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MSc Courses

Science and technology have become an inseparable part of our life. It is used in every sphere of life. With innumerable blooming opportunities in the field, students get an array of specializations and courses. While we talk about the postgraduate courses in this particular area of study, MSc also known as MS in some universities is considered as the choicest degree. The program is likely to be 1 or 2 years long as per the university one applies for. Let us have a look at the MSc courses list along with their specializations in this blog!

MSc Courses: Top Specialization

The advent of new technologies has led to the commencement of various MSc courses in academics. Given below is the list of top MSc specializations that can help you choose the right one for yourself:

Chemistry PlanetologyCyber Forensic
Pharmacy Data AnalyticsStem Cell Therapy
Life ScienceForestry Systems Engineering
Forensic SciencePaediatrics Design Computing
Oceanography PhysiologyBiochemistry 

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MSc Courses List

From Microbiology to Environmental science and Biochemistry, MSc courses have gained an unmissable boom. It has become the choicest course in the educational domain within the country and overseas. Glance through the list of MSc courses falling under the MSc domain:

  1. M.Sc. in Actuarial Science
  2. M.Sc. in Advanced Biochemistry
  3. M.Sc. in Advertising Management & Public Relations
  4. M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and Business Management
  5. M.Sc. in Agricultural Extension Education
  6. M.Sc. in Agricultural Microbiology
  7. M.Sc. in Agricultural Physics
  8. M.Sc. in Agricultural Statistics
  9. M.Sc. in Agricultural Botany
  10. M.Sc. in Agriculture Chemistry & Soil Science
  11. M.Sc. in Agro-meteorology
  12. M.Sc. in Agroforestry
  13. M.Sc. in Agronomy
  14. M.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality Management
  15. M.Sc. in Anatomy
  16. M.Sc. in Animal Biotechnology
  17. M.Sc. in Animal Science
  18. M.Sc. in Animation and Visual Effects M.Sc. in Anthropology
  19. M.Sc. in Apparel and Textiles
  20. M.Sc. in Apparel Technology and Management
  21. M.Sc. in Applications of Mathematics M.Sc. in Applied Biology
  22. M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry
  23. M.Sc. in Applied Econometrics & Business Forecasting
  24. M.Sc. in Applied Economics
  25. M.Sc. in Applied Electronics
  26. M.Sc. in Applied Fisheries and Aquaculture
  27. M.Sc. in Applied Genetics
  28. M.Sc. in Applied Geography
  29. M.Sc. in Applied Geology
  30. M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computing
  31. M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics
  32. M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology
  33. M.Sc. in Applied Physics
  34. M.Sc. in Applied Plant Science
  35. M.Sc. in Applied Psychology
  36. M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and Informatics
  37. M.Sc. in Applied Zoology
  38. M.Sc. in Aquaculture
  39. M.Sc. in Aquatic Biology and Fisheries
  40. M.Sc. in Architecture
  41. M.Sc. in Astronomy and Space Physics M.Sc. in Astronomy
  42. M.Sc. in Astrophysics
  43. M.Sc. in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation
  44. M.Sc. in Audiology
  45. M.Sc. in Aviation
  46. M.Sc. in Bacteriology
  47. M.Sc. in Banking & Finance
  48. M.Sc. in Biodiversity & Conservation
  49. M.Sc. in Bioinformatics
  50. M.Sc. in Biological Sciences

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Integrated Tech and MSc Courses List 

Here are some of the courses related to integrated M.Sc and M.Sc Tech courses:

M.Sc. Tech. in Information SystemsM.Sc. Tech. in Applied GeologyM.Sc. Tech. in Engineering Physics
M.Sc. Tech. in Environmental Science & TechnologyIntegrated M.Sc. in Applied GeologyIntegrated M.Sc. in Biomedical Science
Integrated M.Sc. in BiotechnologyIntegrated M.Sc. in Cell and Molecular BiologyIntegrated M.Sc. in Chemistry
Integrated M.Sc. in Computer ScienceIntegrated M.Sc. in Earth SciencesIntegrated M.Sc. in Economics
Integrated M.Sc. in MathematicsIntegrated M.Sc. in Medical BiotechnologyIntegrated M.Sc. in Physics                  &Integrated M.Sc. in Statistics

What all option do you have except MSc courses for postgraduation? Have a look at the career options after graduation!

Hopefully, you are familiar with popular MSc courses. Here is the list of universities that offering 2-year MSc courses;   

  1. Columbia University
  2. The University of Texas at Austin
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology 
  4. University of Illinois
  5. Purdue University
  6. New York University
  7. McGill University 
  8. University of Alberta
  9. University College London
  10. The University of British Columbia
  11. University of California San Diego
  12. University of Ottawa
  13. Carleton University
  14. University of Notre Dame
  15. McMaster University
  16. Iowa State University
  17. Queen’s University
  18. University of Manitoba 
  19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  20. Stanford University
  21. University of Cambridge
  22. University of Oxford
  23. National University of Singapore
  24. Nanyang Technological University
  25. The University of Melbourne
  26. Technical University of Munich
  27. University of Toronto
  28. Monash University
  29. Loughborough University
  30. University of Auckland
  31. University of Malaya
  32. McGill University
  33. University of Waterloo
  34. University of Alberta
  35. Harvard University

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Career Prospects After MSc

Now let’s understand the diversity in terms of career opportunity you can avail once you are done with an MSc course:

Skillset Required for MSc Courses

The following are some of the basic abilities and characteristics that people interested in pursuing an MSc degree should have:

  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Analytical skills
  • Scientific skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Observation skills
  • Research skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Just like MSc courses, you can also pursue Banking courses after graduation!

Top Recruiters for MSc Course Graduates

  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Ranbaxy
  • GAIL
  • ONGC
  • HCL
  • ISRO
  • BHEL
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Cipla
  • Johnson & Johnson


Is MSc or MBA better?

So, if one wishes to pursue a career in a specialised field, such as finance, an MSc is the ideal choice. An MBA, on the other hand, is a comprehensive degree. If you intend to specialise in one field for the rest of your career, an MSc is the better option because you will be an expert in that field.

What is the salary of MSc IT?

MSc IT graduates in India earn an average of INR 7.17 Lakh per year. Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Consultant, and Quality Assurance Engineer are popular roles for MSc IT students. MSc IT salary for freshers is INR 2.6 Lakh per year.

Is MSc a good degree?

Upgrading your credentials and obtaining an MSc is a fantastic way to demonstrate to potential employers that you have what it takes to work in a high-profile position. It not only demonstrates your ability to handle additional responsibilities, but it also suggests you can add value to their company.

Can I do MSc without BSc?

MSC is a postgraduate course, whereas BSc is a graduation course. You can pursue both if you want to further your education. You must have completed your BSC before enrolling in an MSc course. If you want to further your education to improve your job prospects, you can pursue an MSc after completing your BSc.

Which country are best for MSc?

New Zealand
South American Countries

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