Study in Nottingham, City of Robin Hood

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Study in Nottingham, City of Robin Hood

Legend has it, the city was once home to the infamous outlaw Robin Hood and has a statue dedicated to his clever adventures. A city steeped with history and culture, living in Nottingham gives you access to a unique local culture, beautiful forests, and Elizabethan manors. It is also known for first-class shopping, excellent sports facilities and nightlife that is likewise well-known for being safe, diversified, and fun. Its excellent education system has led to many of its universities being part of the elite Russell Group and is consistently ranked among the world’s best. If you want to study in Nottingham, here’s your guide for studying in the Queen of the Midlands!

Why Study at Nottingham?

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Nottingham is one of the most beautiful, lively, and vibrant cities to study in the UK for international students. It is home to the UK’s two most popular universities such as the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. An adventurous city for students who love nature and folklore, the city has the famous Sherwood Forests, the legendary Robin Hood tour, and the City of Caves. The average cost of living in Nottingham is comparatively less than in cities like London and can be cheap for students on a budget.

Student Life in Nottingham

  • To name a few, Nottingham has produced some exceptional talent, like Jake Bugg, London Grammar, Scorzayzee, Bugsey, Lone, and Natalie Duncan. There are a lot more up-and-coming musicians to see at the city’s many venues. If you still want more music in your life, go to one of the many music festivals taking place this summer, such as Detonate and Splendour.
  • While all of the regular restaurant chains can be found around the city, Nottingham’s independent culinary industry has exploded in recent years. There are numerous options for eating on a college budget or indulging in special occasions. The Pudding Pantry and Happy Dough Lucky are two places we recommend you visit.
  • As a student, you could spend years here and still discover new spots to visit for a night out. The best part about having a broad range of hidden cocktail bars, authentic local pubs, and enormous mainstream clubs all within walking distance in the city centre is that you can try them all. We propose paying a visit to Rock City, which is known for its student club nights and live performances.
  • Football and cricket are perhaps the two most popular sports in Nottingham, with Nottingham Forest and Nottinghamshire County CC each having substantial fan bases. But it’s the ice hockey that you absolutely must see while in town. To begin with, not many British cities have an ice hockey club, therefore we’re fortunate to have the Nottingham Panthers, one of the best and most successful teams in the league, playing at the NIC.
  • Look no further if being in a student-friendly city is important to you when deciding where to go! More than 60,000 students at the city’s two major colleges will attest to this. There are a variety of incentives offered throughout the year to cater to this enormous student population, including student bus and tram passes, club nights, discounted lock-ins, and university societies for virtually anything you can think of.

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Eligibility to Study at Nottingham

The following are the basic requirements for studying at Nottingham that you must meet when applying to any Nottingham University:

Cost of Studying in Nottingham

Aside from the basic tuition fees, the cost of studying in Nottingham includes things like food, transportation, everyday expenses, and so on. The following are the details of the expenses that one may occur while studying in Nottingham:

Expense GBP (INR per annum)
Undergraduate Programs GBP 8000 – 9000 INR 7,10,000 – 8,00,000
Postgraduate ProgramGBP 12000 – 15000 INR 10,70,000 – 13,00,000 
AccommodationGBP 4,884 – 9,318INR 4,87,862 – 9,30,773
FoodGBP 2,250INR 2,24,715
Books and stationeryGBP 750 INR 74,905 
TransportationGBP 350-600INR 34,955 – 59,924 
MiscellaneousGBP 1,250INR 1,24,862
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Top Universities in Nottingham

Let us take a brief look at some of Nottingham’s most popular universities now that you are aware of the fundamentals of education in Nottingham.

University of Nottingham 

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The University of Nottingham began as a Civic College, the first of its type in Nottingham, and eventually moved to University Park, its current main campus. The college was founded in 1928 by King George V. In 1948, the college was granted a Royal Charter, transforming it into Nottingham University. It has hosted many great figures as guest speakers, including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and H.G. Wells. Since then, it has continued to develop and thrive, with campuses in nations such as Malaysia and China. The institution has traditionally prioritized research and development. In 1970, it established the UK’s first twentieth-century medical school, and in 1955, it established the School of Nursing after combining with the Mid-Trent College of Nursing and Midwifery. The University of Nottingham has an 11 per cent acceptance rate. In June 2018, there were 41,950 applicants, with 6,035 students being accepted.

