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Study in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small dynamic place where you will get an opportunity to experience both eastern and western culture while studying. If we look at it geographically, we will see that it’s on China’s southern coast. Except for the north, the other three sides of Hong Kong are surrounded by the South China Sea. A vast majority of descendants of Chinese people have lived here. And now, the majority of such Chinese people influences the local culture of Hong Kong. A number of students are traveling to study in Hong Kong as it provides a plethora of opportunities to a budding corporate. Here is all you need to know to study in Hong Kong.

Why Study in Hong Kong?

1. Location

When we talk about Hong Kong, the very first things that come to our minds are the boundless skyscrapers and flashy modern madness. Guidebooks that you may have picked mostly contain a list of luxurious restaurants and shopping malls. Well, this is not Hong Kong. This is just an aspect of it. An ordinary side of real Hong Kong also has charismatic backstreets, peaceful Daoist temples, and tempting noodle shops. When you study in Hong Kong, you’ll have an unmatched living experience.

 2.  Cuisine

Do you love food? Great! We love it too. In fact, there is no point in leaving home for any study program when you can’t eat tasty food abroad. When you study in Hong Kong you’ll be introduced to the Cantonese cuisine which is cheap and delicious. Imagine how heartwarming would it feel when you are about to grab Cantonese dishes after working and studying the whole day.

 3. Explore the Adventure

If you need a break from studies when you Study in Hong Kong, you can jump into the adventure of Hong Kong. Almost 70 percent of Hong Kong is surrounded by national parks. Public transports will conveniently drop you to the desired magical places. You can do rock climbing, cycling, hiking, canoeing, wakeboarding, and so many other things. Moreover, you can also travel outside the city to have a close experience of the traditional lifestyle. 

 4. Language

7.53 billion people exist in the world and out of these, 1.2 billion people speak Mandarin. When you study in Hong Kong you will get an opportunity to learn Mandarin. And listen! It’s not only limited to Mandarin because the English language is another official language of Hong Kong. Mandarin is a widely in-demand language in the corporate sector nowadays.

 5. Public Transportation

A thing that fascinates most of the local people in Hong Kong is its public transportation system. Their rule of no eating and drinking may seem harsh to you at first but once you visit, you will realize that’s the reason behind hygienic appearance of MTR trains. Due to such a hygienic environment, traveling is a dream. You can very comfortably travel at a low cost when you study in Hong Kong.

 6.  High Academic Standards

The government of Hong Kong keeps the education to the uppermost portion of its prioritization. Thus, an enormous amount of funding has been provided by the government to reduce the cost of education. If you study in Hong Kong you’ll have access to innovative training programs, increased student engagement which has accountability to the government and is the responsibility of government at the same time. This raises the academic level up to high standards.

7.  Scholarships

If you are one of those students who score well on tests, then you may receive access to various scholarship programs provided by the HKSAR Government. Outstation students have a good chance of getting a scholarship if they plan to study in Hong Kong.

 8.  Safe Environment

As compared to other countries, Hong Kong has a low crime rate. Moreover, it has been in the list of Economist Intelligence Unit’s Most safe Cities Index.

9.  Booming Economy

Hong Kong’s economy is based on free trade, minimum government intervention, and low taxation principles. And are you aware of the fact that HK’s economy is the world’s 8th biggest trading and a major service economy? Now, imagine, the kickstart your career can get once you work and study in Hong Kong.

Things to Keep in Mind


Keep blankets, raincoat, and a sweatshirt. In winters, Hong Kong can be a bit cold for some. Moreover, you may experience a lot of drizzles too. In late spring, the environment of Hong Kong becomes humid. So if you plan to study in Hong Kong make sure you take consideration of the weather.


Parties in Hong Kong are at a high peak. So once you go there, remember to keep a check on yourself because parties can be a distraction for you.

Classroom Culture

In Hong Kong, students are totally different. They attend class in a very attentive manner and engage in every possible activity. So if you want to be competitive, then you have to be an attentive student in the class. 

Admission Process to Study in Hong Kong

The admission requirements for the students depends on the institution and the program. However, you need to keep a check on these things:

  1. The applicants are selected on the basis of merit of an individual. 
  2. Some may even invite applicants for the interviews and the best performers at the interview are taken.
  3. In general, the marks you have earned in your previous institution must be satisfactory according to the needs of the institution in which you want to apply. 
  4. If English is not your native language, get the TOEFL, IELTS, or any other equivalent certification. 

How To Apply in Universities of Hong Kong

We hope that now you are aware of how unbeatable Hong Kong’s education is. Right? Let’s talk about the applying procedure:

  1. First, decide which institution is suitable for you.
  2. After selection, contact the institution to know about the admission procedure, programs, and requirements. And yes, you can also search for such information on the internet.
  3. Remember! Apply only when you find yourself suitable for the institution requirements. Otherwise, your application will be canceled by them.

Visa Process to Study in Hong Kong

Here is a step-by-step process to get a student visa to study in Hong Kong:

 1.  You Need A Sponsor

Before applying for the student visa to study in Hong Kong, you must first have a local sponsor. Your sponsor can either be an educational institution or an individual who is above the age of 18. 

