Education During COVID-19: Student Admissions and Applications

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Education During COVID-19: Student Admissions & Applications

The global education sector has experienced great upheavals amidst all aftereffects of COVID–19. International study plans experienced waves of change during the last couple of months, however, surprising patterns of student admissions & applications also surfaced. We saw a complete shift in student mobility. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK became the hotspots of education interests that pivoted away from countries like the USA. Safety has taken precedence however more and more Indian students have closely evaluated their choices across UG and PG courses and the outcomes are fantastic- we see a new bunch of student admissions & applications securing admits in dream universities almost every week.

Education during Covid-19 also witnessed students deferring their studies, nevertheless keeping their study plans intact. Leverage Edu’s applicant pool was surprisingly huge; students became even more vested in their interests to study and settle abroad. Our weekly webinars and virtual country tour sessions are on a hit- unending student queries and doubts, which we all strive to solve and move ahead in the path to successfully helping students secure theirs admits in universities across the globe, especially UK, NZ, and Australia. Leverage Edu’s collaboration with online study programs like UniSmarter and FSM is just testimony to the fact that we have student interests that need to be directed to action.

During the pandemic, the University Grants Commission (UGC) and other education bodies released COVID-19 guidelines. British universities are set to now resume flights as India sets up an air bubble with the UK. Similarly, NZ and Australia are also on the verge of opening up to students from India who drive a major part of their annual revenue.

Many institutes in India came up with online programs and modules to avoid a gap year for students. Some institutes have also come forward to offer financial aid to their students. Institutes also started with prep courses for those who are still in doubt to choose their university.

Watch this engaging discussion on the evolution of student recruitment in India at the time of the global pandemic. If you have international study-related queries, do drop your thoughts in the comment section.

During this pandemic, Leverage Edu has been helping students cope up with their university education system by offering test preps, different study modules, online courses and programs, and online mentorship.

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