employing modern educational tools and methods, the teaching process has become more inclusive and result-oriented. After pursuing Primary Teaching courses, individuals can mould young students into visionary adults. Keeping a similar approach, our experts at Leverage Edu understand the importance of education and can help you in building a promising career.

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      You have to visit the official website of popular universities like DU, Jamia Islamia, IP University and more to fill out the application forms! Hope this helps.
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