 2. Fill Out Forms

As an applicant, you must first need to complete the application form ID 995A and your sponsor need to fill form ID 995B. 

 3.  Prepare These Documents

  1. Awards, certificate, and transcripts.
  2. A photocopy of your letter of acceptance to any Hong Kong University.
  3. Have a photocopy of necessary travel documents.
  4. One passport size photograph.
  5. Proof that will show whether you are financially able to support your education or not.
  6. Photocopy of your last academic result.
  7. Photocopy of your English proficiency test result.
  8. Photocopy of your passport
  9. Photocopy of the payment receipt

 4. Submit Form

Submit all the documents and the visa fees to India’s Chinese Embassy. However, if you want an alternative, you can send your documents to the CEDARS. 

5. Sit Back and Relax

After submitting your application to CEDARS office, you will receive an acknowledgment letter. Subsequently, CEDARS will send your application and official visa documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department (HKID). Sit back and relax, after 6 to 8 weeks, HKID will alert and inform you about the results of your application. Once you get approved, CEDARS will confirm your mailing address via email. Now, if you are going to apply online, you will have to wait for the visa label delivery and if you are not, then you will have to collect your visa label in person. 

6. Attach Your Label

Once you receive your student visa label, stick it onto the passport page. Congrats! Now you are eligible to study in Hong Kong.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, it’s not easy to find accommodation for cheap. Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you out with this. Here are two options for you:

  • University Accommodation: If your institution offers the option of living in on-campus housing then you must be lucky because this is the cheapest option for the international students who want to study in Hong Kong. You will need to spend around HK $5K-$20,200 per semester.  
  • Reach Out to Agencies: If you are not getting a place at the university to study in Hong Kong, then there are numerous agents who are happy to help you with getting a house. Before taking any room, we recommend you to think about the pros and cons carefully because some places are really expensive and some are not. And yes, if you are not well versed with Cantonese then don’t ever stay in the new territories of Hong Kong because they are not going to reply in English. 

The price of the house may vary according to the room size. Here’s what you will need to pay for different rooms monthly. But remember! This is just an average chart, the prices may vary as per your location and the owner.

Small RoomHK  $3.5K – 4.5K
Average RoomHK  $5K – $6K
Large RoomHK  $6K – $8.5K

Top Universities to Study in Hong Kong

Study in Hong Kong at the University of Hong Kong

It’s a public research university which was founded way back in 1911. According to statistics of 2019, HKU has ranked 2nd by QS Global World Rankings and 4th by The Times Higher Education in Asia. Moreover, it ranked in the top 30 globally. HKU has highly ranked in so many subjects like dentistry, biomedicine, humanities, law, business administration, linguistics, political science, biomedicine, and social sciences.

Study in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The university was established 28 years ago and now, it is considered as one of the most respected universities in Asia. University’s training and research are strongly emphasized in business management, engineering, and technology. The university has close bonds with more than 250 universities around the world. The way it is situated nearby the sea makes it an even more attractive destination. 

Study in Hong Kong at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

In Asia, this university appraised as of the most prominent international universities. It took birth in 1963. At present, its campus is situated in the Tolo Harbour. Degrees provided by CUHK are taught in the English language. Students and scholars of CUHK tend to do research in more than 100 research institutes and 5 national laboratories. They say that the university was built in 1963 as a federation along with 3 existing colleges:

  1. New Asia College
  2. Chung Chi College
  3. United College

Study in Hong Kong at the City University of Hong Kong

This university has completed its 25 years and is a great option if you want to study in Hong Kong. Geographically, it’s situated in the urban region of Kowloon. The City University of Hong Kong provides degrees in a wide range of subjects such as creative media, environment, energy, engineering, science, social sciences, liberal arts, business, and law. The aim of the university is to develop and research but with sustainability. 

Study in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The university has been there for over 47 years and with such experience, it provides a wide range of degrees in social sciences, health, environment, engineering, textiles, business, tourism management, construction, design, and humanities. Currently, this public university is situated in Hung Hom. Its most successful research project is called BCT-100 which turned out as the cure for liver cancer.

Study in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Baptist University

HKBU is a Christian education heritage and publicly-funded tertiary liberal arts university. American Baptists provided help during the establishment of this college. According to Q.S World University Rankings, it is ranked at the 277th place. At present, the university has five main campuses:

  1. Ho Sin Hang Campus
  2. Shaw Campus
  3. University Road Campus
  4. Kai Tak Campus
  5. Shek Mun Campus

Are You Ready To Be Extraordinary?

Yes, believe it or not, the education system of Hong Kong is pretty advanced. Since childhood, kids are taught with special kind of alphabetical meanings that help them to learn about general knowledge in the long term. To study in Hong Kong is an experience that is not available anywhere else.

In addition to this, once you study in Hong Kong, your focus will boost to the next level because we human beings tend to acquire behaviors of other people in a community. So in Hong Kong’s attentive classroom environment, you will change for the better. If you have any concerns you can get in touch with Leverage Edu. Call +91 8826200293, as were are always happy to help.

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