High Paying Jobs in UK

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High Paying Jobs in UK

Despite the ever-increasing graduation rates, research shows that a degree is still worthwhile if you want to dramatically increase your lifetime earnings potential. Today’s graduates are indeed facing one of the hardest job markets in history at a time when the tuition fees are the highest. However, with attractive career opportunities and skyrocketing salaries high enough to satisfy their financial goals, the United Kingdom is one of the most sought-after countries to settle and build a great profession for a living. If you’re wondering which career path is best for you, here’s a list of high-paying jobs in UK.

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UK Latest News 2023

  • India and the UK have entered into an agreement recognising each other’s higher educational qualifications in an MoU signed by both countries on 21 July 2022.
  • As per UCAS, the application rate for 18-year-olds from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the UK has increased from 27% in 2021 to nearly 29%. Further, a record high overall application rate of 44.1% has also been reported. Over 683,650 students had submitted 3,049,000 applications via UCAS by 30 June 2022.
  • Times Higher Education (THE) has revealed that the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and the University of Birmingham have come together to offer joint-degree programmes. The programmes on offer will be 2-year master’s in Energy Systems, Data Science, and Biomedical Engineering.
  • UK’s exchange program named “Turing Scheme” will benefit more than 38,000 students to study and work abroad during the 2022/23 academic year. 
  • London has surfaced as the best city for students in the QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023 published on 29 June. London has received an Overall Score of 100, scoring high on factors such as Student View, Student Mix and Rankings, while receiving a low score on affordability.
  • The UK government has announced 75 fully-funded scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK. The scholarships have been announced to mark 75 years of Indian independence.

Working Environment in the UK

Before we dive deep into the list of high-paying jobs in the UK, let’s know a couple of reasons why you should work in the UK:

  • Rest is Expected: In the UK, even a new employee is expected to rest and give time to his friends and family after working hours. You aren’t expected to work extra unless urgently needed. 
  • Socialising with Colleagues: Workspaces in the UK are usually quiet and peaceful unless you want to chat with your colleagues. Employers believe that productivity is higher when employees share a cordial bond.
  • No Sir or Ma’am Rule: Addressing your seniors by sir or ma’am is seldom seen in UK workplaces because seniority in age doesn’t decide your post. Someone younger than you could be your boss!

Note: Indians working for some of the high-paying jobs in the UK often comment on how different the work culture is in the UK from India. 

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High-Paying Job Industries in the UK

Since the pandemic, while some industries had to shut doors, some grew at a triple rate. Health services, medicinal research and IT services are just a few examples of the industries that provided high-paying jobs in the UK during the pandemic. According to Glassdoor, some of the top high-paying job industries in the UK along with their top employers and average compensation are given below: 

IndustryTop EmployersAverage Total Compensation in INR
Technology SalesforceRs 1.01 crore
Investment ManagingMan GroupRs 94.8 lakhs 
Management Consultancy Kearney and McKinsey and CompanyRs 91.8 lakhs
Investment Banking Standard Chartered Bank and Credit SuisseRs 91 lakhs
Social Media FacebookRs 87.5 lakhs
IT ServicesVMWareRs 87.7 lakhs
Financial Research G- ResearchRs 86.5 lakhs
Banking RBC Rs 86.11 lakhs

Note: Average total compensation is the gross money paid to an employee in a year. Bonuses, business trips, paid leaves, insurance, retirement plans, etc are added to the base salary to derive an average total compensation. 

List of High Paying Jobs in the UK 

Let’s have a look at some of the high-paying jobs in the UK and their average salary figures in 2022. 

High Paying Job RolesAverage Salary Per Annum in INR
C-Suite Jobs (CFO, CMO, CEO, etc)Rs. 80 lakhs-1 crore
Vice President (Sales)Rs. 99 lakhs 
OrthodontistRs. 95.9 lakhs
NephrologistRs. 95.3 lakhs
AnaesthesiologistRs. 94.3 lakhs
PaediatricianRs. 94 lakhs
Pilot and Aircraft EngineerRs. 93.5 lakhs
Aircraft Controller Rs. 90 lakhs to 1 crore
Plastic SurgeonRs. 91.7 lakhs
Tax DirectorRs. 90.8 lakhs
DermatologistRs. 87.8 lakhs
IT DirectorRs. 78.4 lakhs
Managing Director Rs. 75.4 lakhs
Advertising and Public Relations DirectorsRs. 71.21 lakhs 
Marketing DirectorRs. 69.9 lakhs
ActuaryRs. 65.21 lakhs 
LawyerRs. 51.91 lakhs
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Note: The list of high-paying jobs in the UK keep changing depending on the market dynamics. But one common factor among these 15 jobs is the high qualifications required to reach the given positions. 

Chief Executives (The C-Suite Jobs)

The C-Suite are a group of executives or chief executives at the top-level management of a company. The C-Suite includes:

  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer
  • CIO: Chief Information Officer
  • COO: Chief Operations Officer
  • CTO: Chief Technology Officer

It takes years of hard work and loyalty to the same company to reach top-level management. Since they are responsible for every action or reaction is taken by the company, chief executives become one of the high-paying jobs in the UK. The average salary ranges from INR 80 lakhs – INR 1 crore excluding business trips and other compensations. With a high salary comes a higher responsibility toward the board of directors of a company to whom they report regularly. 

