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Best Summer Schools in uk

Are you looking for ways to be productive this summer? The much-awaited summer breaks are regarded as the time to be energetic and productive. Apart from enjoying a long leisure time and planning getaways, students often look for opportunities to have fruitful and productive summers. Let’s not forget the fact that the United Kingdom is a world leader in several fields of education, including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law, and finance. So if you’re on the search too, read on to find out about some summer schools in UK.

Types of Summer School in UK

There are two categories of summer schools in the UK: 

  • Summer schools for current university students and graduates 
  • Pre-university summer schools for students who are still in school.  

Both types of summer schools are open to students in the UK and abroad who want to experience life at the leading universities in the heart of London.  

Why Attend Summer School in UK? 

Summer schools in UK are an excellent way for students to have fun, learn new skills not covered in their mainstream academics, meet new people and broaden their minds. Boarding schools in the UK close for their academic students for around 9 weeks during the summer holidays to conduct summer schools. There is a long tradition of international students coming to the UK to attend summer school during this time. Some benefits of summer schools in UK are: 

Academic improvement

Students can opt for various courses, from learning a foreign language to Literature and Creative writing or Computing and Information Technology. These courses complement the academic work undertaken by the student at their school.

Confidence building

Facing the change in the academic environment for two months helps students build confidence. Summer schools in UK also have limited batch sizes to ensure that students have a supportive, engaging environment.  

Team working & leadership skills

The comprehensive curriculum of summer schools in UK ensures students will have the chance to experience things they have never experienced before. This shall help them discover and develop skills they never knew they had. Students consequently build leadership skills and understand teamwork.

International friendships & increased cultural awareness

Students get the opportunity to interact and befriend people from all over the world, from different upbringings, cultures, and faiths. Summer schools in UK encourage understanding, respect, compassion, and responsible cultural awareness. 

Lots of fun & lifelong memories

Summer schools in UK are also fundamentally designed to be fun! There is something for everyone with so many new activities to be tried. Students can explore the beautiful country, gain a one-of-a-kind experience and create memories of a lifetime. 

Eligibility and Entry Requirements 

There are hundreds of courses and summer school programs to select from, and admittance criteria differ depending on the university. Most courses do not need any prior understanding of the subject being studied. Some courses, however, do. Before enrolling, carefully review the admission criteria. 

For overseas students who do not speak English as their first language, several universities need an IELTS or other English-language qualifications like TOEFL, PTE, etc. 

The other important requirement is the student visa of course. Learn more about the visa requirements for studying in London, and visit the official UK Visas & Immigration website to determine which visa you may require.

How to Apply?

The application process is online and easy to understand. In order to apply for summer schools in the United Kingdom, candidates have to visit the official website of these schools, fill out the application form and meet the eligibility requirement given by the university.

Top Summer School Courses in UK

Top Summer Schools in UK 

Here are the top summer schools in UK for you to explore: 

LSE Summer School, London

The London School of Economics Summer School is one of the most popular summer schools in UK which offers the following courses: 

Courses offeredAccounting, Business, and Management, Data Science,  Economics, English Language, Finance, Government, International Relations, Law, Mathematics,  Psychology and Society, Research Methods
Summer 2021 delivery modes: Session One (21 June – 9 July 2021)
Session Two (12 July – 30 July 2021)
Session Three (2 August – 20 August 2021)
Sessions: Session One (21 June – 9 July 2021)
Session Two (12 July – 30 July 2021)
Session Three (2 August – 20 August 2021)
Levels of courses100 level courses: equivalent to first-year university courses. 
200 level courses: equivalent to second-year university courses. 
300 level courses: equivalent to either final year undergraduate or first-year graduate courses. 
Average Fees £750- £7,500 (INR 77,602- 7,76,029)
Timeline LSE Summer Schools work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hence, there are no fixed deadlines. 

