BSc Sports Science

BSc Sports Science

It is a common presumption among the followers of physical fitness and health enthusiasts that academic learning isn’t useful for a professional career in athletics or sports. However, the modern era has ushered in a host of career-specific courses like MBA in Sports Management, which have scholarly theory on virtually every subject of study. In this article, we would be focusing on one such course, BSc Sports Science, and see how it can be beneficial to those who want to integrate the brain with brawn.

What is BSc Sports Science?

BSc Sports Science is a 3-year degree course offered at the undergraduate level to students from all course streams. This is a specially designed course for aspiring athletes and fitness experts who wish to pursue an educational career in the field of physical education. Applying physical education on an advanced level, Sports Science deals with athletic activities, managing and optimising performance by using various studies of human health. 

BSc Sports Science: Subjects Offered

Sports Science offers wellness and fitness centric subjects, which are derived from all kinds of domains-be it psychological or physical. Individuals can focus on the subjects they wish to develop a career into, like an avid student of Sport Nutrition can look to pursue a career as a Nutritionist. Here are some of the main subjects offered under BSc Sports Science in Colleges and Universities across the world:

Sport Nutrition Group Dynamics Skill Acquisition Healthy Aging
Human Physiology Research in SHES Biomechanics Psychological Skills
Sport and Exercise Physiology Psychomotor Behaviour Motor Control and Learning Psychology of Sport Performance
Perception and Action Applied Sport Psychology Stress and Performance Exercise Psychology
Physiology of Elite Performance Exercise for Clinical Populations Personality and Individual Differences Expedition (academic and practical)
Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Outdoor Activities Environmental Physiology – High Altitude Environmental Physiology – Extremes Physiological Assessment of Skills

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition is the core of any healthy form of life. When it comes to sports and athletics, it becomes more crucial.Sport Nutrition is a subject which teaches students the nutritional contents of various food and supplement materials, and helps them understand how to prepare the correct diet plan for specific nutritional requirements. Though a part of BSc Sports Science, this subject is very important for someone who aspires to be a nutritionist or health coach. Not just that, it is useful for the person himself in understanding and maintaining a balanced diet.

Psychomotor Behaviour

Psychomotor Behavior is the study of motion and patterns in the motor movements of the body. These motor movements are induced by the muscles, hence the study tries to understand the concept of muscle memory, as well as how to implement it in professional sports.

Sport and Exercise Physiology

Repeated sessions of physical movements imbibe certain movement patterns within the muscle groups in our body. Exercise Physiology tries to implement this concept in physical exercise, deliberately training a muscle group in the body to perform certain actions more accurately. Deriving from the same, Sport Physiology applies Exercise Physiology in competitive sports and athletic activities. Not only BSc Sports Science, this subject is especially important for athletes and coaches who wish to work in the domain of intense physical activity.

Psychological Skills

Psychological Skills can be understood as the ability to motivate oneself and manipulate one’s mental space as per his or her own wishes. Psychological Skills are an important field of study as they teach the individual how to keep your mindset positive and forward-looking, or even use negative motivation if required. A brief study of Psychology helps individuals understand the importance of one’s thoughts or emotions, and directing these feelings towards a fixed goal.

Stress and Performance

Dealing with stress is a part of everyone’s lives. In the terms of a professional athlete, stress refers to the physical fatigue and muscular tension that builds up after intense physical workout. This stress greatly deteriorates the ability of athletes to perform. However, If the athlete is able to recover from this stress, muscle memory allows him to perform even better the next time.This sums up the subject of Stress and Performance that forms an integral part of the BSc Sports Science course. It also includes some methods that are used to alleviate stress by professionals.

Top Universities

BSc Sports Science is offered in many universities which are known for their sports achievement and background. Here are the top Universities in the world offering courses in Sports Science:

University Country THE Rankings
Stanford University USA 5
Tsinghua University China 15
Columbia University USA 18
University of California, Los Angeles USA 22
University of Toronto Canada 24
University of Edinburgh UK 26
University of British Columbia Canada 27
University of California, Davis USA 27
National University of Singapore Singapore 29
University of Michigan-Ann Arbour USA 30

BSc Sports Science: Career Scope

BSc Sports Science is a career-specific course, chosen only by those who wish to pursue a career in sports and physical fitness at different levels with different organisations. There is an ever increasing demand of individuals who are expert in human physiology, sports and fitness as people become increasingly health conscious. Competitive sports are being followed at an unprecedented level, and so are fitness icons, creating a demand for those who can help individuals achieve their fitness or career goals. From sports centres to gymnasiums, here are some of the prominent employment areas for BSc Sports Science graduates:

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Fitness Centre Manager
  • Nutritionist
  • Performance Analyst
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Coach

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