Tsinghua University

Public University

Beijing, China

Tsinghua University, Romanized as Qinghua, was established in 1911 in Beijing, China. Started as Tsinghua College in 1911, the college was formed as a preparatory school for students when government planned send students to the United States for graduation. The faculty and staff members for sciences Read more


Highlights of Tsinghua University

  • Tsinghua University has received the accreditation from Asia Pacific Rim Universities, AEARU, C9, BRICS Universities League, McDonnell International Scholars Academy, Transparency International
  • Tsinghua University established Xinya College, a residential liberal arts college, as a pilot project to reform undergraduate education in China in 2014.
  • Tsinghua University has over 41 research institutes, 35 research centers, and 167 laboratories, including 15 national key laboratories.
  • Every year, Tsinghua University organizes the Intellectual Property Summer Institute with Franklin Pierce Law Center of Concord, New Hampshire.
  • According to the QS BRICS, TU is ranked #1 in employability.
  • Tsinghua University has over 110 student associations covering five domains: science and technology, physical training, humanities, arts and public welfare. All associations are research oriented and student run which publish their work in top journals.
  • Tsinghua University also organizes extracurricular activities for international students, including welcome party for new students, New Year's party, graduation party, visits to Chinese cultural and historical destinations, sports competitions, etc.
  • Tsinghua University also has the Tsinghua History Museum which is spread across 5,060 m² and has a collection of old artworks, maps, graphics, documents, pictures, videos and music which tells the history of Tsinghua University.
  • Famous Alumni
    Xi Jingping

    President of China

    Hu juntao

    Former President of China

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