Top 25 Free Educational Apps for Students

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Free Educational Apps for Students

At the turn of the 18th century and even before that when education was an expensive affair, who could have possibly imagined that one day, the world will move from the traditional form of classrooms to virtual ones? That the top universities situated hundreds of miles away will be accessible within your smartphone or a computer and would offer affordable academic programs. With the emergence of educational apps, the ways to learn and teach have seen a drastic transmutation. Now students can enrol for any course from the comfort of their homes or shift their classroom on the phone screen, organize different activities related to education through these apps. You can join a degree course at a reputed institution like Harvard University without having to travel to study on campus. This blog brings you a complete list of best free educational apps for students which you must explore to augment your learning from the comfort of your study room!

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25 Free Educational Apps for Students

You can come across numerous apps of education on the internet, from free to paid ones. To know the best and popular, check out the following list of the top free educational apps for students here.

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Duolingo
  3. Photomath
  4. Remind
  5. SoloLearn
  6. Quizlet
  7. Kahoot
  8. GoNoodle
  9. Wikipedia
  10. YouTube
  11. Lynda
  12. TED
  13. Lumosity
  14. GoodReads
  15. Tynker: Coding for Kids
  16. Google Arts & Culture
  17. Quora
  18. EdX
  19. Star Chart
  20. Remind
  21. Photo Math
  22. Solo Learn
  23. Epic
  24. Hungary Caterpillar Play School
  25. Quick Math Jr

Now, let’s explore some of these popular educational apps in further detail:

Google Classroom

In classrooms, the students are always busy in different activities like writing essays which have to be marked by their teachers. Since this is a hectic process Google classroom provides easy solutions for the same. Being one of the popular and free educational apps for students, it can be used for conducting online classes, holding debates, assessment of essays and their grading. It can be used to elicit feedback, exchanging ideas and other educational materials and resources. You can join Google classroom through the code shared by your teachers. It is convenient to set up a class through this app. It provides improved communication experience and a rapid grading system.

Credits: Google for Education


Who hasn’t heard of Wikipedia in the digital era? It is an insightful and vastly organised library encompassing detailed articles on almost every topic across varied subjects and disciplines and is perfect for learners of all ages. As one of the popularly used and free educational apps for students, Wikipedia has successfully accumulated millions of articles on every sub-topic to broader areas of study. So, rather than searching every single thing on google, you can simply download the Wikipedia app and ask it anything from academics to films, music, culture or technology!


GoNoodle is one of the unique educational apps for students as it offers a wide range of activities and mindfulness videos for young kinds. For those parents worried about sending their kids outside to play in the present pandemic situation, this app has an array of fun activities and videos designed around social, academic, physical and emotional development to help the parent facilitate a holistic development for their young children.


Free Education Apps like Duolingo have made language learning fun and enjoyable. Duolingo has made millions learn and speak new languages. You can learn English, Russian, Turkish, Latin, Spanish, French, and so on. The app opens with a simple picture like a game where you first learn the name of each symbol and then answer each of them separately. It has different interactive levels that considerably improves your vocabulary and language skills. Duolingo continuously monitors your activity. Based on your performance you receive XPs and as you gather more XPs more, you advance to further stages of learning. As one of the best educational apps for students, Duolingo can help you learn more than 30 languages, participate in language learning events and much more.

Credits: Duolingo


You don’t need to worry about yourself anymore if you sometimes feel trapped in perplexing math questions. Photomath has been rated one of the best free education apps for math students. It has made the whole learning process a cakewalk. To solve a problem, you simply need to click a photograph of questions on your book or notes. Photomath, subsequently, on its own explains the process, math formulas, applications to solve those seemingly intricate problems, with examples. You’ll find animated instructions, interactive and easy to understand graphs and scientific calculators on this app. Above all, you don’t need internet connectivity to run Photomath.

Thus, with these best free educational apps for students, you can start your learning anytime and anywhere! Gearing up for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or GRE? Leverage Live offers personalized live online classes by best industry experts and premium study material to help you achieve your dream score! Sign up for a free demo session with us today!

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