The University of Nottingham Rankings

The following is the University of Nottingham’s global ranking:

QS Global World Ranking in 2022.#99 
World University Rankings in 2022 by THE.#158 
U.S. News and World Report in 2021.#142 
CWUR world ranking 2022.#131
ARWU by Shanghai Rankings (ARWU) in 2021.#101-150

University of Nottingham Accommodation

  • There are 13 self-catered residence halls at University Park and two on Jubilee Campus, as well as two graduate residence halls (Melton and Cloister) and five catered residence halls. Students from the Royal Derby Hospital Medical School and the Lincoln Medical School can stay in separate homes.
  • Wi-Fi, bike storage, 24-hour security, and safe sites are among the amenities, which also include laundry, a kettle, a toaster, a microwave, an oven, communal areas, a fridge and freezer, a lounge area, and free access television.

Top Courses Offered at the University of Nottingham

The deadline to apply for the following programs is 2nd May 2023:

  1. MSc Finance and Investment
  2. MSc Financial Technology
  3. MSc Human Resource Management and Organisation
  4. MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management
  5. MSc Risk Management

Nottingham Trent University

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Nottingham Trent University (NTU) was founded when many educational institutions merged. Its beginnings can be traced back to the 1843 founding of the Nottingham Government School of Design. The university’s design school is still active. In 1992, NTU was given its current name and the status of a university. This public research university is the thirteenth-largest in the United Kingdom. It is made up of eight academic schools, each of which is accredited by a professional body or organization. Green Zone, ISTeC Centre, The Point, sports centre, and Pavilion are all located there. The acceptance rate of Nottingham Trent University is 15%, making it a very selective university.

Nottingham Trent University Ranking

The following are the international rankings for Nottingham Trent University:

The World University Rankings for 2021, as published by Times Higher Education
#601 – 800th
In 2020, the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings will be released.
Young University Rankings 2020 by Times Higher Education#151 – 200th 
QS World University Rankings for 2021#751 – 800th
Graduate Employability Ranking 2020 by QS World University Rankings#301 – 500th

Nottingham Trent University Accommodations

Accommodations are accessible at three Nottingham Trent University campuses: Brackenhurst Campus, City Campus, and Clifton Campus.

  • Standard ensuite, Double bed ensuite, Studio ensuite, and Standard ensuite are the different room categories. On-campus amenities include free Wi-Fi, 24-hour security, housekeeping, laundry, and secure bicycle storage, etc.
  • The New Hall on the Clifton Campus has fantastic ensuite rooms that cost between 7,247 and 7,505 GBP(7,25,739-7,51,576 INR)per year. The hall is close to a shop, a gym, lecture theatres, a tavern, a diner, and a nightclub.
  • Students living in private accommodation in the city who attend the Clifton or Brackenhurst campuses have access to the Go2 Uni 4 bus, which transports students every day between the campuses and the halls of residence.

Top Programs Offered at Nottingham Trent University

Colleges in Nottingham 

  • South Nottingham College, Clifton
  • National CofE Technology College
  • South Nottingham College, Bingham
  • South Nottingham College, Nottingham City
  • St John’s College Nottingham
  • Nottingham College

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Q1. Is Nottingham a good place to study?

Ans. The University of Nottingham is a famous research-intensive university in Nottingham, United Kingdom. It is consistently listed among the top 100 universities in the world and is regarded as one of the best universities in the United Kingdom.

Q2. Is Nottingham a good place for international students?

Ans. Yes, Nottingham is regarded as a desirable destination for international students. The city attracts a huge number of international students each year since it is home to two top-ranked universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. Nottingham’s community is diverse and inclusive.

Q3. Is Nottingham good for student life?

Ans. Nottingham is the ideal location because of its vibrant nightlife, safe and diverse culture, and affordability.

Thus, if you have decided to study at Nottingham. With so many top-rated universities and courses offered in the nation, it’s understandable if you’re puzzled about the admissions procedure. Contact our specialists at Leverage Edu to receive support from someone who will guide you through the application process.

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