The University of Nottingham Acceptance Rate

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The University of Nottingham Acceptance Rate

Started as Civic College; the University of Nottingham is one of the most prestigious and of its kind institutions in Nottingham. Since its inception, it has attracted many famous personalities across the globe, including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and HG Wells. Further, this university is also home to the first 20th-century medical school established in 1970 and a nursing school founded in 1955 after the Mid-Trent College of Nursing. There are an array of subjects offered at the University of Nottingham, including geography, pharmacy, education, training, English language, and literature. Being the fifth largest university in the UK, the University of Nottingham comprises more than 50 schools, institutes, departments, and research organisations. If you want to know more about The University of Nottingham’s acceptance rate, admission deadline, and more, then keep reading!

Names The University of Nottingham
Year of establishment 1948
Total international students 9214
No. Of campuses,4
Costs of living Pound 

The University of Nottingham Admission Deadlines 2023-24

One of the most important aspects while taking admissions is admission deadlines. You must consider applying to the University of Nottingham before the deadlines set by the institution.

Application MeasuresDeadline
Applications can be submitted to universities through UCASSeptember 2022
Application deadline for medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine and science courses14 October 2022
Application deadline for all other courses to guarantee equal consideration with other applicants25 January 2023
UCAS Extra opens for students who have used all their UCAS choices and are not holding any offers23 February 2023
Study levelCourse start dateUK student deadlineInternational student deadline
Postgraduate taught25 September 202325 August 20234 August 2023
Postgraduate research1 October 202315 September 202318 August 2023

The deadline to apply for the following programs was 2nd May 2023 and is now closed:

  1. MSc Finance and Investment
  2. MSc Financial Technology
  3. MSc Human Resource Management and Organisation
  4. MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management
  5. MSc Risk Management

The University of Nottingham Acceptance Rate 

Being among the best universities in the United Kingdom, The University of Nottingham is considered the best study destination for higher studies among students. The major reason for the popularity of the University of Nottingham is that it is most selective, with an acceptance rate of 11% in the admission of national and international students.

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One main reason for the popularity of the University of Nottingham is the availability of undergraduate and postgraduate courses with excellent education and teaching delivered by well-qualified staff. Some of the popular courses and fees are as follows –

Name of the CoursesAverage Fees in INR Duration 
Master of Science in computer science 34.7 lakhs 2 years 
Doctor of philosophy physics 30.7 lakhs 3 years 
Master of Science in physics 30.7 lakhs 1 year
Doctor of philosophy chemistry 30.7 lakhs 4 years 
Master of Arts in bioethics 31.7 lakhs 1 year 
Bachelor of Mathematics Business 41.6 lakhs 4 years 
Bachelor of arts sociology 41.7 lakhs 4 years 
Master of Arts in sports storytelling 30.7 lakhs 2 years 

Eligibility Requirements 

You are also required to qualify for the eligibility requirements to get into the University of Nottingham: 


The University of Nottingham provides undergraduate programs in the English language; thus, you are required to qualify for the language proficiency tests. More eligibility requirements depend upon different courses. However, the basic eligibility for undergraduate courses is to pass high school at an officially recognised institution. 

Their undergraduate open days will take place on:

  • Friday 30 June 2023
  • Saturday 1 July 2023
  • Saturday 9 September 2023
  • Saturday 14 October 2023


The University of Nottingham postgraduate courses require an undergraduate degree with relevant marks and subjects depending upon the courses you opt for from an officially recognised institution. You need more course-specific requirements to qualify to pursue courses at The University of Nottingham. Thus, you are suggested to check the official website before applying.

Documents Required 

Another part of the application process is submitting the list of documents required for admission to the University of Nottingham. Some of the essential documents required are 

Score Requirements 

To get into The University of Nottingham, you must also qualify for the language proficiency tests when your first language is not English. These score requirements vary depending on the courses and the level of the degree you are opting for:

Language Proficiency TestsScore Requirements 
IELTS6.5 bands 

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The University of Nottingham Scholarships

This prestigious institution provides financial grants, scholarships, or fellowships to help students financially and support them in higher education at the University of Nottingham. Some significant scholarships are: 

Name of the ScholarshipAwarded Amount in INR 
Developing solutions masters scholarship – faculty of engineering 2687100
Developing solutions masters scholarship – MSc physiotherapy1851178
Developing solutions masters scholarship -50% faculty of engineering 1343550
Developing solutions masters scholarship -faculty of science 1292000


Q. Is The University of Nottingham hard to get into?

Ans. Yes, being one of the prestigious institutions with numerous remarkable rankings, it is relatively harder to get into The University of Nottingham. It has an acceptance rate of 11%. 

Ques. What GPA do you need to get into Tulane University?

Ans. You must have a GPA between 3.5 to 3.96 to get into The University of Nottingham’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Further, there are some more requirements to get into The University of Nottingham. 

Ques. Does the University of Nottingham accept international students?

Ans. Yes, The University of Nottingham accepts admission for international students, and it is also a university that most international students consider the same as home. 

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