How to Choose a Stream after 10th Result?

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10th Result

In a student’s academic journey from primary to secondary and then senior secondary school, hard-work and perseverance plays an imperative role in acing each grade with good marks. Concluding your secondary education phase at class 10th and moving towards class 11th, the most important decision that all of us come across is choosing a stream. Being a prime turning point in a student’s life, 10th class results enable you to explore new possibilities whether by opting for a stream or diploma courses. Through this blog, let’s take you through the essential things you must keep in mind while selecting for a stream after 10th result. 

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How to Choose the Right Stream?

Completing your 10th exams, a crucial milestone occurs in every student’s academic journey as you come standstill on a crossroad, confused about whether to select a stream or directly opt for a course. At this crucial juncture, you need to take a thoughtful decision weighing your interest as well as academic and professional goals. Below we have listed down the central factors as well as career tips that you must know before choosing a stream after 12th.

Explore Your Interests

The first and foremost factor you need to consider is to focus on your own interests. This can be done by listing down your favourite subjects as well as those disciplines that you are not inclined towards. For instance, if you don’t like mathematics, the best stream for you will be Arts since both Commerce and Science have mathematics and its interdisciplinary combinations. Moreover, if you are not good at a subject, you can always plan to improve your expertise on it by taking the stream which comprises it. But only do this for one or two subjects and add a combination of disciplines you are interested in and then select a stream accordingly. This way, you will be able to work on your knowledge of the particular subject as well as stay interested in what you have chosen after 10th result.

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Familiarize Yourself with the Different Streams of Study

Along with weighing your interests, you must also understand what each stream is about. While awaiting your 10th result, spend time exploring the syllabus of Science, Arts and Commerce stream online and then ponder over whether they align with your inclinations. Having a detailed understanding of every stream will assist you in taking the right decision.

The decision for choosing a stream is generally required to be made before the 10th result are announced. While exploring every stream in detail, you must also apprehend the different career pathways every stream entails. This can help you find the right path that you have always dreamed to pursue in your professional journey. For instance, the science stream is mainly bifurcated into Medical and Non-medical, in which the former one corresponds to those wanting to become medical practitioners or pursue related job prospects while non-medical aspect of Science is connected to technical disciplines such as Engineering, IT, Computer Science, to name a few. Further, the Arts stream subjects are more theoretical and especially for those who either want to follow a career in research, academia or creative pursuits. On the other hand, commerce comprises of mathematical and business-related disciplines that take you towards varied professional careers.

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Short-term Courses after 10th

If you are more inclined towards a specific field and want to gain the required expertise to directly get placed into a job after 10th results are declared, then there are a wide range of polytechnic programs as well as skill development and diploma courses that you can explore. Below given are some of the major diploma and short-term courses After 10th that you must consider:

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Seek Guidance from an Educational Counsellor

If you have considered all these factors and still feel unsure in picking a stream, then you must take the help of an educational counsellor who can give professional guidance by understanding your interests as well as aspirations. Educational counsellors can play a central role in helping you select the right stream after 10th result as they can familiarize you with how you can pursue your career goals as per your inclinations and interests.

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Hence, while awaiting your 10th result, the best thing is to decide which stream you must take in class 11th. Sign up for an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in weighing your interests and skills as well as considering all the streams of study before taking the right decision that will potentially help you in advancing closer towards your academic and professional aspirations!

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