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Anglia Ruskin University was founded in 1858, and it is located in the English-speaking world of Cambridge, which is just a 15-minute walk from the famous city centre. The university offers a wide variety of undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. Cambridge is also known famously as a student city as it is home to Cambridge University. Rankings are an important way to understand the performance of a university when put to test. It helps the prospective candidates to decide which university they want to opt for by looking at these ranks that are provided by certain ranking agencies internationally. Let’s explore the latest Anglia Ruskin University rankings, courses and more!

Latest Rankings of Anglia Ruskin University

  • On 25 October 2021, Anglia Ruskin University was ranked 771 in the US News: Best Global Universities by Us News.
  • On 20 October 2021, Anglia Ruskin University was ranked 351 in the NTU by Subject (Agricultural Sciences) by NTU ranking.
  • On 13 October 2021, Anglia Ruskin University was awarded a place on 401 number by THE World University Rankings by Subject – Times Higher Education (Arts and Humanities). 
  • On 17 September 2021, Anglia Ruskin University was ranked at place 80 by Good University Guide by Subject – The Times (Accounting & Finance). 

Anglia Ruskin University Global and National Rankings

  • 101 in the UK and 117 in the world by Good University Guide – The Times on 20 September 2020
  • 83 in the UK and 97 in the world by The Guardian The Best UK Universities – League Table on 11 September 2021
  • 99 in the UK and 115 in the world by CUG The Complete University Guide – the UK on 08 June 2021
  • 32 in the UK and 301 in the world by THE World University Rankings – Times Higher Education on 02 September 2021
  • 49 in the UK and 771 in the world by US News: Best Global Universities on 25 October 2021
  • 68 in the UK and 490 in the world by Scimago Institutions Rankings – Universities on 18 March 2021
  • 67 in the UK and 1477 in the world by CWUR Center for World University Rankings on 26 April 2021
  • 62 in the UK and 1561 in the world by Nature Index – Top Academic Institutions on 10 June 2021
  • 61 in the UK and 353 in the world by StuDocu World University Ranking – EMEA – Europe, the Middle East and Africa on 6 September 2021
  • 80 in the UK and 1414 in the world by Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities on 01 January, 2021
  • 35 in the UK and 201 in the world by THE World University Impact Rankings – Times Higher Education on 21 April 2021

Anglia Ruskin University Rankings by Subject 

  • 3 in Sports Science
  • 4 in Education
  • 4 in Computer Science
  • 9 in Social Studies & Humanities
  • 10 in Medicine & Health
  • 20 in Architecture, Building & Planning
  • 29 in Business
  • 29 in Agriculture
  • 35 in Arts Visual & Performing
  • 35 in Engineering


Is Anglia Ruskin a good university?

Anglia Ruskin University has a ranking of 301 in World University Rankings by the renowned Times Higher Education and has been constantly reviewed well by the students studying at the University from all over the world.

What is Anglia Ruskin University known for?

Anglia Ruskin University is an advanced international university that has students from more than 185 countries that come to pursue their education. The University has been ranked as one of the top 350 universities in the world in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 – and is also among the top 40 universities in the UK.

Is Anglia Ruskin University the same as Cambridge university?

Cambridge in England has two prestigious universities: The first one is the University of Cambridge which is the second-oldest university in the United Kingdom and it is ranked second worldwide; the second one is the Anglia Ruskin University which is one of the largest universities located in the East of England with a student population of more than 39,400 students.

Is Anglia Ruskin university accredited?

Two of the courses at the Anglia Ruskin University i.e. business management and MBA courses are duly recognized by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). 

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