Bachelors in Social Work

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Bachelors in Social Work

There are a number of different courses that people are taking up now. If you are someone who has a passion, then make sure you work on making that your profession. One such noble profession which is up and rising in demand in Social Work. It takes utter determination as you have to put yourself into adverse conditions and spend your life working towards the betterment of society. If you are aspiring to explore this field of study, you can begin with an entry-level course, i.e. a Bachelors in Social Work or BSW. Through this blog, we aim to bring you all the key essentials of pursuing an undergraduate degree in Social Work, courses offered, universities along with the scope it entails.

Course NameBachelor in Social Work
Course LevelUndergraduate
Duration3-4 years
Admission ProcessDirect Admission + Entrance Test
Average SalaryINR 2 – 6 LPA 
Job PositionsSocial Worker, Social Educator, Project Coordinator

About Bachelors in Social Work

Social work is an all-encompassing field that aims to address a multitude of issues faced by society at large. Be it child protection, education or social and public policy development, Social Workers aim to assist communities facing different kinds of problems. They deal with day-to-day issues as well as highly complicated situations and try to find probable solutions. Amongst the most meaningful yet highly responsible professions, opting for a career in Social Work is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, if you are someone who is interested in this field, make sure you work towards making a difference.

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BSW Subjects

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sexual Health Education
  • Substance Abuse
  • Counselling

Bachelor of Social Work Course Syllabus

The course curriculum of a Bachelors in Social Work imparts students with the knowledge of the intricacies of social welfare as well as solving different kinds of social problems. As an undergraduate program, it comprises the study of human behaviour, research methods, and social welfare policies through practical training and theoretical principles. The meticulously designed syllabus of this course aims to provide students with an insight into how social policies are formed and how they impact the concerned communities. 

Take a look at the following table which illustrates the sample syllabus of the Bachelors in Social Work program:

English-1Introduction to Social Work
Social Science Foundation for Social Work: SociologyCommunication in Modern Indian Languages
Human Growth and BehaviourEnglish-2
Work with Individuals and FamiliesWork with Groups
Social Science Foundation for Social Work: Contemporary Development StudiesField Work (practical component related to core subjects)
Gender StudiesCommunity Organisation
Social PolicyComputer Applications
Research MethodsSocial Work Administration
Social Work Theories and PracticeLife Skills
Development and CommunicationHealth and Nutrition/ Child and Youth Studies (Elective)
Social Exclusion and Inclusion / Global and Indian Social Movements (Elective)Work with older adults / Social Entrepreneurship (General Elective)
Academic WritingHuman Rights / Education and Development (Elective)
Rural and Urban Studies / Informal Labour and Informal Sector (Elective)Disability / Basic Counselling Skills (General Elective)

Skills Required for BSW

Aspirants who undertake the Bachelor in Social Work course must possess the following skills:

EmpathyGood listener
Good communication skillsEmotional intelligence
Social perceptivenessTolerance
Critical thinkingAbility to coordinate
Self-awarenessAbility to set boundaries

Eligibility Criteria for BSW

As a Bachelors in Social Work is an undergraduate degree, the essential prerequisites are quite simple to fulfil but might differ from one university to another. 

  • To begin with, the candidate is required to have completed the formal schooling of 10+2 from a recognized institution and board. 
  • Moreover, in order to attain overseas education for this course, students will have to clear any of the English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL etc. 
  • Along with this, some universities might also ask applicants to qualify for the SAT exam or ACT exam
  • Further, students are advised to have a well-written Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and Statement of Purpose (SOP).

Bachelors in Social Work: Courses & Variants

To secure a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, there are a variety of programs offered at a multitude of universities. Here is a list of some of the major programs as well as variants of Bachelors in Social Work that you can choose from:

  • BA in Human Development and Family Studies
  • BA in Social Relations and Policy Major
  • BA in Social Work
  • BA Hons Health and Social Science
  • BSc (Hons) Social Work
  • Bachelor of Social Research and Policy
  • Bachelor of Counselling- Professional Youth Work
  • Bachelor of Social Science Major in Human Work
  • Bachelor of Social Science Major in Children and Family

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BSW Entrance Exams

  • Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU)
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU Exam)
  • Delhi University Entrance Test
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Exam
  • Andhra Pradesh Research Common Entrance Test
  • Presidency University Bachelor Degree Entrance Test
  • Central Universities Common Entrance Test
  • Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam
  • Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam

Top Universities Offering Bachelors in Social Work Abroad

Around the world, there are many prestigious universities that provide a variety of specializations under a Bachelors in Social Work. But choosing the right academic institution holds equal importance to finding the right course. To help you further in your research, here is a list of some of the major universities across the globe that are renowned for their prospective undergraduate courses in Social Work and its related fields:

Top Universities Offering Bachelors in Social Work in India

Following are some of the top universities in India which offer the Bachelors in Social Work course:

  • Jamia Milia Islamia
  • Amity University, Noida
  • NIMS University
  • Shyam University
  • Sree Sastha Group of Institutions

BSW Job Profiles

  1. Social Worker: The job profile entails providing appropriate resources, advice and support to people who are facing issues in their lives. These issues could be professional or personal in nature. Social workers assist individuals in coping with these problems.
  2. Social Educator: A social educator works to plan and organise events that are related to social issues. They are also responsible for conducting committee meetings with other social departments. 
  3. Project Coordinator: Such a job can be gained in an NGO. Project coordinators assist companies in planning, budgeting and monitoring the projects which the NGO is handling. They are responsible for getting in touch with volunteers as well.

BSW Salary

The salary of a graduate with a BSW degree varies for different job profiles. However, the average salary of a BSW graduate in India is INR 2-6 Lakh. Those with a higher level of qualification in Social Work can earn up to INR 8 Lakh per annum.

BSW Scope

After completing the Bachelors in Social Work, the following are a few courses which can be taken up:

  • Msc Organising Social Impact
  • M.A. Social Work
  • MSc Social Policy
  • Postgraduate Diploma Social Work
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Social & Community Leadership
  • MSc Sociology- Contemporary Social Problems
  • Master Social & Community Leadership
  • M.Res. Social Work
  • M.Res. Social Research

BSW Top Recruiters

  • CRY (Child Rights and You)
  • Smile Foundation
  • Helpage India
  • Oxfam
  • Goonj
  • Pratham
  • Nani Kali
  • Care India
  • Sammaan Foundation

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What is BSW full form?

BSW is Bachelor in Social Work, undergraduate course offered to prepare students about social welfare as well as solving different kinds of social problems

How long is a Bachelor in Social Work Course?

Bachelor in Social Work is an undergraduate degree program offered for 3-4 years.

Which are the best colleges for Bachelor in Social Work in India?

Jamia Milia Islamia, Amity University, Noida, NIMS University, Shyam University and Sree Sastha Group of Institutions are some of the best universities for Bachelor in Social Work in India.

Thus, we hope this has helped you understand what a bachelors in Social Work comprise. If you are planning to study a degree in Social Work or any related field, take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI-based tool to browse through a vast range of courses and universities and find a suitable combination that aligns with your interests and aspirations and equips you with the necessary skill set to establish your career in this domain.

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