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Vice President (Sales)

Any business runs because of the sales it records. Be it service or product, sales are important for the business to survive. To ensure that, a company hires a Vice President. The VP (Sales) heads the sales team who recognises the target audience, sets sales records, follows up on leads and converts sales as fast as possible. One of the high-paying jobs in the UK, the average salary of a VP (Sales) is around INR 99 lakhs. Rightly so because they build relationships with important clients of the company. If you want to be a VP of sales one day, look for a job in the sales team in any of the large to small-scale companies in the UK. This way, you build your path up to the Vice President position. 


If you think it was your dentist that helped you straighten your teeth with braces, then you are wrong! Well, not the treatment but the professional is named incorrect. Among dentists, some special doctors are solely responsible for jaw and teeth irregularities and we call them orthodontists. The Britishers take their oral and dental health very seriously. High demand and low supply make the job of an orthodontist one of the high-paying jobs in the UK with an average salary of INR 95.9 lakhs per year.


The medical specialists who identify and treat diseases in the kidney are called Nephrologists. Nephrology is an area of broad study since it also covers the organs that are affected due to kidney diseases. To become a Nephrologist in the UK, you have to undergo a 5-year training program which includes 2 years of training in General Internal Medicine and 3 years of Clinical Nephrology. The average salary of this high-paying job in the UK is around INR 95.3 lakhs. 

Note: Nephrologists treat kidney stones, kidney cancers and kidney infections. Every 1 in 10 people in the UK suffers from a kidney stone and 4% of cancers in the UK are caused by the kidney. These unfortunate facts make the job of a Nephrologist in high demand.  


Anesthesiologists provide anaesthetics to patients undergoing medical surgery, psychiatric treatments and other procedures. In the UK, 5 years of general medicine, 2 years of general training and 8 years of specialist training are required to become an Anesthesiologist. If the investment is demanding, the rewards are even higher. The average salary of an experienced Anesthesiologist in the UK is somewhere around INR 94.3 lakhs. 

Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft controllers bear a great deal of responsibility, as their work is critical to the safety of those who travel by plane. To do this work, one person needs to have exceptional leadership abilities, as well as mental and professional preparedness. This enormous responsibility has an impact on the pay of these employees. Working as an aviation controller in the United Kingdom pays between Rs. 90 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore, thus making this job one of the high-paying jobs in the UK. Although an aircraft controller does not typically require a formal degree, he or she must pass several exams, tests, and training sessions to become competent.

Pilots and Aircraft Engineers

One of the most sought-after and high-paying jobs in the UK is that of an aircraft commercial pilot and aircraft engineer. You will require a BSc in Air Transport in Commercial Pilot Training to get a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL). Your salary depends upon the operator you work with. While a Low-Cost Carrier may pay you less per flight, a Full-Service Carrier will pay you comparatively higher. With COVID-19 regulations relaxed, the demand for commercial pilots is back and thriving. The average salary is around INR 93.5 lakhs per year for both job roles in the UK. 

Did you know: Employees earn their highest or peak salary in the age range of 40-49 in the UK.


A Paediatrician takes care of health issues of infants, toddlers, teenagers and young adults. They are responsible for providing personalised nutritional advice to parents for the growth of their babies. It takes almost 8 years of education and training to become a Paediatrician in the UK. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Paediatricians is going to grow by 10% globally by 2024 which will increase the demand for the same in the UK as well. Paediatricians in the UK are paid well and hence have an average salary of INR 94 lakhs per year. 

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

The way a firm displays itself in the marketplace has a significant impact on its ability to achieve its commercial goals. As a result, Advertising and Public Relations agents are in charge of identifying the company’s target demographic and employing various advertising techniques to project a positive picture of the brand. The Advertising and Public Relations field is among the top 10 most well-paid careers in the UK. If you get recruited as an Advertising and Public Relations Director in the United Kingdom, you can expect to make around £69,000 per year (roughly Rs. 71.21 lakhs). To acquire a well-paid career in this industry as a fresher, a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Marketing, or Communications is usually required.

Other High Paying Jobs in the UK 

RolesAverage Salary Per Annum in INR
Senior Police Officers58.4 lakhs 
Senior Professionals of Educational Establishments 58.2 lakhs 
Train and Tram Drivers57.8 lakhs 
Ship and Hovercraft Officers55.4 lakhs 
Higher Education Teaching Professionals 52.8 lakhs 
Electrical Engineers52.5 lakhs 
IT Business Analysts, Architects and Systems Designers51.9 lakhs 
Business and Financial Project Management Professionals51.9 lakhs 

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These were the top 15 high-paying jobs in the UK. As discussed above, these jobs will require an investment of time, hard work and patience to get. Want to study in the UK and settle abroad?  Let our experts at Leverage Edu help you in identifying the right course and the best-fit university using our famous AI Course Finder. Call us now on 1800572000 to book your free 30 minutes e-meeting. 

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