Oxford Summer School, London

Oxford Summer School is a part of the Oxford Royale Academy that consists of one of the best summer schools in UK: 

Courses offeredArchitecture,  Art, Marketing, Medicine, Science, Social Science, Tailored, Tech and Coding, Business and Management, Economics, English Language, Politics and Leadership, Veterinary, Law, and Mathematics (for all age groups)
Note: Non-adults can even design their own summer programs 
Age groups9-12
Duration2-3 weeks 
Average Fees For age 13+, it is £995 (INR 102976)
For age group 8-12, it is £395 (INR 40880)
For Undergraduate students, it is around £2,300-£5,600 (INR 238035-579565)
Timeline The summer school takes place in July and August. Duration and application deadlines vary from course to course. 

Cambridge Summer School, London

Cambridge Summer School is also a part of the Oxford Royale Academy located at the heart of London:

Courses offeredArchitecture,  Art, Marketing, Medicine Science, Social Science, Tailored, Tech and Coding, Business and Management, Economics, English Language, Politics and Leadership, Veterinary, Law, and Mathematics (for all age groups)
Note: Non-adults can even design their own summer programs 
Age groups13-15 
Duration 2-3 weeks 
Fees For age 13+, it is £995 (INR 102976)
For age group 8-12, it is £395 (INR 40880)
For undergraduate students, it is around £5,595 (INR 579048)

Note: The fees vary from course to course. 
Timeline Course sessions take place in July and August. 

Imperial College London

One of the most renowned summer schools in UK, the Imperial college offers a plethora of summer courses for Under 18 and adult students:

Courses offeredBusiness Analytics, Economics of Global Health Challenges, Principles of Finance, Business Strategy & Consulting, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship
DurationThree weeks
Session dates28 June – 16 July 2021
19 July – 6 August 2021
Fees£2,200 for one session (INR 227686)
£3,960 for two sessions (INR 409835)
LevelsUndergraduate summer schools
Under-18 summer schools
TimelineThe early bird application deadline is 30th April 2021. The program runs from 12 July to 30 July 2021.

King’s College of London

King’s College Online Summer School is one of the most famous summer schools in UK offering courses to undergraduate, high school students and university partners such as 

Courses OfferedAncient Languages, Psychology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, International Relations, Business Management, Healthcare, Technology, Law, Media Studies
Summer School Delivery modesSession One: (28th June – 16th July)
Session Two (19th July – 6th August)
Age Group 18 & above
Average FeesSingle Session: £1890 (INR 1,94,479.97) 
Both Sessions: £3780 (INR 3,88,839.91) 
DurationThree weeks
TimelineThe applications for Pre-University Summer Programmes is open for Summer 2022 while admissions for Session one for Undergraduate Programmes for Summer is closed. Deadline for session two is 28th June 2021.

Queen Mary Summer School, London

Queen Mary Summer School is associated with QMUL, it offers a diverse range of courses to international students such as 

Courses Offered Arts, Film and Culture, Theme-based, Law, Economics, Business and Management, Global Cities, Health, Politics, Science and Technology
Summer School Delivery modesSession 1: 27 June – 15 July 2022 
Session 2: 18 July – 5 August 2022 
Age Group 18 & above
Average FeesApplication fee: £50 (INR 5,144)
Session wise fees: One Session: £1,700 (INR 1,74,902.29)
Both session: £3,300 (INR 3,39,516.21)
DurationCourse hours: 150 hours
TimelineThe classes are conducted during the month of June- July and certificates are issued during the month of September


Is there summer school in UK?

Yes, United Kingdom has incredible summer schools under top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College of London, UCL, QMUL, Kings College and more.

How many hours a day is summer school?

The duration of summer school programmes is generally 3 weeks and classes per day are held for 2 to 3 hours.

How long is Oxford Summer School?

Oxford Summer School is 2-3 weeks long.

What is a university summer school?

University summer schools in UK offer short-term programmes to high school students and university students to take up during summer months. These programmes help students learn new skills, experience college life and make incredible memories.

We hope this article helped provide you with everything you need to know about summer schools in UK. Summer schools have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for several students across the globe and have also been a place for solid international networking and friendships. Are you also planning to attend summer school or higher education at universities abroad? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts to book your free 30 minutes session and learn more. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. 

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