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If technology and programming intrigues you then the field of Computer Science is perfect for you. Every country and university offers a Computer Science course that offers you great opportunities in the field. Courses like Bsc Computer Science, BTech in Computer Science, MSc, Mtech in Computer Science and PhD are available in countries from Germany to the U.K., and Singapore to Hong Kong. In this article, we bring to you everything you need to know to pursue Computer Science abroad. Read below to know more!

Top Universities Offering Masters in Computer Science

You have many assorted areas in case you’re looking to concentrate abroad in one of the world’s best computer science colleges. Here are the best colleges for computer science in the world.

Arranging Your Trip 

Here are step-by-step instructions to pursue Computer Science abroad: 

  • The area is a lovely significant factor in choosing where you need to concentrate abroad. For the fun external the study hall as well as for the scholastic credit. 
  • Ensure the computer science, coding, and IT courses you’re taking will move to your home college. At the point when you go is likewise significant. 
  • You may decide to go prior (think Sophomore year or the start of Junior year so you can take the upper-division, more troublesome courses at home). 
  • Keep in mind, you don’t really need to get course acknowledgement for your major while abroad! In the event that you plan ahead of time, you can do the greater part of your CS necessities at your home school and use time abroad to satisfy more broad instruction prerequisites.
  • Another potential thought is to use those online CS course contributions which you may jump at the chance to take as an afterthought while you are abroad. 
  • A late spring meeting is additionally an incredible alternative on the off chance that you need to get abroad without stressing over your necessities. 
  • Yet, remember your different advantages too – concentrating abroad is the ideal opportunity to explore your non-tech interests. 
  • On the off chance that you have an enthusiasm for craftsmanship, Roman history, or Chinese food, concentrating abroad is an extraordinary chance to accomplish something somewhat unique. While picking your investigation abroad objective, pay attention to your heart, not simply your course index! This is your opportunity to see where the experience drives you! In any event, for computer science majors, the best exercises come from outside the study hall. 


Studying abroad doesn’t need to cost a lot, or even only your pinky toe! There are huge loads of financing freedoms to assist you with getting. Your home foundation may offer major-explicit grants also, so make certain to check with the CS or IT division at your school! 

  • ESA Foundation offers a grant to ladies and minority understudies keen on seeking after professions in the computer game industry. 
  • Microsoft Scholarships – USA, Canada or Mexico
  • School of Computer Science Undergraduate International Scholarships – UK
  • Asidua Scholarship Programme – UK
  • Trudon Bursary for South African Undergraduate Students – South Africa
  • The Google Anita Borg Scholarship – Worldwide
  • AACE international competitive scholarships

Scope and Salary of Computer Science Abroad

When you procure a graduate degree in CS, you can look over various professional openings in various areas. A larger number of competitors pick to work in mainstream IT organizations across the globe. Computer science professionals with experience of 1-3 years can earn up to INR 14 Lakh p.a. As people gain more experience, their pay scale increases. Computer scientists with 5-8 years of professional experience earn INR 21 Lakh p.a. 

 On the off chance that you will settle on courses like MS or MSc and need to set up a profession in research, then, at that point, you can additionally seek a PhD in Computer Science. Here are some of the work profiles which are normally accessible for those completing their degree in computer science: 

  • PC Software Designer 
  • PC Operator 
  • PC System Specialist Supervisor 
  • Quality Assurance Analyst 
  • Task Manager 
  • Developer Analyst 
  • Information base Manager


Q. How to write a research essay?

It should broadly include your field of interest, projects, and professional aspirations.

Q. How important are GRE scores for Computer Science? 

In higher rank universities, higher GRE scores are required. But conventionally low GRE scores are not the end of the world.

Q. What is the fee?

It is contingent on the country and kind of university you wish to get into.

Hope this cleared your doubts on how to pursue computer science abroad. If you are all set to sign up for a computer science program along with study abroad opportunities, contact Leverage Edu, our experts will guide you to attain a position at prestigious universities across the globe. 

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  1. I wanted to do MS in computer science. I have 2+ years of professional experience.need guidance from very biginning as am not aware of correct steps

  1. I wanted to do MS in computer science. I have 2+ years of professional experience.need guidance from very biginning as am not aware of correct steps